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Part Number Description
SAM- JC97-04268A Scanner-platen SCX-4728fd See
SAM- JC97-04270A Lsu-unit-lsu ML-2540 Sec
SAM- JC97-04277A Lsu-unit-lsu SCX-5530n/xil Sec
SAM- JC97-04280A LSU-UNIT-LSU CLP-325 Sec
SAM- JC97-04283A Dadf-hinge R CLX-9352 Sec 92 68.7 Ntr Ri
SAM- JC97-04287A Dadf SCX-ADF62d Sec
SAM- JC97-04289A Ope SCX-3405f Toshiba S.chinese Dark Vio
SAM- JC97-04289E Ope SCX-3405f Lenovo
SAM- JC97-04291A Platen SCX-3405 Toshiba
SAM- JC97-04292A Platen SCX-3405f Toshiba
SAM- JC97-04293A Platen-lower SCX-3405 Toshiba
SAM- JC97-04294A Platen-lower SCX-3405f Toshiba
SAM- JC97-04300A OPE CLP-775nd Sec
SAM- JC97-04300B Ope CLP-775n Sec
SAM- JC97-04301A LSU K2200 Sec Mono A3 600 Single Beam 78
SAM- JC97-04306A PLATEN SCX-5742fr
SAM- JC97-04308A Platen SCX-8120nd Sec
SAM- JC97-04309A Platen-hinge SCX-8120nd
SAM- JC97-04309B Hinge K2231 HP
SAM- JC97-04310A Platen-cover SCX-8120nd
SAM- JC97-04313A PLATEN SCX-5742fr
SAM- JC97-04316A Dadf-stacker SCX-8120nd
SAM- JC97-04320A Ope SCX-5735fd Sec Adf
SAM- JC97-04320B Ope SL-M3375fd Sec Adf Spanish
SAM- JC97-04320C Ope SL-M3375fd Sec Adf B.portuguese
SAM- JC97-04320D Ope SL-M3375fd Sec Adf S.chinese
SAM- JC97-04320E Ope SL-M3375fd Sec Adf Korean
SAM- JC97-04320F Ope SL-M3375fd Sec Adf English overlay
SAM- JC97-04320G Ope SL-M3370fd Sec Adf English
SAM- JC97-04320H OPE SL-M3370fd Sec Adf Spanish
SAM- JC97-04320L Ope SL-M3370fd Sec Adf Korean
SAM- JC97-04320M Ope SL-M3370fd Sec Adf English overlay
SAM- JC97-04320R Ope SL-M3875fd Sec Adf S.chinese
SAM- JC97-04320T Ope SL-M3875fd Sec Adf English overlay
SAM- JC97-04320U OPE SL-M3870fd Sec Adf English
SAM- JC97-04320V Ope SL-M3870fd Sec Adf Spanish
SAM- JC97-04320W Ope SL-M3870fd Sec Adf B.portuguese
SAM- JC97-04320X Ope SL-M3870fd Sec Adf Russian
SAM- JC97-04320Z Ope SL-M3870fd Sec Adf English overlay
SAM- JC97-04321B Ope SL-M4070fr Sec Radf Hebrew
SAM- JC97-04321C Ope SL-M4070fr Sec Radf English overlay
SAM- JC97-04321J Ope SL-M3875fw Sec Radf English overlay
SAM- JC97-04321K OPE SL-M3870w Sec Radf English
SAM- JC97-04321L Ope SL-M3870w Sec Radf Spanish
SAM- JC97-04321N OPE SLM3870w Sec Radf Russian
SAM- JC97-04321P Ope SL-M3870w Sec Radf Korean
SAM- JC97-04321Q Ope SL-M3870w Sec Radf English overlay
SAM- JC97-04321S Ope SL-M4075fr Sec Radf B.portuguese
SAM- JC97-04321T Ope SL-M4075fr Sec Radf S.chinese
SAM- JC97-04321U Ope SL-M4075fr Sec Radf English overlay
SAM- JC97-04321V OPE SL-M4070fr Sec Radf English
SAM- JC97-04321W OPE SL-M4070fr Sec Radf Spanish
SAM- JC97-04321X OPE SL-M4070fr Sec Radf B.portuguese
SAM- JC97-04321Y Ope SL-M4070fr Sec Radf Russian
SAM- JC97-04321Z Ope SL-M4070fr Sec Radf Korean
SAM- JC97-04322A PLATEN SL-M2870fw
SAM- JC97-04323A Platen-lower SL-M2870fw
SAM- JC97-04324A OPE SLM2870fw See
SAM- JC97-04324B Ope SL-M2870fw Xaa
SAM- JC97-04324C Ope SL-M2870fw Xbg
SAM- JC97-04324D Ope SL-M2870fw Xev
SAM- JC97-04324E Ope SL-M2870fw Kor
SAM- JC97-04325A Ope SL-M2875fw See
SAM- JC97-04325B Ope SL-M2875fw Xaa
SAM- JC97-04325C Ope SL-M2875fw Xbg
SAM- JC97-04325E Ope SL-M2875fw Xec
SAM- JC97-04326A Ope SL-M2870fd See
SAM- JC97-04326D Ope SL-M2870fd Xev
SAM- JC97-04326E Ope SL-M2870fd Kor
SAM- JC97-04326F OPE SLM2870fd Ets
SAM- JC97-04326G Ope SL-M2871hn Xil
SAM- JC97-04327A Ope SL-M2875fd See
SAM- JC97-04327B Ope SL-M2875fd Xaa
SAM- JC97-04327C Ope SL-M2875fd Xax
SAM- JC97-04327D OPE SLM2875fd Xaz
SAM- JC97-04327E Ope SL-M2876hn Xil
SAM- JC97-04327F Ope SL-M2875fd Sts
SAM- JC97-04327H OPE SLM2875fd Xec
SAM- JC97-04327J Ope SL-M2876fd Xip
SAM- JC97-04327K Ope SL-M2875fd Ted
SAM- JC97-04328A Ope SL-M2875nd See
SAM- JC97-04328B OPE SL-M2876nd Xip
SAM- JC97-04329A OPE SLM2670fn See
SAM- JC97-04329C Ope SL-M2670fn Kor
SAM- JC97-04329D OPE SLM2670fn Ets
SAM- JC97-04329E Ope SL-M2671fh Xil
SAM- JC97-04330A Ope SL-M2675fn See
SAM- JC97-04330B Ope SL-M2675fn Xaa
SAM- JC97-04330C OPE SLM2675fn Xax
SAM- JC97-04330D Ope SL-M2675fn Sts
SAM- JC97-04330F Ope SL-M2675fn Kor
SAM- JC97-04330G Ope SL-M2675hn Tec
SAM- JC97-04330H Ope SL-M2675fn Xec
SAM- JC97-04331A Ope SL-M2675f See
SAM- JC97-04331B Ope SL-M2676fh Xil
SAM- JC97-04331D Ope SL-M2675f Sts
SAM- JC97-04332A Ope SL-M2676n Xil
SAM- JC97-04332B Ope SL-M2675n Xss
SAM- JC97-04333A Ope SL-M2670n See
SAM- JC97-04333B Ope SL-M2670n Kor
SAM- JC97-04333C Ope SL-M2671n Xil
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