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Part Number Description
SAM- JC72-01447A Sponge-scfframe ML-2851nd Pur Foam 27 1
SAM- JC72-01448A Sponge-scffront ML-2851nd Pur Foam 25 3
SAM- JC72-01449A Sponge-scfgear ML-2851nd Pur Foam 5 328
SAM- JC72-01463A Sponge-side Scf SCX-4828fn Pur Foam 5 .0
SAM- JC72-01542A SPONGESIDEFAN SCX6255n Poron 2.0t 10
SAM- JC72-01552A Sponge-sheet CLX-9350 Polyurethane Foam
SAM- JC72-01556A Sponge-rear Fan SCX-6445n Pur Foam 3. 0 1
SAM- JC72-01560A SPONGESEALB CLP770nd Polyurethanefoa
SAM- JC72-01561A SPONGESEALC CLP770nd Polyurethanefoa
SAM- JC72-01581A Sponge-pickup ML-1660 Poron 4 10 32.5 Bl
SAM- JC72-20902A Roller ML-5000a Ptfe
SAM- JC72-20902B Pex-roller F/Up 2 SCX-4500 Teflon Blk
SAM- JC72-40228A Bush ML-80 Pom Blk
SAM- JC72-40361A Pmo-roller-exit HQ-LOAD-PD10 Pom
SAM- JC72-40587A Pmo-hubclutch SL-1050v Pom V0 Blk
SAM- JC72-40980A Bobbin ML-165 Pom Blk
SAM- JC72-40981A Roller ML-165 Pom
SAM- JC72-41004A Pmo-stripe ML-165 NYLON66 Nat
SAM- JC72-41012A Pmo-guide Claw ML-165 Peek Blk
SAM- JC72-41099G Pmo-capdevelogo ML-5000 Abs Logo Hb Bl
SAM- JC72-41146G Pmo-adjust Manual R SF-555p Hips HR-1360
SAM- JC72-41147G Pmo-adjust Manual L SF-555p Hips HR-1360
SAM- JC72-41191A Pmo-bearing Shaft ML-6000 Pom Wht M90-44
SAM- JC72-41191B PMO ML-2150 Ntr Pom NW-02
SAM- JC72-41210A Core Rotor ML-6000 Pom Natural Hb NW-02
SAM- JC72-41213A Pmo-holder Saw ML-6000 Pc Trp
SAM- JC72-41251A Pmo-agitator 1 ML-5500 Abs GF20 Blk Hb
SAM- JC72-41260A Pmo-cover AGITATOR1 ML-5500 Abs GF20 B
SAM- JC72-41347A Pmo-stopperscf ML-6000 Hips Hb Ivory
SAM- JC72-41348A Pmo-idlescf ML-6000 Pom V0 Blk
SAM- JC72-41364A BUSH ML-6100 Pom Black FA-20
SAM- JC72-41386A Pmo-windowempty ML-6100 Hips 1870u V0 W
SAM- JC72-41394B Pmo-adjuster S Cast ML-6100 Hips V0 Ivr
SAM- JC73-00017A Rmo-rubber-exit SF-5100 Epdm
SAM- JC73-00018A Rmo-roller PICKUP SF-5100 Epdm+ir 24 18
SAM- JC73-00060A Rpr-seal Lower ML-7050 Urethane Foam Ntr
SAM- JC73-00093A Roller SCX-5100 AL5052 T1.8+D26.2 Ntr
SAM- JC73-00117A Rubber-Adf SF-6800 - Ope FR1 1l 4line 4i
SAM- JC73-00132A Rpr-friction Pad MP ML-2150 Nbb 53 0. 9 1
SAM- JC73-00140A Rpr-friction PAD ML-1510 Nbb 50 0.9 1 .2
SAM- JC73-00140B Friction Pad-rpr PAD CLP-770nd Nbb 53 0.
SAM- JC73-00141A Rpr-pad CASSETTE ML-1510 Urethan Sponge
SAM- JC73-00145A Rubber-roller PICKUP SCX-5315f - 60X60X1
SAM- JC73-00163A Rubber-pickup Roller S SCX-5315f - Ntr
SAM- JC73-00194A Friction Pad-rubber-pick Up Mp SCX-4720f
SAM- JC73-00202A Rubber-tel SCX-4521f Silicone 130. 49*68.
SAM- JC73-00203A RUBBER-SCROLL SCX-4521f Silicone 184. 12
SAM- JC73-00206A Belt-flat RUBBER L62 W5
SAM- JC73-00207A Roller IDLE-RUBBER-RETARD ML-3560 - Ntr
SAM- JC73-00208A Roller IDLE-RUBBER-FEED1 ML-3560 - Ntr
SAM- JC73-00215A Machinery Etc-rubber-damper Hdd SCX-6345
SAM- JC73-00223A Roller Idle-rubber-pick UP ML-3560 - Ntr
SAM- JC73-00224A Roller Idle-rubber-pick Up MP ML-3560 -
SAM- JC73-00227A Rubber-scroll SCX-4521f Silicone 222. 97
SAM- JC73-00228A Rubber-tel SCX-4521f Silicone 127.770 .4
SAM- JC73-00235A Roller Adf-guide Mp SCX-6345n/xrx Nbb
SAM- JC73-00237A Machinery Etc-rubber-copy SCX-6318f - Fr
SAM- JC73-00239A Roller Idle-rubber-pick UP ML-2571n - Nt
SAM- JC73-00257A Rubber-job START CLX-8330nd/xaa Silicone
SAM- JC73-00260A Rubber-scroll SCX-4521f - Export 70X130x
SAM- JC73-00262A Rubber-onetouch CLX-6200fx Silicone 100
SAM- JC73-00263A Rubber-exit F DOWN CLP-310 Epdm
SAM- JC73-00265A Roller Idle-rubber-pick UP ML-2851nd - 2
SAM- JC73-00267A Roller Adf-rubber-pickup SCX-6555n Epdm
SAM- JC73-00287A Rubber-start SCX-5835fn Silicone 145*89.
SAM- JC73-00295A Roller Idle-rubber-pick UP ML-2851nd
SAM- JC73-00304A Rubber-exit F/UP ML-2851nd Epdm
SAM- JC73-00305A Roller Adf-rubber CLX-9350 Epdm
SAM- JC73-00308A Roller Etc-rubber-encoder Itb CLX-9350 N
SAM- JC73-00309A Roller Idle-rubber-pick UP CLP-310 3. 0 3
SAM- JC73-00311A Roller Idle-rubber-roller Pickup CLX-935
SAM- JC73-00313A Rubber-numerical SCX-5133f Silicone 162.
SAM- JC73-00314A Rubber-ope SCX-5133f Silicone 211. 14*110
SAM- JC73-00315A Roller Idle-rubber-pick UP SCX-4623fn -
SAM- JC73-00320A Machinery Etc-rubber-scan Glass SCX-4623
SAM- JC73-00321A Roller Idle-rubber-pick UP ML-1660 - H18
SAM- JC73-00322B Friction PAD-RUBBER-PAD ML-1660 Epdm 80
SAM- JC73-00323A Rubber-retard MP CLX-9350 Nbb 53 0.8 1.3
SAM- JC73-00324A Belt-flat Rubber L82.58 W10
SAM- JC73-00326A Roller Idle-pickup CLX-9350 - H18 191 .1*
SAM- JC73-00328A Roller IDLE-RUBBER-TL ML-6510nd EPDM80%+
SAM- JC73-00330A Machinery Etc-rubber-solenoid CLX-9350 U
SAM- JC73-00335A Rubber-rubber CLP-325 Epdm
SAM- JC73-00340A Pickup Roller ML3310 Rubber Only No Hub
SAM- JC73-00342A SEALRUBBERWASTE ML5015nd Cr+nr Black
SAM- JC73-10925A Blade Cleaning Urethane Rubber ML-6000 1
SAM- JC73-40902A Seal ML-7000 Santoprene Ntr 94.7
SAM- JC73-40915A Rmo-rubber Exit SF-5800p Epdm
SAM- JC73-40915B Rmo-rubber Exit DUP ML-2150
SAM- JC74-00011A Mpr-pad Knock Up MP ML-6060a Cr+cork 0.5
SAM- JC74-00019A GLASS 238.4 19 2.8 SCX-5100 Glass Clear
SAM- JC74-00021A Mct-glass Adf SCX-4216f Glass 238.4 19.1
SAM- JC74-10901A Mpr-washer Supply Poly ID4.1*OD11*T0. 13
SAM- JC75-00049A Mec-terminal SF-5100 Samsung
SAM- JC75-00050B Mec-side Pad l ML-4300i Samsung - - - -
SAM- JC75-00051B Mec-side Pad r ML-4300i Samsung - - - -
SAM- JC75-00072A Mec-cam Pick Up SF-5100 Samsung Ntr
SAM- JC75-00093A Mec-holder Pad ML-4500 Samsung Ntr
SAM- JC75-00095A Unit-mec Brush ANTISTATIC ML-6060a Sec
SAM- JC75-00122A Mec-roller Adf SF-535e - Roller Adf - Nt
SAM- JC75-00127A Mec-roller Exit Drv SCX-5100 - SUM24l -
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
rollers, rodillos, roletes, rouleaux

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