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Part Number Description
SAM- JC72-00182A Pmo-stacker Sub SF-6700 Hips Hb HR1360 I
SAM- JC72-00215F Pmo-cover Front ML-5000a Hips IV30 V0 Do
SAM- JC72-00251A Pmo-tray Auto Paper ML-5000a Hips HR1360
SAM- JC72-00257A Pmo-duct ML-5000a Hips HR1360 V0 IV30
SAM- JC72-00266A Pmo-cover Pcb ML-5000a Hips V0 IV30 HR13
SAM- JC72-00267A Pmo-extend Stacker ML-5000a Hips HR1360
SAM- JC72-00268A Pmo-holder Sheet 1 ML-5000a Hips IV30 V
SAM- JC72-00275B Pmo-key Ot SF-555p Hips HR1360 Light Gra
SAM- JC72-00354D Pmo-tray Ext Mp Ne SCX-6322dn Hips Hb G7
SAM- JC72-00376B ADJUST SCX-6320f Lcp V0 Gray Green Non-c
SAM- JC72-00382B BUSH ML-1710 Pom Natrual NW-02
SAM- JC72-00531A Pmo-holder Pr ML-4500 Pc Ntr
SAM- JC72-00621A Joint-coupling-container SCX-6345 Pom F2
SAM- JC72-00625A Pct-filmhook ML-4500 Pvc 0.5t Blk
SAM- JC72-00647A Pmo-frame Dev Clean ML-7250 Abs Hb Blk X
SAM- JC72-00654A Pmo-cap Electrode ML-7250 Hips Hb Black
SAM- JC72-00667B Pmo-key Tel SF-531p/xrx Hips VE-0812 G45
SAM- JC72-00670A Pmo-cover Motor SF-535e Pc 1.5mm V0 Blk
SAM- JC72-00677D Pmo-cover Front ML-1210 Hips V0 Ivr
SAM- JC72-00708B ADJUST SCX-6322dn Abs+pc 315.3 84.98 V0
SAM- JC72-00709B ACTUATOR SCX-6322dn Pc+abs 49.5 25.8 V0
SAM- JC72-00710A ADJUST SCX-5100 Abs+pc V0 Ivr Guide
SAM- JC72-00712B Adjust SCX-6322dn Abs Pc V0 G
SAM- JC72-00727A Pmo-roller FEED SCX-5100 Pom+urethane Gc
SAM- JC72-00737B COVER SCX-6322dn Hips 141.5 224.6 Hb G71
SAM- JC72-00743A COUPLER SCX-5100 DE8903 Blk
SAM- JC72-00744A SHAFT SCX-5150 Abs Blk Hb Mold
SAM- JC72-00750B Sheet Abs-sheet Platen pet SCX-5315f Pe
SAM- JC72-00751A SHEET SCX-5100 Sponge+sheet 217.5 357 .5
SAM- JC72-00752A SHEET SCX-5100 Pet 0.1 Wht
SAM- JC72-00755A Actuator SCX-5100 Pom F25-03ht Black Act
SAM- JC72-00759D Pmo-dummy Upper Pc Abs G71918
SAM- JC72-00765B Cover SCX-6322dn Hips V0 G71
SAM- JC72-00766A BOSS SCX-5100 PA66 Ntr
SAM- JC72-00776B Pmo-tray Case Mp hips G71918 VE-1870u
SAM- JC72-00778D TRAY SCX-6322dn Hips 247.6 112.9 HR1360t
SAM- JC72-00785B Pmo-cover Front Dummy SCX-6322dn Hips V0
SAM- JC72-00795B COVER SCX-6322dn Hips 499.7 93.7 V0 G719
SAM- JC72-00808A OVERLAY SCX-5150 - Pc - 04 450.8 Wht
SAM- JC72-00810A ACTUATOR SCX-5100 PC+ABS+SUM24 V0 Blk
SAM- JC72-00814A Pmo-bearing H/R-F SCX-5100 Pps V0 Blk
SAM- JC72-00825A Pmo-impeller-drv ML-6200 PA66 18 5mm Vo
SAM- JC72-00838A Pmo-doc Guide R SCX-5100 Hips Hb Mist Gr
SAM- JC72-00851A Ppr-spacer-tr ML-1210 Teflon Ntr 0.2t 1
SAM- JC72-00857C Pmo-tray Link MP SCX-6322dn Pc+abs
SAM- JC72-00859A Pmo-cover Dummy Ope c SCX-5312f Hips Hb
SAM- JC72-00863A Pmo-key Copy SCX-5312f Abs Hb IV21
SAM- JC72-00864B Pmo-key Ohd SCX-5112 Hips Hb IV21
SAM- JC72-00866A Pmo-key Scroll SCX-5312f Abs Hb IV21
SAM- JC72-00876C Pmo-cover Front SCX-6322dng Hips
SAM- JC72-00876E Cover SCX-6122fn Hips V0 G71
SAM- JC72-00877C Pmo-impact Cassette SCX-6322dn Hips 198.
SAM- JC72-00884A BAND SCX-5312f Abs+pc Ember Gold
SAM- JC72-00886A Pmo-key Foward SF-530 Acryl Hb Ntr
SAM- JC72-00923A Pmo-key Save t SCX-5312f Acryl Hb Milky
SAM- JC72-00925A Pmo-guide Skew 16 ML-1650 Abs Vo Blk
SAM- JC72-00942D Pmo-opecover kor CF-550s Abs V0 Light
SAM- JC72-00942E Pmo-opecover fuji CF-550s Abs V0 Light
SAM- JC72-00971A Pmo-extension SMALL ML-1710 Abs Hb HF-06
SAM- JC72-00972A Core Rotor ML-1710 Pom Wht Hb
SAM- JC72-00975A Pmo-actuator EMPTY ML-1710 Pc V0 Black A
SAM- JC72-00976A Pmo-actuator FEED ML-1710 Pc Black Actua
SAM- JC72-00977A Pmo-actuator MANUAL ML-1710 Pc Black Act
SAM- JC72-00982A Pmo-idle Pick-up ML-1400 Pom M90-44
SAM- JC72-00983A Lock SLIDER ML-1710 Pom Wht F20-02
SAM- JC72-00984A Plate-guide Deve L ML-1710 Pom Blk
SAM- JC72-00985A Plate-guide Deve R ML-1710 Pom Blk
SAM- JC72-00987A Pmo-actuator EXIT ML-1710 PC+GF20% V0 Bl
SAM- JC72-00988A Actuator ML-2150 PET+GF30% Blk
SAM- JC72-00992A Actuator ML-2060 Pc Blk
SAM- JC72-00998A ACTUATOR ML-2150 Abs+gf Vo Black Actuato
SAM- JC72-01001A Pmo-sub Stacker ML-1400 Pc Hb HF10231m 2
SAM- JC72-01003A Pmo-idle Pick Up MP ML-2060 Pom M90-44
SAM- JC72-01005B Adjust ML-2150/xrx Hips Hb G6998
SAM- JC72-01010A ACTUATOR SCX-4216f Pc Hb Black Actuator-
SAM- JC72-01011A Pmo-actuator Scan SENSOR SCX-4216f Pc Hb
SAM- JC72-01231A Sponge-roller Pick UP ML-1510 IR60%+NR30
SAM- JC72-01248A Actuator SCX-6320f Abs+gf Hb Black Actua
SAM- JC72-01250A Actuator SCX-6320f Abs+gf Hb Black Actua
SAM- JC72-01310A ACTUATOR ML-2150 Pom Vo Black Actuator-l
SAM- JC72-01318A Pmo-upper FUSER SCX-6320f Pet GF30% V0 B
SAM- JC72-01319A Pmo-actuator Exit R2 SCX-4920n PC+GF20%
SAM- JC72-01338A Pmo-m Act Empty MP ML-2250 Pc Hb H31. 4 B
SAM- JC72-01343A Pmo-sub M STACKER ML-1520 Pc 39 25.5 3.5
SAM- JC72-01346A Pmo-stacker Rx H2xrx ML-2250 Hips 2.5 1
SAM- JC72-01346F Pmo-stacker ML-3471nd Hips 2.5 104.1 79.
SAM- JC72-01346G Pmo-stacker Rx CLP-770nd Hips 2.5 104 .1
SAM- JC72-01351B Pmo-mstacker SCX-4521f Hips 2.5 90 137.
SAM- JC72-01351C Pmo-stacker SCX-4521f Hips 2.5 90 137 .3
SAM- JC72-01358A ACTUATOR ML-3560 PC+GF20% HF3201 57. 6X41
SAM- JC72-01359B Machinery Etc-pmo-stripe ML-5050nd L1724
SAM- JC72-01360A Pmo-m Dummy-scfleft ML-3560 Pc 64X44. 6
SAM- JC72-01363A Pmo-m Dummy-scfright ML-3560 Pc 74. 5X39
SAM- JC72-01365A ACTUATOR ML-3560 Pc 42.5 15.7 39.2 Hb Bl
SAM- JC72-01367D Adjust ML-3560 Abs 1.5 93.8 53.5 Hb L /Q
SAM- JC72-01367E Adjust ML-3560 Abs 1.5 93.8 53.5 Hb Wave
SAM- JC72-01415A Sponge-damper Gate SCX-6555n SHL55+3M909
SAM- JC72-01418A Sponge-left SCX-4500 Polyurethane Foam 5
SAM- JC72-01419A Sponge-right SCX-4500 Polyurethane Foam
SAM- JC72-01422A Sponge-guide PICKUP SCX-6555n Polyuretha
SAM- JC72-01444A Sponge-guide Change Dup ML-2851nd/xaa Po
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
rollers, rodillos, roletes, rouleaux

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