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Part Number Description
SAM- JC67-00817A BRUSHMAINEXIT K7600 Carbonfiber 0.28
SAM- JC67-00818A BRUSHTOPEXIT K7600 Carbonfiber 0.28 3
SAM- JC67-00823A Coupler-itb Drive X7600 Sintered
SAM- JC67-00826A DUCTMAINLOWER SLM4030 Hips 2.0 84.8 4
SAM- JC67-00830A COUPLER SLM4030 Natural Fesintered
SAM- JC67-00842A Duct-fan Upper C3510 Hips 1.5 HIPS-5197
SAM- JC67-00843A Duct-fan Lower C3510 Hips 1.5 HIPS-5197
SAM- JC68-02300A Label-information CLX-9350 Art 150g
SAM- JC68-02474A Label-installation CLX-9350 210 297
SAM- JC68-02475A LABEL-INSTALLATION CLX-9350 215.9 279
SAM- JC68-02483A Label-information CLX-9350 0.125 12 15
SAM- JC68-03012A Label Etc-nfc Tectile Sticker EAD-X11 Eu
SAM- JC68-03048A Label Ver-information C460 Sec Hologram
SAM- JC68-03348A Label Cassette-guide Paper CLP-470n Kor
SAM- JC69-00494A Pad-mp plus scx-5315f Urethan Sponge 90
SAM- JC69-00987A PAD-FRICTION ML-2571n Cb Gray
SAM- JC69-01027A Cushion-top SCX-4725fn Eps 502 466 180 2
SAM- JC69-01027B Cushion SCX-4725fn Eps 502 466 120 140.0
SAM- JC69-01027C Cushion-deve Block SCX-4725fn Eps 286 97
SAM- JC69-01027D Cushion-upper SCX-4725fn Eps 306 141 91
SAM- JC69-01326A Friction Pad-guide PICKUP SCX-6555n Uret
SAM- JC69-01401G Box-ckd SCX-5235nd/xrx Cb DC1 150 365 36
SAM- JC69-01401H Box-ckd SCX-4200/xaz Cb DC1 206 365 550
SAM- JC69-01895A Friction Pad-cassette CLX-9350 Urethan S
SAM- JC69-01981A Box-ckd Cb DC1 660 453 433 652445417 A
SAM- JC69-01981B Box-ckd SCX-4521f/xaz Paper DC1 660 453
SAM- JC69-01981C Box-ckd SCX-5235nd/xrx Paper DC1 453 437
SAM- JC69-01999A Pad-partion Ckd ML-2851nd Cb 132 650 B S
SAM- JC69-02001A Pad-partion Ckd ML-2851nd Cb 3 132 443 B
SAM- JC69-02173D Pad-ckd ML-2165w/xaz Cb 2.8 460 604 E
SAM- JC69-02276A Cushion-main-cap ML-6510 Eps 675 605 77
SAM- JC69-02810A Pad-guide PICKUP CLX-9201 Pu
SAM- JC69-03274A Box-main Top platen CLX-9352na Cb Flexo
SAM- JC69-04952B Box Unit-finisher SL-FIN703b Cb FLEXO4 d
SAM- JC69-04952D Box Unit-finisher SL-FIN703h Cb FLEXO4 d
SAM- JC70-00039B Ipr-guidetr Secc SF-555p 0.5
SAM- JC70-00139A Ipr-remove Key Xerox ML-6060a Secc T0 .5
SAM- JC70-00216A Earth SCX-5100 SUS301 0.2t
SAM- JC70-00224A Bracket SCX-5150 Secc T1.2
SAM- JC70-00226A Ipr-brk Motor flaten SCX-5100 Secc 1 .2t
SAM- JC70-00231A Bracket SCX-5100 C5210p T0.3
SAM- JC70-00232A Bracket SCX-5100 Sus 0.2
SAM- JC70-00241A Ipr-ground Plate B base SCX-5100 STS304
SAM- JC70-00243A Ipr-ground Plate Scf SCX-5100 Secc T0 .8
SAM- JC70-00257A Ipr-brkt Motor SCX-5100 Secc 1.6t
SAM- JC70-00258A Ipr-link Solenoid Secc SCX-5100 1.2t
SAM- JC70-00300M Adjust-mcassettel ML-2851nd Abs 56 140
SAM- JC70-00301L Adjust-m-cassette-r ML-2851nd/xrx Abs 14
SAM- JC70-00301M Adjust-mcassetter ML-2851nd Abs 56 143
SAM- JC70-00314A Ipr-plate PAD ML-1710 SUS304-csp 0.1
SAM- JC70-00320A Spring Etc CLP-300 STSC301 3t
SAM- JC70-00334A Ipr-pground Scf Main ML-2150 SUS304 1 /2
SAM- JC70-00476C Adjust-manual L SCX-4200/xrx Hips 2.5 37
SAM- JC70-00476F Adjust-manual L SCX-4300 Hips 2.5 37 35.
SAM- JC70-00476G Adjust-menuall ML-2580n Hips 2.5 37 35.
SAM- JC70-00476K Adjust-manual L ML-2540 Abs HF-0660i Wav
SAM- JC70-00476L Adjust-manual L ML-2545 Abs HF-0660i Cre
SAM- JC70-00477C Adjust-manual R SCX-4200/xrx Hips 2.5 37
SAM- JC70-00477G Adjust-menualr ML-2580n Hips 2.5 37 35.
SAM- JC70-00477K Adjust-manual R ML-2540 Abs HF-0660i Wav
SAM- JC70-00477L Adjust-manual R ML-2545 Abs HF-0660i Cre
SAM- JC70-00500C Adjust-cassette-r SCX-4521f Abs 2.5 120.
SAM- JC70-00503A Electrode-hv A CLP-600 Sus 304wpb 64. 9 P
SAM- JC70-00504A Electrode-hv B CLP-600 Sus 304wpb L89 .0
SAM- JC70-00505A Electrode-hv C CLP-600 Sus 304wpb L101.8
SAM- JC70-00506A Electrode-hv D CLP-600 Sus 304wpb L25 .0
SAM- JC70-00508A Electrode-hv F CLP-600 Sus 304wpb 49. 80
SAM- JC70-00513A Electrode-hv E CLP-600 Sus 304wpb L32 .7
SAM- JC70-00514E Adjust-mp L ML-2240 Hips 2.5 127.8 90 Ha
SAM- JC70-00515E Adjust-mp R ML-2240 Hips 2.5 127.8 90 Ha
SAM- JC70-00516D Adjust-cassette R CLP-325 Hips 2.5 105.8
SAM- JC70-00517D Adjust-cassette L CLP-325 Hips 2.5 23 12
SAM- JC70-00521A Adjust-m-mpl CLX-3160fn Abs Hb T2.0 W11
SAM- JC70-00522A Adjust-m-mpr CLX-3160fn Abs Hb T2.0 W11
SAM- JC70-00546A ADJUST-MANUALL ML-2851nd Hips 43 26.3 M
SAM- JC70-00546C Adjust-manuall ML-2851nd Hips 43 26.3 M
SAM- JC70-00547A Adjust-manual-r ML-2851nd Hips 43 26. 3 M
SAM- JC70-00547C Adjust-manualr ML-2851nd Hips 43 26.3 M
SAM- JC70-00561B Adjust-mp-left ML-3710 Abs 119.2 57.4 Ic
SAM- JC70-00561E Adjust-mp Left SCX-5740fr Abs 119.2 57.4
SAM- JC70-00562B ADJUST-MPRIGHT ML-3710 Abs 120.2 57.4 I
SAM- JC70-00562E Adjust-mp Right SCX-5740fr Abs 120.2 57.
SAM- JC70-00581A Adjust-cassetter ML-1660 Hips 1.7 120 .5
SAM- JC70-00596A Adjust-cassetter ML-1860 Hips 2 120.5 1
SAM- JC70-10232A Ipr-plate Saw ML-80 STS304 T0.1
SAM- JC70-10232D Core Rotor SCX-6320f STS304 0.1t Saw
SAM- JC70-11028A EARTH ML-6000 SUS304CSP3/4h T0.2 Ground/
SAM- JC70-20901A SHAFT ML-5000a SUS304 17.2 PI1.9 Steel
SAM- JC70-40360A Ictpinparelled P/U SL1050 SUM24l D2xl
SAM- JC71-00010A Npr-badge 45 ML-6060a Al T1.6 Anodizing
SAM- JC71-00012B Npr-roller Heat 411 ML-1210 18.1 AL5052
SAM- JC71-00031A Earth SCX-5150 C5210p T0.4
SAM- JC71-00038A Electrode-wire L ML-1460 Pi 1.0 160
SAM- JC72-00102A Bush-tr L SF-5100 Pom Blk FA-20
SAM- JC72-00143A Pmo-gear Exit DRV16 SF-5100 Pom de8903
SAM- JC72-00165F Pmo-adjust Auto L SF-555p Hips HR-1360 B
SAM- JC72-00166F Pmo-adjust Auto R SF-555p Hips HR-1360 B
SAM- JC72-00180D Pmo-tray Large SF-555p Abs VH-0810p V0 W
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