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Part Number Description
SAM- JC81-08330A As-pad Upper Sf CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k
SAM- JC81-08333A As-pallet Sf CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k Pak
SAM- JC81-08359A As-manual Install Sf CLX-9350 Finisher A
SAM- JC81-08393A AS-COVERFUSL371n SCX-7428p 6LE8588600
SAM- JC81-08394A AS-PLTTERMM3n SCX-7428p 6LE85884000 R
SAM- JC81-08395A AS-PLTTERMM4n SCX-7428p 6LE85885000 R
SAM- JC81-08399A As-middlerollerbush CLP-S705a G3603145
SAM- JC81-08400A As-rollermiddledrv CLP-S705a G3923411
SAM- JC81-08401A As-rollermiddledrvn CLP-S705a G3923116
SAM- JC81-08402A As-compressspring CLP-S705a G3603142 Co
SAM- JC81-08403A As-trportsensefeel CLP-S705a G3603119
SAM- JC81-08404A As-gearrollerclt CLP-S705a J5023118 Ge
SAM- JC81-08405A As-magcltpapfeed CLP-S705a G3923250 M
SAM- JC81-08406A AS-STEPMOTORUD2a CLP-S705a AX040216 St
SAM- JC81-08407A AS-TIMEBELT40S2M166 CLP-S705a G3923225
SAM- JC81-08408A As-gearslowdown CLP-S705a G3923226 Gea
SAM- JC81-08409A As-gearidleoptray CLP-S705a G3923227
SAM- JC81-08410A AS-GEARIDLE-20/21z CLP-S705a G3603247 G
SAM- JC81-08411A As-coverrear CLP-S705a G3921081 Coverr
SAM- JC81-08413A As-armpresschang CLP-S705a G1022807 Ar
SAM- JC81-08414A As-campresspaptray CLP-S705a G1022804
SAM- JC81-08415A As-feelerprepaptray CLP-S705a G102280
SAM- JC81-08419A As-protectptrayleft CLP-S705a G102281
SAM- JC81-08420A As-endfence CLP-S705a G0963085 End Fenc
SAM- JC81-08421A As-rearpapertray CLP-S705a G0963060 Re
SAM- JC81-08422A As-protectptrayr CLP-S705a G1022812 P
SAM- JC81-08423A As-protpsizesbod CLP-S705a G1022832
SAM- JC81-08424A As-guideplateptray CLP-S705a G1022802
SAM- JC81-08425A As-coverpapertray CLP-S705a G1022801 C
SAM- JC81-08429A As-chart Scanner A4 CLX-9350 A4
SAM- JC81-08430A As-chart Scanner A3 CLX-9350 A3
SAM- JC81-08437B Csp-hcf Handle Door ML-H6510a Sec Wave G
SAM- JC81-08439B Csp-cover Front Dummy ML-H6510a Sec Wave
SAM- JC81-08440B Csp-cover Dummy L ML-H6510a Sec Wave Gra
SAM- JC81-08454B Csp-scf Dummy Rear ML-S6510a/see Abs Hb
SAM- JC81-08454D Csp-scf Dummy Rear CLP-775nd Abs hf-0660
SAM- JC81-08456A Csp-scf Roller Regi ML-6510nd Natural
SAM- JC81-08457C Csp-scf Handle Lock CLP-775nd Abs hf-066
SAM- JC81-08478A Csp-gear LIFTING ML-6510nd Pom F20-02
SAM- JC81-08492A Csp-gear Rack ML-6510nd SECC1.2t
SAM- JC81-08502A As-pcb Punch CLX-9350 Finisher As Hole P
SAM- JC81-08502B A/S-tiger Pcb Punch TOPAZ-K4350 Finisher
SAM- JC81-08504A As-mh Interface Relay CLX-9350 3k Finish
SAM- JC81-08506A As-pcb Booklet CLX-9350 3k Finisher As
SAM- JC81-08507A As-pcb Stapler Relay Fix CLX-9350 Finish
SAM- JC81-08555A Csp-tray Stacker ML-6510nd Abs/Hb Lead G
SAM- JC81-08561B Csp-guide Upper Stapler ML-OCT65/see Sec
SAM- JC81-08617A Csp-guide Cassette R ML-6510nd Abs
SAM- JC81-08619A Csp-gear Drv Pick Up ML-6510nd Pom M90-4
SAM- JC81-08636A Csp-shaft Lever ML-6510nd SUM22 Ni L169.
SAM- JC81-08641A Csp-sheet Retard HCF SCX-HCF100/sec Pet+
SAM- JC81-08650A As-air Cap 3k CLX-9350 Finisher As 3k Pa
SAM- JC81-08653A As-pad Stapler Cartridge CLX-9350 Finish
SAM- JC81-08661A As-label Release 3k Finisher CLX-9350 Fi
SAM- JC81-08676A AS-PLATEDRVTRAY41x CLX-7285 6LE408240
SAM- JC81-08680A AS-GEAR-8S45-8-CPG16 CLX-7285 6LE8556000
SAM- JC81-08694A As-pm Motor M08Z18 ML-OCT65 Svc Xrx
SAM- JC81-08701A As-stacker Driving Unit ML-OCT65 Svc
SAM- JC81-08705A AS-UNIT-LIFT ML-S6510a Svc
SAM- JC81-08706A A/S COM-UNIT-PICKUP ML-S6510a Svc
SAM- JC81-08707A As-unit DRIVE ML-S6510a Svc
SAM- JC81-08708A A/S Com-unit Feed ML-S6510a Svc
SAM- JC81-08709A As-pba Scf MAIN ML-S6510a Svc
SAM- JC81-08742B Csp-cover Top Dummy ML-S3712a/xrx Light
SAM- JC81-08751A As-label Staple Manual CLX-9350 Finisher
SAM- JC81-08757A As-leaf Spirng Feed CLX-FIN40l CLX-FIN40
SAM- JC81-08892A Csp-cover-right ML-6510nd Sec Scf Abs Hb
SAM- JC81-08893A CSPCOVERLEFT ML6510nd Sec Scf Abshb
SAM- JC81-08894A Csp-cover-front-dummy ML-6510nd Sec Scf
SAM- JC81-08902A Csp-stopperpaper SCX-4932fn Stopperpap
SAM- JC81-08907A Csp-bar-white SCX-4932fn Bar-white Reyna
SAM- JC81-08919A Csp-scf Roller Regi ML-3200 Sum 24 PI8.0
SAM- JC81-08920A As-clutch Pulley-long CLX-9350 Finisher
SAM- JC81-08921A AS-PCB ML-OCT65 Svc
SAM- JC81-08922A As-belt B30S2M168 ML-OCT65 Svc
SAM- JC81-09091B Csp-cover Left ML-S3712a/xrx Light Quart
SAM- JC81-09092B Csp-cover Right ML-S3712a/xrx Light Quar
SAM- JC81-09093B Csp-cover Front ML-S3712a/xrx Light Quar
SAM- JC81-09110A As-tray-exit ML-8951n M0471252 Tray-exit
SAM- JC81-09114A As-coverright ML-8951n M0471330 Coverr
SAM- JC81-09115A As-cover-left ML-8951n M0471340 Cover-le
SAM- JC81-09118A As-knobcoilspring ML-8951n M0472763 Kn
SAM- JC81-09119A As-holdercoilspring ML-8951n M0472764
SAM- JC81-09121A As-decalpapersetdirection ML-8951n M0
SAM- JC81-09122A As-decalpaperfeedpressure ML-8951n M0
SAM- JC81-09123A As-cover-paper-tray ML-8951n M0472801 Co
SAM- JC81-09124A As-armpapervolumesensor ML-8951n M047
SAM- JC81-09126A As-feeler-paper-volume-sensor ML-8951n M
SAM- JC81-09127A As-guideplateexitupper ML-8951n M0474
SAM- JC81-09131A AS-CONNECTOR5p ML-8951n 11025195 Connec
SAM- JC81-09132A As-dcstepmotor ML-8951n GX060038 Dcst
SAM- JC81-09133A As-nylonrivet ML-8951n 52033105 Nylonr
SAM- JC81-09137A As-paper-feed-roller ML-8951n AF031068 P
SAM- JC81-09138A As-drivenroller ML-8951n AF040575 Drive
SAM- JC81-09139A As-rackfrontsidefence ML-8951n B03926
SAM- JC81-09140A As-rackrearsidefence ML-8951n B039263
SAM- JC81-09141A As-timingbelt ML-8951n B2384755 Timing
SAM- JC81-09142A As-cam-manual-feed ML-8951n B2382712 Cam
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