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Part Number Description
SAM- JC81-07368A As-ejector Module CLX-9350 Finisher As 1
SAM- JC81-07369A As-front Tamper Assy CLX-9350 Finisher A
SAM- JC81-07370A As-rear Tamper Assy CLX-9350 Finisher As
SAM- JC81-07376A As-stapler Unit CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k
SAM- JC81-07379A As-stacker Mtr CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k S
SAM- JC81-07384A As-main Tray CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k Sta
SAM- JC81-07385A As-top Tray CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k Stac
SAM- JC81-07386A As-mounting Bkt 1k CLX-9350 Finisher As
SAM- JC81-07387A As-motor Pm CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k Comp
SAM- JC81-07388A As-motor Dc Ejector CLX-9350 Finisher As
SAM- JC81-07389A As-motor Pm Stapler CLX-9350 Finisher As
SAM- JC81-07390A As-belt CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k Feed
SAM- JC81-07391A As-belt B30S2M468 CLX-9350 Finisher As 1
SAM- JC81-07392A As-belt CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k Compiler
SAM- JC81-07393A As-pcb Main CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k Pcb
SAM- JC81-07394A As-anti-static Brush CLX-9350 Finisher A
SAM- JC81-07396A As-sensor CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k Stacke
SAM- JC81-07398A As-belt B40S2M214 CLX-9350 Finisher As 1
SAM- JC81-07399A As-belt B30S2M132 CLX-9350 Finisher As 1
SAM- JC81-07400A As-belt B40S2M152 CLX-9350 Finisher As 1
SAM- JC81-07401A As-belt B80S5M750 CLX-9350 Finisher As 1
SAM- JC81-07402A As-belt B60S2M168 CLX-9350 Finisher As 1
SAM- JC81-07403A As-sensor LIS9008h CLX-9350 Finisher As
SAM- JC81-07404A As-switch VP333A-0d Lever CLX-9350 Finis
SAM- JC81-07405A As-interface Cable CLX-9350 Finisher As
SAM- JC81-07406A As-pcb Op CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k
SAM- JC81-07407A As-pcb Stapler Relay CLX-9350 Finisher A
SAM- JC81-07408A As-stapler Cartridge CLX-9350 Finisher A
SAM- JC81-07409A As-photo Int DCF1 CLX-9350 Dcf As
SAM- JC81-07410A As-photo Int DCF2 CLX-9350 Dcf As
SAM- JC81-07411A As-holder Autosize DCF1 CLX-9350 Dcf As
SAM- JC81-07412A As-holder Autosize DCF2 CLX-9350 Dcf As
SAM- JC81-07413A As-drive Dcf CLX-9350 Dcf As
SAM- JC81-07415A As-take Away Dcf CLX-9350 Dcf As
SAM- JC81-07419A As-sensor PS-R11D1-b CLX-9350 Finisher A
SAM- JC81-07420A As-sensor KIT5011c CLX-9350 Finisher As
SAM- JC81-07433A As-paddle Roller CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k
SAM- JC81-07434A As-mounting Hook Rear CLX-9350 Finisher
SAM- JC81-07435A As-mounting Hook Front CLX-9350 Finisher
SAM- JC81-07436A As-cover Mounting CLX-9350 Finisher As 1
SAM- JC81-07437A As-cover Top Feed CLX-9350 Finisher As 1
SAM- JC81-07451A AS-1k Box CLX-9350 Finisher As 1k Pakage
SAM- JC81-07456A Csp-actuator-paper CLX-HCF102
SAM- JC81-07472A Csp-cover-door-right CLX-PFP000
SAM- JC81-07479B A/S Csp-cover-paper Side L RUBYX7600 Oo
SAM- JC81-07511A Csp-locker-takeway CLX-PFP000
SAM- JC81-07531A Csp-pulley-belt Lift CLX-HCF102
SAM- JC81-07544A Csp-actuator Offline Staple CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07545A Csp-ring Button Offline Staple CLX-FIN40
SAM- JC81-07546A Csp-button Offline Staple CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07548A Csp-door Dummy Front CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07549A Csp-handle Cover Front CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07550A Csp-cover Ront CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07551A Csp-cover Door CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07552A Csp-actuator Gate Cam Feed CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07553A Csp-separate Pawl Feed CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07554A Csp-actuator Feed CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07555A Csp-lock Door Top CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07556A Csp-guide Top Upper CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07557A Csp-cam Gate CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07558A Csp-guide Gate Upper CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07559A Csp-cover Top CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07561A Csp-gear Pulley Pdl Main Com CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07562A Csp-gear Pdl Main Com CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07572A Csp-suppressor Curl Com CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07579A Csp-grip Ejt CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07596A Csp-backstop Front Endfence CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07597A Csp-backstop Rear Endfence CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07598A Csp-rear Plate Move Endfence CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07599A Csp-protector Curl Front Endfence Clx-fi
SAM- JC81-07602A Csp-backstop Rotate Endfence CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07603A Csp-protector Curl Rear Endfence Clx-fin
SAM- JC81-07605A Csp-gear-pulley M08Z18S2MZ48 Stapl Clx-f
SAM- JC81-07606A Csp-gear M08Z36 Stapler CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07609A Csp-guide Roller Support Stapler Clx-fin
SAM- JC81-07611A Csp-gear-pulley S2MZ48M1Z18 Staple Clx-f
SAM- JC81-07616A Csp-base Sub Driving Stapler CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07618A Csp-holder SCU CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07621A Csp-gear M1Z26 Stapler CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07622A Csp-gear M1Z38 Stapler CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07632A Csp-latch Stacker CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07634A Csp-tray Main CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07635A Csp-spur Latch Gear M15Z28 CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07637A Csp-worm Stacker CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07643A Csp-spur Gear Z28Z60 Scu CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07644A Csp-tray Drawer CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07645A Csp-tray Top CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07657A Csp-actuator Tb CLX-BRG200
SAM- JC81-07669A Csp-frame Base Sf CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07722A Csp-bkt Support Tray Stacker CLX-FIN40s
SAM- JC81-07803A Csp-plt Side B Exit Tray CLX-FIN40l
SAM- JC81-07838A Csp-cover Inner CLX-FIN40l
SAM- JC81-07840A Csp-leg Peg Color CLX-FIN40l
SAM- JC81-07843A Csp-guide Enterance Up CLX-FIN40l
SAM- JC81-07847A Csp-holder Paddle CLX-FIN40l
SAM- JC81-07848A Csp-handle Blade CLX-FIN40l
SAM- JC81-07850A Csp-block Slide CLX-FIN40l
SAM- JC81-07863A Csp-gear 45t 15t M0.5 CLX-FIN40l
SAM- JC81-07864A Csp-gear 13t M2 Hel 69t M1 CLX-FIN40l
SAM- JC81-07866A Csp-gear 21t M2 CLX-FIN40l
SAM- JC81-07867A Csp-gear 18t M2 CLX-FIN40l
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repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
cartridge, cartouche, cartucho, cartuccia, druckkassette
rollers, rodillos, roletes, rouleaux

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