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Part Number Description
SAM- JC66-03578A Arm-acr Shutter CLX-8650nd Abs 1.5 14 .77
SAM- JC66-03593A Roller Fuser-pressure CLX-8650nd 25 SUM2
SAM- JC66-03595A Actuator-empty Link CLP-680nd Abs 30 Bla
SAM- JC66-03600A Roller Idle-regi CLX-8650nd Epdm SUM22
SAM- JC66-03608A Actuator-feed Mp CLP-680nd Pc Black Actu
SAM- JC66-03610A ACTUATOR-EMPTY CLP-680nd Pc 2t 20 25 Nh-
SAM- JC66-03611A Actuator-regi Sensor CLP-680nd Pc+gf 3t
SAM- JC66-03612A Actuator-empty Mp CLP-680nd Pc Black Act
SAM- JC66-03614A ACTUATORARMMP CLP680nd Pom Black Actu
SAM- JC66-03617A Link-l CLP-470n Pom 90mm 2.0t Black Klim
SAM- JC66-03618A Link-r CLP-470n Pom 90mm 2.0t White Klim
SAM- JC66-03619A Link-cap CLP-415n Hips 59.5mm 2.5mm Blac
SAM- JC66-03633A Roller Idle-regi CLP-680nd Epdm SUM22 6
SAM- JC66-03635A Roller Idle-duplex CLP-680nd Epdm SUM22
SAM- JC66-03637A Link-l CLP-680nd Pom Black
SAM- JC66-03638A Link-r CLP-680nd Pom Black
SAM- JC66-03644A Lever-actuator Rear CLP-680nd Abs HF-066
SAM- JC66-03645A Lever-actuator Rear CLP-470n Abs 28.6 Hf
SAM- JC66-03715A GEARIDLEMP CLP680nd Pom 0.6 28 18.00
SAM- JC66-03742A LINKMONODEVENIP CLP680nd Pom 51.3 3
SAM- JC66-03743A Link-color Deve Nip CLP-680nd Pom 259 .3
SAM- JC66-03750A CAMDEVENIP CLP680nd Pom OD38 ID23
SAM- JC66-03756A Roller TR-TRANSFER2 rousseau - Korea Scf
SAM- JC66-03764A LEVER-EMPTY CLP-680nd Abs 1.5 8 32.7 Bla
SAM- JC66-03788A Cam-tr L CLP-365 Pom 34.4 White Hb
SAM- JC66-03789A Cam-tr R CLP-365 Pom 34.6 White Hb
SAM- JC66-03828A Gear-rdcn T2 Cam CLP-365w Pom M0.5 / M0.
SAM- JC66-03829A Gear-rdcn Ph 2 CLP-365w Pom M0.5 / M0 .8
SAM- JC66-03840A Roller Idle-feed Tcf CLX-8650nd Epdm Su
SAM- JC66-03844A Roller Fuser-idle Dual SCX-8128na 0
SAM- JC66-03854A ACTUATOR-EMPTY SCX-4650 Pc 2 60.86 78 .3
SAM- JC66-03861A Roller-rubber-exit SCX-4650 Epdm
SAM- JC66-03872A Actuator-feed SCX-4650 Pc Black Actuator
SAM- JC66-03873A GEARRDCNMAGB CLX9350 Pom 0.8 21 30 H
SAM- JC66-03874A Gear-rdcn Exit C CLX-9350 Pom 1.0 22 32
SAM- JC66-03875A Gear-drive Opc CLX-9350 Pom 0.3 300 15 H
SAM- JC66-03882A IMPELLERGEARDEVE CLX8650nd Pom 1.5 10
SAM- JC66-03883A Slider-transfer ML-2160 Pp Orange
SAM- JC66-03885A Damper-holder CLP-365w Swch 1018a 6 48
SAM- JC66-03893A Roller Idle-regi CLX-9352na Epdm SUM22 1
SAM- JC66-03894A Roller Idle-duplex CLX-9352na Epdm SUM22
SAM- JC66-03900A Roller-rubber-exit-f-down CLP-680nd Epdm
SAM- JC66-03901A Damper-stacker CLX-9201 Poron 1 4 35 Ntr
SAM- JC66-03904A Gear-rdcn 35/16 SCX-5737fw Pom 0.4/0. 6 3
SAM- JC66-03905A Gear-deve SCX-5737fw Pom 0.4 29 13. 061 *
SAM- JC66-03908A GEARCAMACR CLX8650nd Pom 0.6 43 27.11
SAM- JC66-03921A GEARDEVECOUPLER SCX8120nd Pom 0.5/0.5
SAM- JC66-03922A Gear-deve Idle SCX-8120nd Pom 0.5 43 Whi
SAM- JC66-03923A Gear-opc Coupler SL-K2200nd Pom 0.4 119
SAM- JC66-03924A Gear-opc Rdcn SL-K2200nd Pom 0.5/0.4 73/
SAM- JC66-03925A Gear-deve Rdcn SCX-8120nd Pom 0.5/0.5 41
SAM- JC66-03926A Gear-ph Rdcn SCX-8120nd Pom 0.5/0.6 56/2
SAM- JC66-03927A Gear-regi Dr In SCX-8120nd Pom 0.6/1. 0 6
SAM- JC66-03928A Gear-regi Dr Out SCX-8120nd Pom 1.0 31 W
SAM- JC66-03929A GEARAGIIDLE SCX8120nd Pom 0.5 63 Whit
SAM- JC66-03930A Gear-agi Rdcn SL-K2200nd Pom 0.5/0.5 59/
SAM- JC66-03931A Gear-supply Coupler SCX-8120nd Pom 0. 6 5
SAM- JC66-03932A Gear-agi Coupler SCX-8120nd Pom 0.5 43 W
SAM- JC66-03933A Gear-mp Idle SCX-8120nd Pom 1.0 19 White
SAM- JC66-03935A Gear-pickup Idle SCX-8120nd Pom 1.0 39 W
SAM- JC66-03937A Gear-fuser Dr IN SCX-8120nd Pom 0.5 / 0.
SAM- JC66-03939A Gear-duplex Idle SCX-8120nd Pom 0.8 53 N
SAM- JC66-03940A GEAREXITRDCNH SLK2200nd Pom 0.8/1.0
SAM- JC66-03942A GEARSCFRDCN SCX8120nd Pom 0.5/1.0 101
SAM- JC66-03949A GEARAUGEROPC SCX8120nd Pom 0.6 22 14.
SAM- JC66-03950A Gear-auger MIX SCX-8120nd Pom 0.6 22 Nat
SAM- JC66-03951A Gear-coupler DEVE SCX-8120nd Pom 0.6 22
SAM- JC66-03952A Gear-idle DEVE SCX-8120nd Pom 0.6 19 Nat
SAM- JC66-03953A Gear-mag Deve SCX-8120nd Pom 0.6 29 19.7
SAM- JC66-03957A Roller-regi ML-4210nd Epdm+sum 17.3 336.
SAM- JC66-03962A GEAR-FUSER SCX-8120nd Pps 1 36 Dark Brow
SAM- JC66-03979A Actuator-exit SCX-8120nd PA66 2413gw Bla
SAM- JC66-03983A CLUTCH-ELECTRIC SCX-8120nd Pom M1 Z32 12
SAM- JC66-03986A Lever-actuator Scf K2200 Pc 4 78 NH-1035
SAM- JC66-03998A ROLLERFEEDSCF SLK2200nd Epdm SUM22 8
SAM- JC66-04009A Roller Feed-regi SL-K2200nd Epdm SUM23 1
SAM- JC66-04059A ACTUATORCTD X4300/K4350 Pc NH1035 Blac
SAM- JC66-04063A GEARDAMPERCST X4300/K4350 Pom 1/0.8 15
SAM- JC66-04080A Actuator-detect X4300 Pc NH-1035 Black A
SAM- JC66-04089A SLIDER X4300 Pom Natural white
SAM- JC66-04097A GEARRDCNDEVE K4350 Pom 0.3/0.8 109/29
SAM- JC66-04100A Linkcoveropen pom Black
SAM- JC66-04102A Actuator-detector X4300 Pc NH-1035p Blac
SAM- JC66-04103A ACTUATORREGI X4300 Pc NH1035 Black Act
SAM- JC66-04104A ACTUATOREXIT X4300 Pc NH1035p Black Ac
SAM- JC66-04105A Actuatorfeedout pc NH1035p Black Actu
SAM- JC66-04113A Gear-idle Bldc Motor X4300 Pom Black F25
SAM- JC66-04114A Gear-pickup X4300 Pom Black F25-03ht
SAM- JC66-04115A Gear-pickup Clutch X4300 Pom 0.8 Black T
SAM- JC66-04116A Gear-pickup Idle X4300 Pom Black F25-03h
SAM- JC66-04122A CAMREAR K4350 Pom Black F2503ht
SAM- JC66-04142A Roller Fuser-pressure K4350 18.5 Stkm 2.
SAM- JC66-04148A Roller FUSER-HEAT M5370 22.43 Al 0.7t Pf
SAM- JC66-04162A Shaft-holder Stopper Path X4300 K4350 Su
SAM- JC66-04163A Roller Adf-exit X4300 SUM23 Epdm
SAM- JC66-04164A Roller Adf-regi X4300 SUM23 Epdm
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