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Part Number Description
SAM- JC81-04546A As-plate ML-U8400a G5527312 - RICOH Fron
SAM- JC81-04547A As-plate ML-U8400a G5527318 - RICOH Bott
SAM- JC81-04548A As-release ML-U8400a G5527327 - RICOH Fo
SAM- JC81-04550A As-stay ML-U8400a G5527333 - RICOH Upper
SAM- JC81-04551A As-link ML-U8400a G5527335 - RICOH Link
SAM- JC81-04553A As-guide ML-U8400a G5527356 - RICOH Left
SAM- JC81-04554A As-roller ML-U8400a G5527360 - RICOH Dri
SAM- JC81-04555A As-shaft ML-U8400a G5527364 - RICOH Shaf
SAM- JC81-04632A As-antistatic Brush SCX-6245n/xrx Xerox
SAM- JC81-04782A As-flap-exit CLX-7455 6LE49978000 - Tosh
SAM- JC81-04783A As-cush-flap-exit CLX-7455 6LE49979000 -
SAM- JC81-04830A As-asys-rol-feed CLX-7455 6LE50297000 -
SAM- JC81-04852A AS-FRKIT281c CLX-7455 6LE45671000 - Fr
SAM- JC81-04911A AS-EPUKIT281c CLX-7455 6LE50701000 - E
SAM- JC81-04912A AS-DEVKIT281cclr CLX-7455 6LE50702000
SAM- JC81-04913A AS-DEVKIT281c CLX-7455 6LE50703000 - D
SAM- JC81-04918A As-asy-mot-d-try CLX-7455 6LE71176000 -
SAM- JC81-05014A AS-DF-KIT-3018 CLX-7455 6LE49738000 - To
SAM- JC81-05035A As-brush-read-out CLX-7455 6LE49884000 -
SAM- JC81-05377A As-sft-wire-cln SCX-7545 6LA62891000 - S
SAM- JC81-05697A AS-LASER-UNIT-377 SCX-7423 6LA85260100 -
SAM- JC81-05698A AS-DEV-KIT-2340 SCX-7423 6LA85750100 - R
SAM- JC81-05699A AS-CLN-DRUM-2340 SCX-7423 6LA85755100 -
SAM- JC81-05704A As-blade-rec SCX-7423 6LE54020000 - Rhon
SAM- JC81-05719A As-holder-sys-pci SCX-7423 6LE85551000 -
SAM- JC81-05740A AS-SPC-CH-TR-360-2 SCX-7635 6LA63604000
SAM- JC81-05756A AS-ASY-CH-MAIN-364 SCX-7635 6LE76327000
SAM- JC81-05799A A/S-SCRAPER-HR-377 Rhone - 6LE85856000 S
SAM- JC81-05817A As-heat-roller SCX-7428 6LE85870000 - To
SAM- JC81-05819A AS-GID-FEED-L-371 SCX-7423 6LA82818000 -
SAM- JC81-05848A As-hldrtrroll CLX-7285 44065372800 - H
SAM- JC81-05867A AS-LG248NL1 SCX-7423 C0-11250000 - LG248
SAM- JC81-05890A AS-608ZZNRA2 SCX-7423 F0-01360000 - 608z
SAM- JC81-05894A AS-CLUTCH6l SCX-7635 6LE69842000 - Clu
SAM- JC81-05918A As-covertplftscan SCX-7423 6LE8645200
SAM- JC81-05920A As-case-cst SCX-7423 6LA56960000 - Case-
SAM- JC81-05921A As-k-wall-side-r SCX-7423 6LE84461000 K-
SAM- JC81-05925A AS-G1abea Pkg Assy ML-8550 336-430042-00
SAM- JC81-05926A As-dp Front Cover Assy ML-8550 135-78702
SAM- JC81-05927A As-manual Feed Sensor ML-8550 808-823882
SAM- JC81-05928A As-photosensor ML-8550 808-823847-a - Ph
SAM- JC81-05929A As-microswitch cs1b-b2ca ML-8550 808-87
SAM- JC81-05942A As-exit-fram-fuser SCX-7423 6LA83522000
SAM- JC81-05944A As-asy-ch-main SCX-7323 6LA84902000 - Rh
SAM- JC81-05956A AS-STAYBYPU371 SCX-7423 6LA78909000 -
SAM- JC81-05958A AS-GEAR10S022drv SCX-7423 6LA79005000
SAM- JC81-05960A As-traybypmid SCX-7423 6LA79101000 - R
SAM- JC81-05961A AS-LVRGUIDEF371 SCX-7423 6LA79104000
SAM- JC81-05962A AS-SPGGUIDEF371 SCX-7423 6LA79105000
SAM- JC81-06027A AS-HRNSKATC350 CLX-7450 6LA41552000 -
SAM- JC81-06029A AS-HRNSCTNC350 CLX-7450 6LA41698100 -
SAM- JC81-06030A AS-HRNSDVTNA350 CLX-7450 6LA41555000 -
SAM- JC81-06067C A/S-slide Rail Frame SCX-6555n Hcf As
SAM- JC81-06068A As-unit Cassette Hcf SCX-6555n - - Hcf A
SAM- JC81-06068B As-unit Cassette Hcf SCX-6255n - - Hcf A
SAM- JC81-06069B As-cover Paper Rear D SCX-HCF100
SAM- JC81-06070B As-cover Paper Hook SCX-HCF100
SAM- JC81-06075A As-guide Spring Roll SCX-6555n - - Hcf A
SAM- JC81-06076A As-pin Paper Hcf SCX-HCF100
SAM- JC81-06081A AS-KNOB-RGST-350 SCX-7423 6LA41229000 -
SAM- JC81-06091A As-shaftsptbyp SCX-7423 6LA78962000 -
SAM- JC81-06092A As-lvrstopperr SCX-7423 6LA79057000 -
SAM- JC81-06093A As-weightrollerpick SCX-7423 6LA790760
SAM- JC81-06094A As-bkttrayhinge SCX-7423 6LA79081000 -
SAM- JC81-06118A As-asys-cov-dev SCX-7423 6LA81790000 - R
SAM- JC81-06120A AS-ASY-HLDR-DEV-371 SCX-7423 6LA82254000
SAM- JC81-06144A As-holder-rgst-r SCX-7423 6LA85862000 -
SAM- JC81-06145A As-brkrolrelayfed SCX-7423 6LA8586900
SAM- JC81-06155A As-hrnssfbsize SCX-7423 6LA89429000 -
SAM- JC81-06162A AS-HRNSSFB377 SCX-7423 6LE88065000 - R
SAM- JC81-06233A AS-MOTRDWIRECLN410 CLX-7285 6LE4113900
SAM- JC81-06244A AS-PLATFLICKER410 CLX-7285 6LE41158000
SAM- JC81-06295A AS-GUIDEPAPERL32d CLX-7285 6LE40313000
SAM- JC81-06298A As-unit Frame Right SCX-6555n - - Hcf As
SAM- JC81-06304A As-caster Fix SCX-6555n - - Hcf As - - -
SAM- JC81-06305A As-caster SCX-6555n - - Hcf As - - -
SAM- JC81-06316A As-unit-lift-motor ML-5050nd - - Hcf As
SAM- JC81-06317A As-unit-drive ML-5050nd - - Hcf As - - -
SAM- JC81-06318A As-unit-clutch ML-5050nd - - Hcf As - -
SAM- JC81-06323A As-unitreduction ML-5050nd - - Hcf As -
SAM- JC81-06341A As-ptc-board SCX-6555n - - Hcf As - - -
SAM- JC81-06363A As-paddle Compile Long SCX-6345n/xrx
SAM- JC81-06391A As-fookleverf CLX-9023 6LA93745000 - M
SAM- JC81-06405A AS-GEARFEEDZ24 CLX-9023 6LA93782000 -
SAM- JC81-06411A AS-BUSHPRESS4 CLX-9023 6LA93790000 - M
SAM- JC81-06412A AS-GEARSEPDRV1 CLX-9023 6LA93793000 -
SAM- JC81-06413A AS-GEARSEPDRV2 CLX-9023 6LA93794000 -
SAM- JC81-06418A AS-SPC0450600133 CLX-9023 6LA93802000
SAM- JC81-06427A As-pushsw CLX-9023 6LA93850000 - Masher
SAM- JC81-06431A As-stopringsep CLX-9023 6LA93898000 -
SAM- JC81-06432A As-stoppercovfed CLX-9023 6LA93924000
SAM- JC81-06436A As-screwdrwcon CLX-9023 6LE68317000 -
SAM- JC81-06449A As-phdh CLX-9023 6LE68397000 - Masherbr
SAM- JC81-06451A As-washervfeed CLX-9023 6LE68405000 -
SAM- JC81-06458A As-wh-Interface-lcf CLX-9023 6LE93477000 - Mas
SAM- JC81-06477A As-spgcovopen CLX-9023 6LE24950000 - M
SAM- JC81-06484A AS-ACTRENDKN3500 CLX-9023 6LE24991000
SAM- JC81-06485A AS-ACTRSTARTKN3500 CLX-9023 6LE2499200
SAM- JC81-06489A AS-LEVEROPENKN4520 CLX-9023 6LH3531000
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repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
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