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Part Number Description
SAM- JC66-02885A Gear-retard RDCN ML-5015nd Pom 0.6 1 .0
SAM- JC66-02886A Gear-retard Idle B ML-5015nd Pom 1.0 23
SAM- JC66-02887A GEARIDLEDUPLEX ML5015nd Pom 1.0 25 28
SAM- JC66-02888A GEARREDCUTIONB ML5015nd Pom 1.0 1.0
SAM- JC66-02889A GEARIDLEDUPLEXA ML5015nd Pom 1.0 26
SAM- JC66-02890A GEARLIFTRDCNA ML5015nd Pom 0.6 0.5
SAM- JC66-02891A GEARLIFTRDCNB ML5015nd Pom 0.5 0.5
SAM- JC66-02892A GEARLIFTRDCNC ML5015nd Pom 0.5 0.8
SAM- JC66-02893A Gear-lift Rdcn D ML-5015nd Pom 0.8 1 .5
SAM- JC66-02895A Gear-retard Idle A ML-5015nd Pom 0.6 29
SAM- JC66-02896A Gearpulleyduplex pom 2.7 11.4 M9044 S
SAM- JC66-02902A Pulley-duplex ML-5015nd Pom
SAM- JC66-02903A LEVER-EXPANDER ML-5015nd Pom 2 17 12 Nw-
SAM- JC66-02904A Lever-stacking ML-5015nd Pc 77 64.3 Blac
SAM- JC66-02905A Actuator-paper EMPTY ML-5015nd Pc Black
SAM- JC66-02906A ACTUATOR-DUPLEX ML-5015nd Pom Black Actu
SAM- JC66-02907A Link-mp Upper ML-5015nd Pom
SAM- JC66-02910A ROLLERIDLEFEED ML5015nd Pom NW02 Nw
SAM- JC66-02913A ACTUATOR-FEED ML-5015nd Pom Black Actuat
SAM- JC66-02914A ACTUATOR-REGI ML-5015nd Pom Black Actuat
SAM- JC66-02939A Roller Idle-mat- Retard ML-3710 Urethane
SAM- JC66-02939B Roller Idle-mat RETARD ML-2950nd Epdm
SAM- JC66-02939C Roller-mat RETARD ML-2955nd Epdm 16 23.5
SAM- JC66-02946A Roller-feed CLP-775nd Epdm Sum 24l 6 Gr
SAM- JC66-02955A Roller-silicon EXIT ML-3700 Silicon
SAM- JC66-02965A Roller Idle-feed DRIVE ML-5015nd Epdm Su
SAM- JC66-02966A Roller Idle-dupelx DRIVE ML-5015nd Epdm
SAM- JC66-02969A Roller Idle ML-5015nd Epdm SUM22 7
SAM- JC66-02973A Roller-exit F UP ML-6510nd Silicon
SAM- JC66-02991A Actuator-exit ML-2950nd PA66 2.0t Black
SAM- JC66-02992A GEAR-FUSER ML-2950nd Pps 1 36 Brown 38
SAM- JC66-02992B Gear-fuser ML-2950nd Pps+ptee+gf 1.0 36
SAM- JC66-02993A Roller FUSER-HEAT ML-2950nd 24.75 AL3304
SAM- JC66-02995A Actuator-regi ML-2950nd Pc NH-1035p Blac
SAM- JC66-02996A ACTUATOR-FEED ML-2950nd Pc NH-1035p Blac
SAM- JC66-02997A Actuator-empty ML-2950nd Pom F25-03ht Bl
SAM- JC66-02998A Lever-opc Holder L ML-2950nd Pom F20-02
SAM- JC66-03006A Shaft-pickup ML-2950nd Pc 147.3 8 Black
SAM- JC66-03011A Gear-coupler Opc ML-2950nd Pom 0.3 Z204
SAM- JC66-03012A Gear-duplex Dr ML-2950nd Pom 0.6 Z28 Nat
SAM- JC66-03013A Gear-exit ML-2950nd Pom 0.8 Z18 Natural
SAM- JC66-03014A Gear-feed ML-2950nd Pom 0.8 Z16 Natural
SAM- JC66-03015A Gear-fuser Dr In ML-2950nd Pom 0.5 Z91 N
SAM- JC66-03016A Gear-fuser Dr OUT ML-2950nd Pom 1.0 Z29
SAM- JC66-03017A Gear-idle Exit ML-2950nd Pom 0.8 Z29 Nat
SAM- JC66-03018A Gear-idle FEED2 ML-2950nd Pps 0.5 Z24 Br
SAM- JC66-03019A Gear-idle FEED3 ML-2950nd Pom 0.5/0.8 Z3
SAM- JC66-03020A Gear-idle Feed ML-2950nd Pom 0.5 Z94 Nat
SAM- JC66-03021A Gear-opc Dr In ML-2950nd Pom 0.5 Z90 Nat
SAM- JC66-03022A Gear-opc Dr Out ML-2950nd Pom 0.3 Z168 N
SAM- JC66-03023A Gear-rdcn Exit ML-2950nd Pom 0.5/0.8 Z74
SAM- JC66-03024A Gear-rdcn FEED1 ML-2950nd Pom 0.5 Z101/z
SAM- JC66-03025A Gear-rdcn FEED2 ML-2950nd Pom 0.5/0.6 Z3
SAM- JC66-03026A Gear-rdcn Fuser ML-2950nd Pom 0.5 Z63 Na
SAM- JC66-03027A Gear-rdcn Opc ML-2950nd Pom 0.5 Z88 Wht
SAM- JC66-03028A Gear-rdcn ML-2950nd Pom 0.6/0.8 Z23 Blac
SAM- JC66-03029A Gear-swing Dr ML-2950nd Pom 0.6 Z19 Natu
SAM- JC66-03032B Lever-guide Rear ML-2950nd Abs 40 24. 7 H
SAM- JC66-03033A Lever-guide-duplex ML-2950nd Abs 28 43.1
SAM- JC66-03034A Lever-coupling A ML-2950nd Pom Natural L
SAM- JC66-03035A Lever-coupling B ML-2950nd Pom Wht Link/
SAM- JC66-03038A Lever-ope SCX-4729fd Hips 2.5t 30 SHG85
SAM- JC66-03043A Roller Idle-rubber P/Up MP CLP-775nd Epd
SAM- JC66-03044A Roller Idle-regi ML-2950nd Epdm SUM22 6
SAM- JC66-03046A Roller Idle-rubber Feed DUP ML-2950nd Ep
SAM- JC66-03049A Actuator-feed ML-2160 Pc 2 39.2 28.9 Nh-
SAM- JC66-03050A Actuator-width ML-2160 Abs 2.1 49.77 34.
SAM- JC66-03053A Gear-rdcn A ML-2160 Pom M0.4/M0.5 Z139/z
SAM- JC66-03061A Gear-feed ML-2160 Pom M0.8 Z23 Black
SAM- JC66-03065A Roller IDLE-FEED CLP-775nd Urethane SUM2
SAM- JC66-03070A Lever-ope SCX-3405f Hips 2.0 57 SHG85 Wa
SAM- JC66-03083A Lever-jam-l ML-2160 Pc Black Link/Unc
SAM- JC66-03084A Lever-jam R ML-2160 Pc Black Link/Unc
SAM- JC66-03087A Roller-exit SF-760p Pc
SAM- JC66-03089A Roller FUSER-HEAT ML-2160 20.25 AL5052 0
SAM- JC66-03092A ROLLEREXIT CLX9201 Epdm
SAM- JC66-03093A Roller Adf-rubber-feed CLX-9201 Epdm 16
SAM- JC66-03094A Roller Adf-regi CLX-9201 Epdm 16
SAM- JC66-03095A Roller Adf-exit CLX-9201 Epdm 16
SAM- JC66-03096A Roller Idle-feed ML-3200 Epdm SUM22 6
SAM- JC66-03097A Roller IDLE-FEED-DUP2 ML-3200 Epdm SUM22
SAM- JC66-03102A DRUM-FUSERBELT X4300 Sus Lsr Non-conduc
SAM- JC66-03103A SHAFTCAM SCX8128na SUM22 L384.65 OD6. 0
SAM- JC66-03104A Gear-driveopc CLX-9201na Pom 0.3 240 75
SAM- JC66-03105A Gear-fuser One WAY CLX-9201na Pom 0.5 10
SAM- JC66-03106A Gear-rdcn Fuser Release CLX-9201na Pom 0
SAM- JC66-03107A Gear-fuser RELEASE CLX-9201na Pom 0.8 43
SAM- JC66-03108A Gear-rdcn Exit CLX-9201na Pom 0.8 1.0 41
SAM- JC66-03114A Gear-rdcn Regi CLX-9201na Pom 0.5 1.0 79
SAM- JC66-03115A Gear-idle Regi CLX-9201na Pom 1.0 31 Spu
SAM- JC66-03116A Gear-drive Regi CLX-9201na Pom 0.8 22 Na
SAM- JC66-03117A Gear-drive Mp CLX-9201na Pom 1.0 23 Spur
SAM- JC66-03118A Gear-drive Feed B CLX-9201na Pom 1.0 33
SAM- JC66-03122A GEARDRIVEENGAGE CLX9201na Pom 1.0 13
SAM- JC66-03128A GEARRDCNWTB CLX9201na Pom 0.4 1.5 79
SAM- JC66-03129A GEARRDCNFEED CLX9201na Pom 1.0 0.5 21
SAM- JC66-03130A Gear-idle Feed CLX-9201na Pom 1.0 31 Spu
SAM- JC66-03131A Gear-drive SCX-8123nd Pps+gf 1.0 Z53 OD5
SAM- JC66-03132A GEARIDLEM SCX8123nd Pom 1.0 Z16 OD18.
SAM- JC66-03133A GEARRDCNMAG SCX8128na Pom 0.3 0.8 93
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repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
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