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Part Number Description
SAM- JC66-02580A Gear-rdcn Feed ML-1660 Pom 0.5 0.8 Z64 Z
SAM- JC66-02585A GEAR-FEED ML-1660 Pom 0.8 Z21 Natural Sp
SAM- JC66-02587A Gear-pickup B ML-1660 Pom 0.8 Z33 Black
SAM- JC66-02588A Gear-pickup A ML-1660 Pom 0.8 Z33 Black
SAM- JC66-02590A Actuator-feed ML-1660 Pc Black Actuator-
SAM- JC66-02591A Actuator-empty ML-1660 Abs Black
SAM- JC66-02592A Lever-kicker Pu ML-1660 Abs 2.0 12.0 28.
SAM- JC66-02598A Roller Idle-feed ML-1660 Epdm SUM22 5
SAM- JC66-02598B Roller IDLE-FEED ML-2160 Epdm Cfrp 5
SAM- JC66-02599A Roller-dup Regi CLX-9350 SUM22 Epdm 8 38
SAM- JC66-02601A Gear-opc Drive-t CLP-325 Pom M0.3/0.6 Z1
SAM- JC66-02605A Gear-rdcn Opc-t CLP-325 Pom M0.3/0.5 Z64
SAM- JC66-02611A Shaft-exit-f-down ML-1660 Pbt+gf 5 Black
SAM- JC66-02613A ACTUATOR-PAPEREMPTY ML-6510nd Pc 2 24 .1
SAM- JC66-02614A ACTUATOR ML-6510nd Pc+gf 2.5 29 12.5 302
SAM- JC66-02615A Gear-fuser ML-6510nd Pps 1 51 53
SAM- JC66-02621A LEVER-STACKING ML-6510nd Pc Black Link/U
SAM- JC66-02622A Actuator-regi ML-6510nd Pc+gf W20.8 L50.
SAM- JC66-02623A Actuator-feed-regi ML-6510nd Pc+gf W21.8
SAM- JC66-02625A Actuator ML-6510nd NYLON+GF25 W14.75 Bla
SAM- JC66-02626A Gear-pr ML-6510nd PA66 1 34 36
SAM- JC66-02627A Lever-pick-up ML-6510nd Pom W66 L29.5 F2
SAM- JC66-02628A Lever-coupler ML-6510nd Pom W21 L89.8 Bl
SAM- JC66-02629A Link-coupling RACK ML-6510nd Pom 188. 8 1
SAM- JC66-02631A Link-toner SHUTTER ML-6510nd Pom 85. 303
SAM- JC66-02642A Gear-coupling-opc ML-6510nd Pom 0.5 69 3
SAM- JC66-02646A Gear-rdcn-mag ML-6510nd Pom A0.8/B0.5 A4
SAM- JC66-02656A Roller IDLE-FEED2 ML-6510nd Epdm SUM22 6
SAM- JC66-02665A Roller-exit-duplex ML-6510nd Epdm
SAM- JC66-02709A Roller Tr-transfer bluejay - Korea Scf C
SAM- JC66-02710A Gear Idle LIFT ML-6510nd Pom
SAM- JC66-02715A Roller FUSER-HEAT ML-1660 20.25 AL5052-h
SAM- JC66-02716A Roller FUSER-PRESSURE ML-1660 8 SUM22 Or
SAM- JC66-02716B Roller FUSER-PRESSURE ML-1660 8 SUM22 Or
SAM- JC66-02717A Roller Tr-transfer tissot - Scf Cover Op
SAM- JC66-02718A Roller FUSER-PRESSURE ML-6510nd 34 SUM22
SAM- JC66-02720A Roller Idle-regi-t CLP-340n Epdm SUM22 6
SAM- JC66-02722A Roller FUSER-HEAT CLP-325 26 AL5052-H34
SAM- JC66-02727A Roller FUSER-HEAT ML-6510nd 49.45 AL3304
SAM- JC66-02734A Actuator-bin-full SCX-3200 Pc 3 42 84 .3
SAM- JC66-02742C ROLLEREXITMAIN ML2160 Decurlroller F
SAM- JC66-02744A Roller Idle-duplex SCX-8040nd Epdm SUM22
SAM- JC66-02746A Shaft-cam SCX-8040nd Sum 22 450.7 8 Ntr
SAM- JC66-02748A Actuator-sub STACKER CLX-3185 ABS+GF20%
SAM- JC66-02760A Actuator-exit Fuser CLP-325 Pet+gf 28 15
SAM- JC66-02761B Lever-align Duplex SCX-5740fr Abs 2 15.7
SAM- JC66-02762A ACTUATOR-EMPTY ML-3710 Pom 3.0 43.1 31.2
SAM- JC66-02764A ACTUATOR-FEED ML-3710 Pc+gf 3.0 55.7 Bla
SAM- JC66-02766A ACTUATOR-EMPTYMP ML-3710nd Pc 65.9 50 .7
SAM- JC66-02767A ACTUATOR-ARMMP ML-3700nd Pom 5 14.2 4 F
SAM- JC66-02768A Actuator ML-3710 Pom 3.0 15.6 Hb Black A
SAM- JC66-02769A Lever-opc Holder-r ML-3710 Pom 3.0 12 .9
SAM- JC66-02770A Lever-coupling ML-3710 Abs 2.0 184.76 12
SAM- JC66-02772A Shaft-feed REGI ML-3710nd Pom 35.5 8 Nat
SAM- JC66-02774A ACTUATOR-EXIT ML-3700nd Pa 2.0t 47.5 Bla
SAM- JC66-02775A Gear-fuser ML-3700nd Pps 1 36 38.0
SAM- JC66-02778A Gear-exit Idle 96 ML-3310 Pom 0.5 96 Ntr
SAM- JC66-02780A Gear-exit 65 ML-3310 Pom 0.5 65 Ntr F20-
SAM- JC66-02791A Gear-feed Idle 29 ML-3200 Pom 1.0 29 Whi
SAM- JC66-02794A Gear-feed 20 ML-3710nd Pom 1.0 20 Natur
SAM- JC66-02797A Roller Idle FEED ML-3700 Epdm SUM22
SAM- JC66-02798A Roller IDLE-RUBBER-IDLE ML-3700 Pom LZ-7
SAM- JC66-02816A Roller Idle-idle-duplex ML-6510nd Pom F1
SAM- JC66-02826B Lever-sideright ML-2950nd Abs 15.4 HF-0
SAM- JC66-02834A Roller Idle-feed REGI ML-3200 Epdm SUM22
SAM- JC66-02842A Roller Tr-transfer magpie 5 Nbr+eco Foam
SAM- JC66-02846A Roller FUSER-HEAT ML-3700 24.75 AL3304-h
SAM- JC66-02849A Actuator-cam ML-5010nd Nylon 1.8t 44. 4pi
SAM- JC66-02850A ACTUATOR-EXIT ML-5010nd PA66 2t 20.1 125
SAM- JC66-02851A LEVERPRESSURE ML5010nd Secc 1.2t 8.5 9
SAM- JC66-02854A Gear-pr ML-5010nd Pps 1 33 37.32pi
SAM- JC66-02855B Roller FUSER-PRESSURE M4580 24.5 Stkm 1.
SAM- JC66-02856A Gear-opc DRIVE ML-5015nd Pom 0.3 139 Nat
SAM- JC66-02857A Gear-deve Idle ML-5015nd Pom 0.3 93 Natu
SAM- JC66-02858A Gear-deve Rdcn ML-5015nd Pom 0.3 0.5 86
SAM- JC66-02859A Gear-deve Drive ML-5015nd Pom 0.5 53 Nat
SAM- JC66-02860A Gear-agi Idle A ML-5015nd Pom 0.5 0. 8 5
SAM- JC66-02861A Gear-agi Idle B ML-5015nd Pom 0.8 0. 8 4
SAM- JC66-02862A Gear-agi Idle C ML-5015nd Pom 0.8 0. 8 5
SAM- JC66-02863A GEARAGIIDLED ML5015nd Pom 0.8 31 Nat
SAM- JC66-02864A GEARAGIDRIVE ML5015nd Pom 0.8 41 Natu
SAM- JC66-02865A GEARTONERRDCNA ML5015nd Pom 0.6 0.7
SAM- JC66-02866A GEARTONERRDCNB ML5015nd Pom 0.7 36 N
SAM- JC66-02867A GEARTONERIDLE ML5015nd Pom 0.7 33 25.
SAM- JC66-02868A GEARTONERDRIVE ML5015nd Pom 0.7 41 Na
SAM- JC66-02869A Gear-main Rdcn Pulley ML-5015nd Pom 0 .5
SAM- JC66-02870A Gear-pickup Pulley ML-5015nd Pom 0.8 28
SAM- JC66-02871A GEAR ML5015nd Pom 1.0 20 Natural 23. 00
SAM- JC66-02872A Gear-feed Rdcn ML-5015nd Pom 0.8 28 24.0
SAM- JC66-02873A GEARMPRDCN ML5015nd Pom 1.0 25 23 Na
SAM- JC66-02874A Gear-fuser Rdcn A ML-5015nd Pom 0.5 0.8
SAM- JC66-02875A Gear-fuser Rdcn B ML-5015nd Pom 0.8 1.0
SAM- JC66-02876A GEARPICKUPIDLE ML5015nd Pom 1.0 22 Na
SAM- JC66-02877A Gear-feed DRIVE ML-5015nd Pom 1.0 24 Nat
SAM- JC66-02878A GEARRDCNEXITA ML5015nd Pom 0.4 1.0
SAM- JC66-02879A GEAREXITIDLEA ML5015nd Pom 1.0 22 Na
SAM- JC66-02880A GEARRDCNEXITB ML5015nd Pom 0.4 0.8
SAM- JC66-02881A GEAREXITIDLEB ML5015nd Pom 0.8 29 Na
SAM- JC66-02882A GEARIDLERELEASE ML5015nd Pom 1.0 23 N
SAM- JC66-02883A Gear-fuser Idle A ML-5015nd Pom 1.0 28 N
SAM- JC66-02884A Gear-fuser Idle B ML-5015nd Pa 1.0 27 30
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