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Part Number Description
SAM- JC66-02237A Gear-pickup CLX-9350 Pom M1 Z19 White Od
SAM- JC66-02240A Lever-link Size CLX-9350 Pc T9 W286 L30
SAM- JC66-02243A Actuator-paper Length CLX-9350 Pc NH-102
SAM- JC66-02248A Link-lower Jam CLX-9350 Pom 80.49 14. 5 W
SAM- JC66-02253A Link-cover Exit CLX-9350 Pom 100.1 4. 5 N
SAM- JC66-02254A PULLEY-S2m Z26 Exit CLX-9350 Pom M90-44
SAM- JC66-02257A Pulley-belt CLX-9350 Pom White 8 36. 305
SAM- JC66-02258A Lever-cleaner Lsu CLX-9350 Pp 6 15 455 B
SAM- JC66-02262A Arm-tr Roller Fr CLX-9350 ABS+GF20% GR40
SAM- JC66-02263A Link-solenoid CLX-9350 Pc
SAM- JC66-02265A PULLEY-S2m Z26 ID8 CLX-9350 Pom M90-44 W
SAM- JC66-02267A Actuator-feed CLX-9350 Pc 51.5 NH-1035 B
SAM- JC66-02268A Coupler-clutch-auger Mag CLX-9350 Pom Od
SAM- JC66-02270A Link-cover Open CLX-9350 Pom 1.5 13. 99 9
SAM- JC66-02273A Actuator-exit CLX-9350 Pc NH-1064i K2261
SAM- JC66-02275A Actuator-mixed CLX-9350 Pc NH-1023sp 2.0
SAM- JC66-02277A Lever-acturator F-d Exit CLX-9350 Pc Bla
SAM- JC66-02278A Lever-act Full Exit CLX-9350 Pc Black
SAM- JC66-02279A Actuator-detect CLX-9350 Pc NH-1023sp 3
SAM- JC66-02280A Arm-open CLX-9350 Pom M90-44 2 12 21. 58
SAM- JC66-02281A Arm-pickup-cover-open CLX-9350 Abs HF-06
SAM- JC66-02292A Roller-f-d Idle Exit CLX-9350 Pom
SAM- JC66-02293A Roller Adf-IDLE-OD16 CLX-9350 Pom 16
SAM- JC66-02294A Actuator-regi-dali CLP-660 Pc 18.08 77.6
SAM- JC66-02297A Roller-exit CLX-9350 SUM22 Epdm 16 380.5
SAM- JC66-02298A Roller-exit Turn CLX-9350 SUM22 Epdm 16
SAM- JC66-02300A Belt Fuser-drum CLX-9350 Pi Lsr Non-cond
SAM- JC66-02303A Roller Fuser CLX-9350 18 SUM22 9 30 0 .2
SAM- JC66-02304A Roller Fuser-heat CLX-9350 22 Stkm 11a 0
SAM- JC66-02305A Roller Fuser-pressure CLX-9350 20 SUM22
SAM- JC66-02308A Roller-regi Sim CLX-9350 SUM22 Epdm 8 38
SAM- JC66-02309A Roller-feed In CLX-9350 SUM22 Epdm 8 380
SAM- JC66-02311A Lever-locker Guide CLX-9350 Pom 37 20 M9
SAM- JC66-02314A Roller-return Exit CLX-9350 Epdm
SAM- JC66-02316A Gear-rdcn-opc ML-2580n Pom 0.5 / 0.8 113
SAM- JC66-02317A Gear-rdcn-exit ML-2580n Pom 0.8 / 0.8 25
SAM- JC66-02327A Roller Etc-guide B Itb CLX-9350 AL6063 S
SAM- JC66-02328A Roller Etc-nip Bk Itb CLX-9350 SUM22
SAM- JC66-02334A Belt Itb-drum Cosmos Pi 85um 956.3 Mm
SAM- JC66-02338A Damper-guide Pickup CLX-9350 Pom/Sus 1.2
SAM- JC66-02347A Roller TR-TRANSFER2 cosmos - 75. 9X69mm W
SAM- JC66-02348A Roller Idle-feed Mp CLX-9350 Epdm SUM22
SAM- JC66-02351A Actuator-fuser Out CLX-9350 SUM22 + Pet
SAM- JC66-02354A Shaft-roller Idle L CLX-9350 SUM24l 137.
SAM- JC66-02358A Shaft-cam Tr Roller CLX-9350 Sum 22 357.
SAM- JC66-02359A Roller-duplex 2 CLX-9350 Epdm SUM22 6
SAM- JC66-02360A Roller Idle-duplex 1 CLX-9350 Epdm SUM22
SAM- JC66-02361A Roller-face Up Exit CLX-9350 Epdm
SAM- JC66-02364A ACTUATOR-EXIT ML-2580n PC+GF20% Black Ac
SAM- JC66-02365A Lever-link Jam L ML-2580n Pc Ice Green
SAM- JC66-02366A Lever-link Jam R ML-2580n Pc Ice Green L
SAM- JC66-02368A SHAFTPR CLX9350 SUM22l 414.1 8 Ntr
SAM- JC66-02372A Roller-face Down Exit CLX-9350 Epdm
SAM- JC66-02373A Roller-exit CLX-9350 Epdm
SAM- JC66-02390A Shaft-front-pin CLX-9350 Swpb L 50 4
SAM- JC66-02391A Actuator-exit-turn CLX-9350 Pc NH-1064i
SAM- JC66-02405A SHAFTPRSCREW CLX9350 SUM22 L40.9 14 N
SAM- JC66-02408A ROLLERBAFFLE CLX9350 Ptfe 8 L8.0 White
SAM- JC66-02414A Roller Idle-regi CLX-9350 Epdm SUM22 12
SAM- JC66-02414B Roller-regi CLX-9350 Epdm SUM22 12
SAM- JC66-02419A Gear-rdcn Feed E CLP-770nd Pom 0.8/0. 6 2
SAM- JC66-02421A Roller Idle-rubber-idle CLP-770nd Tefron
SAM- JC66-02425A Shaft-feed-idle CLP-770nd STS303 37. 50 2
SAM- JC66-02433A Roller FUSER-PRESSURE CLP-670n 20 S10c
SAM- JC66-02437A Gear-rcdn Feed D CLP-670n Pom 0.8 Z26 Z1
SAM- JC66-02443A Gear-drv Deve Cz CLP-770nd Pom 0.8 21 Wh
SAM- JC66-02450A SHAFTBAFFLEMAIN CLX9350 SUM22 367.6 5
SAM- JC66-02451A SHAFTBAFFLE CLX9350 SUS303 13.5 1.8 Na
SAM- JC66-02472A Lever-return-gate SCX-8040 Ppe+ps N300x
SAM- JC66-02477A Link-locker-rear-side SCX-8040 Pom Natur
SAM- JC66-02483A Gear-duplex-upper SCX-8040 Pom A-0.5 B-1
SAM- JC66-02491A Bracket-arm-solenoid SCX-8040 Pom 41 20.
SAM- JC66-02496A Gear-idle-b SCX-8040 Pom 1 18 Natural 20
SAM- JC66-02501A GEAROPCIDLE SCX8040nd Pom Blk
SAM- JC66-02505A Gear-auger DEVE SCX-8040nd Pom Wht
SAM- JC66-02512A GEAROPCCLN SCX8040nd Pom Natural*
SAM- JC66-02514A Gear-idle F2 SCX-8040 Nylon M1.0 Z27/ 22
SAM- JC66-02515A Gear-idle P1 SCX-8040 Pps M1.0 Z23 OD26.
SAM- JC66-02516A Gear-idle M SCX-8040 Pom M0.8 Z20 OD17.6
SAM- JC66-02517A GEARPRZ32 SCX8040 Pps M1.0 Z32 OD36.1
SAM- JC66-02519A Cam-rear SCX-8040 Pom Delin 500p 3. 0t
SAM- JC66-02520A Lever-autojam Rear SCX-8040 Pc 2.0t W27.
SAM- JC66-02521A Lever-autojam Front SCX-8040 Pc 2.0t W27
SAM- JC66-02523A Lever-press Rear SCX-8040nd Secc 1.6t W1
SAM- JC66-02529A Gear-fuser SCX-5235nd Pps 1 37 Brown 37
SAM- JC66-02531A Actuator-fuser-out SCX-8040 Ppe+ps N300x
SAM- JC66-02532A Actuator-f-d-full-exit SCX-8040 Pc HN-10
SAM- JC66-02533A Actuator-exit SCX-8040 Pc HN-1064i 57 .2
SAM- JC66-02535A Roller Idle-duplex-side SCX-8040nd Epdm
SAM- JC66-02537A Gear-idle-a SCX-8040 Pom 1 33 Natural 35
SAM- JC66-02541A Roller FUSER-PRESSURE SCX-8040nd 24.5 Su
SAM- JC66-02545A Drum-fuser-belt SCX-8040nd Sus Lsr Non-c
SAM- JC66-02547A Damper-stacker CLX-9350 Pom/Sus 5kgfcm 3
SAM- JC66-02551A Roller-exit-fr ML-2580n Pom
SAM- JC66-02553A Roller Tr-transfer cosmos - 75.9mm X 69m
SAM- JC66-02554A Roller-decurlexitl ML-1910 Pom
SAM- JC66-02567B Roller FUSER-PRESSURE CLP-325 10 SUM22 O
SAM- JC66-02569A Actuator-exit Sub CLP-325 Pet+gf 2.3 11.
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
rollers, rodillos, roletes, rouleaux
opc, photoconductor, fotokunductor, fotoeinheit fotoconductor, fotoleitereinheit, fotoconducteur, photoconducteur, fotoleiter

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