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Part Number Description
SAM- JC66-01196A Roller-exit F/Down SCX-5530fn Epdm
SAM- JC66-01201A Gear-m PULLEY SCX-4200 Pom 0.4 73 31. 82
SAM- JC66-01202A Gear-drv Fuser IN SCX-4200 PA66+GF25% 0.
SAM- JC66-01203A Gear-drv Fuser OUT SCX-4200 Pom M90-44 0
SAM- JC66-01204A Gear-rdcn 25/15 SCX-4200 Dupont Htn FR52
SAM- JC66-01207A Shaft-m-clutchfuser CLP-300 Pom L39.8 D
SAM- JC66-01209A Roller-exit F/Down SCX-4200 SUM22+epdm 1
SAM- JC66-01210A Gear-fuser Idle FR SCX-5530fn Nylon 1 29
SAM- JC66-01218A Roller Tr-transfer kingbird - Korea
SAM- JC66-01244A Gear-fuser Driver ML-2571n Pom A:0.8 B:0
SAM- JC66-01245A Gear-pick Up A ML-2571n Pom M90-44 0. 8 4
SAM- JC66-01247A GEAR-FEED ML-2571n Pom 0.8 28 White 24 M
SAM- JC66-01251A Roller Idle-feed ML-2571n Epdm SUM22 5
SAM- JC66-01252A SHAFT-FEED ML-2571n Pom 53.8 8 Black Mol
SAM- JC66-01253A Roller Idle-pick-up ML-2571n Pom TS-25h
SAM- JC66-01254A GEAR-FUSER ML-2571n Pps 0.8 45 37.6 13.5
SAM- JC66-01255A Roller-exit F/DOWN ML-2571n Epdm
SAM- JC66-01256A Roller FUSER-HEAT ML-2571n 24.7 AL5052 O
SAM- JC66-01256B Roller FUSER-HEAT ML-2851nd 24.7 AL5052
SAM- JC66-01258A Cam-pick-up ML-2571n Pom 22.8 21.5 Ntr
SAM- JC66-01266A GEAR-FUSER ML-4550 Pps 1305d TFE15 M1 Z4
SAM- JC66-01275A Actuator-feed ML-4550 Pc 4.50 31.5 63 .1
SAM- JC66-01276A Shaft-feedscf ML-4550 SUM22 Ni 178.4 6
SAM- JC66-01284A Actuator-exit SCX-5530fn PBT+GF30% 2. 00
SAM- JC66-01304A ACTUATOR-EXIT SCX-4725fn/xaa Pet+gf 1 .80
SAM- JC66-01342A LINKCAMOPC CLP660 Pom 17.4 1 4 White
SAM- JC66-01343A Cam-ptb Coupling Pom D20 D20 12.3 NW-02
SAM- JC66-01347A Roller IDLE-FEED CLP-660 Epdm SUM22 6
SAM- JC66-01362A Gear-drv Fu CLP-660 Pom m90-44 M0.5 Z57
SAM- JC66-01380A Gear-rdcn Deve CLP-660 Pom m90-44 M0 .5/
SAM- JC66-01394A GEARIDLEDEVE CLP660 Pom de1700sl M0.
SAM- JC66-01403A Actuator-feed-empty CLP-660 Abs 21.6 35.
SAM- JC66-01404A Actuator-fuser CLP-660 Pet Gf 1.5 296 .2
SAM- JC66-01405A Gear-fuser CLP-660 Pps Gf 1.0 25 Brown
SAM- JC66-01407A GEARIDLEZ39 CLP660 Nylon 1.0 39 41 F
SAM- JC66-01409C Lever-indicatorscf CLP-670 Abs 57.5 139
SAM- JC66-01410B Roller Fuser CLX-8380nd/xaa 15 SUM22 Or
SAM- JC66-01410C Roller FUSER CLP-770nd 15 SUM22 7.5 27 0
SAM- JC66-01411A Roller Fuser-heat CLP-660 18 Stkm 11a 0.
SAM- JC66-01412B Roller FUSER-PRESSURE CLP-770nd 19 Stkm
SAM- JC66-01413C Belt FUSER-DRUM CLP-770 Pi Lsr Non-condu
SAM- JC66-01423A Actuator-exit ML-3471nd Pet+gf 57.60 67.
SAM- JC66-01430A Gear-opc SCX-4500 Pom 0.8 25 Natural Nw-
SAM- JC66-01453A Roller FUSER-PRESSURE ML-3471nd/see 12 S
SAM- JC66-01453B Roller Fuser-pressure Durand 12 SUM22 Or
SAM- JC66-01474A Actuator-exit CLX-8380nd/xaa Pc 1.5t V0
SAM- JC66-01505A Roller Tr-transfer Rose-r - Korea 67. 5*3
SAM- JC66-01531A ROLLER-HEAT SCX-4500 STH032+855411 Coat
SAM- JC66-01532A Cam-tr Engage CLX-8380nd/xaa Pom Blk
SAM- JC66-01570A Gear-fuser Idle CLX-8380nd/xaa Pom M1 .0
SAM- JC66-01588A GEAR-FUSER ML-3471nd/see Pps 1 37 34. 4 S
SAM- JC66-01593A Roller FUSER-HEAT ML-3471nd/see 28.3 AL5
SAM- JC66-01593B Roller FUSER-HEAT SCX-5235nd 28.3 AL5052
SAM- JC66-01595A Actuator-exit ML-2851nd PC+GF20% 130. 68
SAM- JC66-01598A Lever-link Jam-r ML-2851nd PC+GF20% 12 6
SAM- JC66-01616A Latch-middle A CLX-6200fn Pom
SAM- JC66-01625A Gear-feed Rdcn 56/25 ML-2851nd/xaa Pom 0
SAM- JC66-01626A Gear-rdcn 89/55 ML-2851nd/xaa Pom 0.5 /0.
SAM- JC66-01627A Gear-feed Rdcn 24/19 ML-2851nd/xaa Pom 1
SAM- JC66-01632A Gear-fuser Dr In 61 ML-2851nd/xaa Pom 0.
SAM- JC66-01633A Gear-opc Dr In 89 ML-2851nd/xaa Pom 0 .5
SAM- JC66-01635A Gear-swing Dr 19 ML-2851nd/xaa Pom 0. 6 1
SAM- JC66-01637A Gear-fuser Dr Out 37 ML-2851nd/xaa Nylon
SAM- JC66-01638A Gear-fuser Rdcn 28-20 ML-2851nd/xaa Nylo
SAM- JC66-01641A Gear-exit Rdcn 61/28 ML-2851nd/xaa Pom 0
SAM- JC66-01644A Gear-feed Idle B CLX-8380nd/xaa Pom M1.0
SAM- JC66-01646A ACTUATOR-DUPLEX ML-2851nd Pc 67 Hb Black
SAM- JC66-01647A Actuator-feed ML-2851nd Pc 84.6 Hb Black
SAM- JC66-01648A Actuator-empty ML-2851nd Pom 36.5 Hb Bla
SAM- JC66-01651A Gear-rdcn 23/23 ML-2851nd/xaa Pom 0.6 /0.
SAM- JC66-01653A Shaft-feedscf ML-2851nd Pom 54 6 White
SAM- JC66-01654A Shaft-feed Idle ML-2851nd Sum 24l 223 8
SAM- JC66-01656A Roller Idle-feed REGI ML-2851nd Epdm Sum
SAM- JC66-01657A Roller Idle-feed DUP2 ML-2851nd Nbr SUM2
SAM- JC66-01662A Roller-exit F-down ML-2851nd Epdm
SAM- JC66-01663A Roller FUSER-PRESSURE ML-2851nd 12 SUM22
SAM- JC66-01664A Roller Fuser-pressure 2ND ML-2851nd 8 Su
SAM- JC66-01665A Gear-idle ENV SCX-6555n Pom 0.4/0.7 70/1
SAM- JC66-01666A GEAR-FUSER SCX-6555n PPS+GF40% 1.0 51 Br
SAM- JC66-01675A Gear-roller DRIVE SCX-6555n Pom 0.6 42 N
SAM- JC66-01676A Gear-pickup DRIVE SCX-6555n Pom 1 25 Nat
SAM- JC66-01677A Gear-regi Idle C SCX-6555n Pom 1/1 19 /31
SAM- JC66-01678A GEAR-MIDDLE SCX-6555n Pom 1 21 Ntr Helic
SAM- JC66-01679A Gear-agi Idle B SCX-6555n Pom 0.5/1 86/1
SAM- JC66-01680A Gear-mp HELICAL SCX-6555n PA66 1/1 17 /18
SAM- JC66-01681A Gear-regi HELICAL SCX-6555n Pom 0.5/1 55
SAM- JC66-01683A Gear-one Way Dadf SCX-6555n Pom 0.6 42 N
SAM- JC66-01684A Gear-cam REAR SCX-6555n Pc 0.7 15 Blk Sp
SAM- JC66-01685A Gear-drive REAR SCX-6555n Pom 0.4/0.6 20
SAM- JC66-01686A Lever-gear FRONT SCX-6555n Pc Black Link
SAM- JC66-01688A ACTUATOR-REGI SCX-6555n Pc T2 Black Actu
SAM- JC66-01689A Actuator-duplex SCX-6555n Pc T2 Black Ac
SAM- JC66-01690A Actuator-scan SCX-6555n Pc T2 Black Actu
SAM- JC66-01692A Shaft-pick-up ML-2851nd STAINLESS-STS303
SAM- JC66-01699A GEAR-FUSER CLP-325 Pps 1 34 Pcd 34 Brown
SAM- JC66-01720A Shaft-devecam CLP-310 Pom L124.3 OD6 Bl
SAM- JC66-01730A Gear-pickupb CLP-310 POMDE-8502 0.8 47
SAM- JC66-01737A Shaft-camfuser CLP-310 Pbt+ mf+gf 40% 2
SAM- JC66-01744A Gear-pickupa CLP-310 POMDE-8903 0.8 47
SAM- JC66-01748A Lever-lsu CLP-310 Pom T1.5 5.0 41.0 Blac
SAM- JC66-01749A Lever-jamfeed CLX-6200fx Pom
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