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Part Number Description
SAM- JC64-01004A Indicatorpaper abs Splitgray CM0140m
SAM- JC64-01031A Locker-casette JADEX4300 Pom Natural W
SAM- JC64-01032A Locker-casette JADEX4300 Pom Natural W
SAM- JC65-00012A Terminal-s-idle SCX-6345n/xrx SUS304wpb
SAM- JC65-00018A Terminal-tr SCX-5530fn STS304wpb Pi 0 .5
SAM- JC65-00019A TERMINAL-CRUM SCX-5530fn SUS304wpb Pi 0.
SAM- JC65-00043A Terminal-cr ML-2580n SUS301 3/4h 35.5 He
SAM- JC65-00048A TERMINAL-CRUM ML-3710 SUS304 0.35pi Gold
SAM- JC65-00053A TERMINAL-CRUM ML-2160 SUS304wpb 0.55
SAM- JC65-00056A Terminal-crum SCX-4650 SUS304 0.5
SAM- JC65-00058A TERMINALTR SLM4030 STS304 0.5 Natural
SAM- JC66-00012A Gear-opc R SF-5100 Pom 0.6 Z40 Natural F
SAM- JC66-00038A Gear-exit F/Down ML-4500 Pom 0.8 Black F
SAM- JC66-00050A Cam-catch ML-9400w Pom 34X18X7 White
SAM- JC66-00056A Gear-mpf 5 ML-9400w Pom 1 PCD15 White
SAM- JC66-00106A Arm-gate Duplex ML-9400w Pc Sum Ni - 350
SAM- JC66-00124A Gear-idle ML-3550n Pps M1 Z20 PCD20 Blac
SAM- JC66-00125A Roller ML-3550n Al OD35.5 L400 - - -
SAM- JC66-00126A Gear-h/R ML-3550n Pps M1 Z48 W10 - PCD49
SAM- JC66-00168A Gear-separate Roller A ML-9400w Pom 1 P
SAM- JC66-00268A Roller-pinch Roller Fu ML-9400w Pom Blac
SAM- JC66-00270A Arm-sensor Assy Dup ML-9400w SUM-11 Pom
SAM- JC66-00271A Roller-mpf Transfer A ML-9400w SUS303 5
SAM- JC66-00272A Roller-mpf Transfer B ML-9400w SUS303 6
SAM- JC66-00279A Roller-transport Up Exit ML-9400w SUS303
SAM- JC66-00280A Roller-exit Fu ML-9400w SUS303 357.9 6 -
SAM- JC66-00284A Gear-c Knob ML-9400w Pom One Way - - - N
SAM- JC66-00285A Gear-a Exit One Way ML-9400w Pom DE8903
SAM- JC66-00287A Gear-d Exit ML-9400w Pom DE8903 - - - Wh
SAM- JC66-00290A Gear-t/A Z34 Ccw ML-9400w Pom Mxl - - -
SAM- JC66-00291A Gear-t/A Z34 Cw ML-9400w Pom Mxl - - - -
SAM- JC66-00296A Roller-seperate ML-9400w Norzorex 29. 5 4
SAM- JC66-00322A Gear-clutch 39 SCX-5150 Pom 0.6 Z39 Wht
SAM- JC66-00335A Gear-pick-up SCX-5100 Pom 0.8 Z47 Ntr Sp
SAM- JC66-00340A Gear-hub Clutch pom 18.5 10.4 11.3 NW-02
SAM- JC66-00340B Hubclutch pom 10.4 10.4 12.8 F2503ht
SAM- JC66-00377A CAM-MPICKUP ML-1710 Pom Wht
SAM- JC66-00380A Roller-m-exit F/UP ML-1400 Pc
SAM- JC66-00387A Gear-rack-pinion ML-1710 Pom 0.7 Wht
SAM- JC66-00388A Gear-rdcn 53/26 ML-1710 Pom A:0.8 B:0 .8
SAM- JC66-00389A Gear-rdcn 57/18 ML-1710 Pom M90-44 A: 0.5
SAM- JC66-00390A Gear-rdcn 103/41 ML-1710 Pom A:0.4 B: 0.5
SAM- JC66-00391A Gear-rdcn 113/33 ML-1400 Pom A:0.5 B: 0.8
SAM- JC66-00392A Gear-rdcn 90/31 ML-1710 Pom A:0.4 B:0 .8
SAM- JC66-00393A Gear-feed 1 ML-1710 Pom 0.8 White
SAM- JC66-00394A Gear-feed 2 ML-1710 Pom 0.8 White
SAM- JC66-00395A Gear-transfer ML-1710 Pom M90-44 0.6 Blk
SAM- JC66-00396A Gear-idle 23 ML-1710 Pom 0.8 23 Blk Hb
SAM- JC66-00397A Gear-rdcn 25/15 ML-1710 Pom M90-44 A: 0.8
SAM- JC66-00399A Shaft-p-pick-up ML-1710 Secc 0.8t
SAM- JC66-00417A Gear-rdcn Fuser OUT ML-2150 Nylon 1 25 8
SAM- JC66-00420A Gear-regi Z25 ML-2150 Pom 0.8 25 5.6 Ntr
SAM- JC66-00425A Gear-idle 33 ML-2150 Pom 1 33 8 Yellow 3
SAM- JC66-00426A Gear-idle 23 ML-2150 Pa 1 23 8 Black 25
SAM- JC66-00443A Lever-m-open Dup ML-2150 Hips Hb - 52.7
SAM- JC66-00452A Cam-m-pick Up Mp ML-2150 Pom M90-44 - -
SAM- JC66-00455A GEAR-58/25 Adf SCX-4216f Pom A:0.6 B: 0.6
SAM- JC66-00456A GEAR-40/21 Adf SCX-4216f Pom A:0.6 B: 0.6
SAM- JC66-00457A Gear-swing 31/20 Adf SCX-4216f Pom A: 0.6
SAM- JC66-00458A Gear-idle 35 Adf SCX-4216f Pom 0.6 Z35 W
SAM- JC66-00460A Shaft-m-feed Gear 38 SCX-4216f Pom D5 .0
SAM- JC66-00461A Roller-m-Adf Idle SCX-4114f Pom
SAM- JC66-00526A Roller-feed Roller 1 ML-1510 Epdm SUM24l
SAM- JC66-00526B Roller Idle-regi ML-2580n Epdm SUM22 5
SAM- JC66-00527A Shaft-feed IDLE ML-1510 SUM22 223 8 Stee
SAM- JC66-00528A Roller-transfer Roller Rocky - Korea 67.
SAM- JC66-00529A Roller-m-idle FEED ML-1510 Pom DE8903
SAM- JC66-00529C Roller Idle-idle Feed SCX-4300 Pom DE890
SAM- JC66-00532A Shaft-Ccd umax SCX-6320f SUM24l 503mm D
SAM- JC66-00540A Roller-transfer ML-2150 Nbr Sponge+sum/N
SAM- JC66-00540B Roller Tr-transfer crane - Korea Scf
SAM- JC66-00559A Roller-exit SCX-4216f SUM24 14
SAM- JC66-00560A ROLLER-DRIVE SCX-4216f SUM24 14
SAM- JC66-00564A Gear-fuser Z37 ML-1710 Pps OFL4036 0. 8 3
SAM- JC66-00598A ROLLER-FEED ML-1710D3 Epdm SUM24l 5
SAM- JC66-00598B Roller Idle-feed ML-2580n Epdm SUM22 5
SAM- JC66-00599A Roller-pressure ML-2150 Stk 18 Ltv Rib
SAM- JC66-00600A ROLLER-PRESSURE ML-1710D3 12 SUM22 Or Su
SAM- JC66-00600B ROLLER ML-1710D3 12 SUM22 Or SUM23 6 24
SAM- JC66-00601A ROLLER-HEAT ML-1710D3 0 28.3 0.05 0.1
SAM- JC66-00601B ROLLER-HEAT ML-1610 Al 5052+pfa 20.3 247
SAM- JC66-00601C Roller Fuser-heat SCX-4321 20.25 AL5052
SAM- JC66-00608A Roller-exit Idle MLC-500 Pfa
SAM- JC66-00637A Roller Cr-charge SCX-6322 SUS416 Or SUS4
SAM- JC66-00647A Roller-m-regi Idle L25 ML-2150 Pom 500cl
SAM- JC66-00648A Roller-m-regi Idle S25 ML-2150 Pom DE850
SAM- JC66-00661A Shaft-exit Idle SCX-6320f SUM24l Pi 3 .95
SAM- JC66-00669A Gear-fuser SCX-5315f Pps 1 34 PCD34 Dark
SAM- JC66-00674A Gear-m-exit Z17 ML-2550 M90-44 1 17 5 B
SAM- JC66-00688B GEAR-61/47 Idle SCX-5535nd Nylon A:0. 4 B
SAM- JC66-00691A ROLLER-PRESSURE SCX-6320f 18 SUM22 Or Su
SAM- JC66-00695A Gear-fuser R2 SCX-4920n Pps 0.8 45 37 .6*
SAM- JC66-00703A Roller Tr-transfer R2 Rocky 2 - Basic Ex
SAM- JC66-00709A Gear-m-holder-mp ML-2250 Pom 0.8 33
SAM- JC66-00710A Gear-m-pick Up-mp ML-2250 Pom 0.8 33
SAM- JC66-00713A Pulley-m-idle SCX-4100 Pom Natural 5 1
SAM- JC66-00725A Roller Tr-transfer whitney - 100 Pin Sdr
SAM- JC66-00728A Roller Adf-adf Feed SCX-4920n Pom + Epdm
SAM- JC66-00729B Roller Fuser-heat 210 SCX-4520 24.7 AL50
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repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
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rollers, rodillos, roletes, rouleaux
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