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Part Number Description
SAM- JC64-00107B Key-mmanual SCX-6318f Abs Hb Hb Quartz
SAM- JC64-00159B Window-lcd A SCX-6320f/xaa Pc 0.5t 149.4
SAM- JC64-00159P Window-lcd SCX-6320f Pc 1.0t 147.43 54.2
SAM- JC64-00160J Window-lcd B SCX-6220 Pc 0.5t 149.4 54.2
SAM- JC64-00176A Handle-mcover Left CLP-600 Hips 2.5 28
SAM- JC64-00186B Handle-mfix Fuser ML-6510nd Pc 14.6 46.
SAM- JC64-00192A Key-m-buttonxrx ML-3560 Abs Hb 80.864 .
SAM- JC64-00195B Key-button ML-3560 Abs 80.880.0 Hb Dark
SAM- JC64-00198A Locker-m FRONT SCX-6345n/xrx Pom Black H
SAM- JC64-00200A Key-mjob Status SCX-6345n/xrx Abs 86. 2
SAM- JC64-00202A Key-mcontrast Vol SCX-6345n/xrx Abs Hb
SAM- JC64-00210A Indicator-mjob Stat SCX-6345n/xrx Pmma
SAM- JC64-00230A Key-mstatus SCX-4521f Abs Hb Quartz Whi
SAM- JC64-00234D Key-menu ML-3475d Abs 83.420.4 Hb Haze
SAM- JC64-00239F Key-mtel CLX-8385nd Abs 60.2X66.1X14. 5
SAM- JC64-00244B Key-black CLX-3160n Hips Hb
SAM- JC64-00273B Handle-toner Wtb SCX-6345n Pc Abs W36 L4
SAM- JC64-00287B Key-jobstatus CLX-8385nd Abs 16X22X9 Hb
SAM- JC64-00288B Key-hook CLX-8385nd Abs 70X20X15 Hb Lead
SAM- JC64-00290A KEY-START SCX-6345n Hips 35 35 10 Hb 762
SAM- JC64-00307A Locker-coverregi CLP-660 Pom DELRIN-100
SAM- JC64-00335A KEY-POWER CLX-8330nd/xaa Abs 25 25 10 Da
SAM- JC64-00335B Key-power CLX-8385nd Abs 25*25*10 Lead G
SAM- JC64-00349A Button-support CLP-310 Pom 9.914 Black
SAM- JC64-00351B Handle-cover Open SCX-6255n Abs Ivory
SAM- JC64-00359A Key-on-line ML-2851nd Abs 24 Hb Sec
SAM- JC64-00370A SHUTTER-CST SCX-5135nd Pom White
SAM- JC64-00371A Key-job Status SCX-5135nd Abs Celestial
SAM- JC64-00383B Locker CLX-3170 Pom Black Hb D-type
SAM- JC64-00384B Locker-front L CLX-3170 Pom Black Hb D-t
SAM- JC64-00386D Key-extra CLX-3175fn Abs Hb Celestial Bl
SAM- JC64-00387B Key-fax CLX-3175fn Pc+abs Hb Black
SAM- JC64-00387C KEY-FAX SCX-5635fn Abs Dark Magenta Gray
SAM- JC64-00389D Key-ok CLX-3175fn Abs Hb Celestial Blue
SAM- JC64-00391B Key-start CLX-3175fn Abs Hb Black
SAM- JC64-00393D Key-stop CLX-3175fn Abs Hb Galcier Red
SAM- JC64-00400A Key-clear SCX-6255n Abs Yellow Peach
SAM- JC64-00405A Key-online ML-2851/xrx Hips 19.3 Hb Bla
SAM- JC64-00420B Handle-rear Cover ML-6510nd Abs Hb 88 .0
SAM- JC64-00453A Key-start SCX-4828fn Abs 29.5 Hb Earth G
SAM- JC64-00454A HANDLEFUSERA CLX9350 Pc T2.0 W80.28 L
SAM- JC64-00460A HANDLE-SIDE CLX-9350 Abs Hb HF-0660i Nat
SAM- JC64-00461A HANDLETAKEAWAY CLX9350 Hips 20 87.2 1
SAM- JC64-00462A Locker-side CLX-9350 Pom F20-03 Black
SAM- JC64-00463A Locker-take Away CLX-9350 Pom Black
SAM- JC64-00465D Locker-toner K SCX-8128na Abs Black HF-0
SAM- JC64-00472A KEYJOBSTATUS CLX9350 Abs 92.5*17 Crea
SAM- JC64-00474A Key-m Tel CLX-9350 Abs 66.89*79.43 Neutr
SAM- JC64-00480A Locker-tray Mp CLX-9350 Pom Black
SAM- JC64-00482A Locker-cassette CLX-9350 Pom Black
SAM- JC64-00487A Indicator-size Rear CLX-9350 Pom
SAM- JC64-00488A Indicator-size Side CLX-9350 Pc+abs 141x
SAM- JC64-00489A HANDLEGUIDEFRONT CLX9350 Abs 24 71 24
SAM- JC64-00494A Handle-cover-open CLX-9350 Hips 2.5 31.4
SAM- JC64-00500B Key-printscreen ML-2525 Abs Black k2144
SAM- JC64-00500C Key-print Screen ML-2540 Abs Black k2144
SAM- JC64-00500D Key-print Screen ML-2540 Abs Hb Wave Gra
SAM- JC64-00500E Key-print Screen ML-2545 Abs Cream White
SAM- JC64-00501B Key-start ML-2580n Abs Hb Black Orange
SAM- JC64-00502D Key-power ML-2545 Abs Milky White Cream
SAM- JC64-00504A KEYPOWERHOLDER ML2580n Abs Hb Black
SAM- JC64-00505A LOCKERGUIDEFEED CLX9350 Pom f2003 B
SAM- JC64-00507A Handle-fixer Scan CLX-9350 SUM22 9 9 54
SAM- JC64-00510A Key-start SCX-5133f Abs
SAM- JC64-00512A Key-clear SCX-5133f Abs
SAM- JC64-00513A Key-holder Power SCX-5133f Abs
SAM- JC64-00515A Key-numerical SCX-5133f Abs
SAM- JC64-00519A Key-power ML-2520 Acryl Pi 21 Hb Milky W
SAM- JC64-00520A Key-power Holder ML-2520 Abs 323311 Hb
SAM- JC64-00521A Key-start ML-2520 Abs 342830 Hb Black /
SAM- JC64-00526A Key-rubber-contact 650p SF-650p Silicon
SAM- JC64-00527A Key-rubber-contact 650 SF-650 Silicone
SAM- JC64-00528A Key-extra CLX-6220fx Abs 50.25X53.2 Lead
SAM- JC64-00530A Handle-hinge CLX-9350 SUM24 12 Ni Coatin
SAM- JC64-00534A Locker-front-upper SCX-8040 Pom Natural
SAM- JC64-00535A Locker-front-lower SCX-8040 Pom Natural
SAM- JC64-00542A Key-power ML-1660 Abs Hb
SAM- JC64-00542E Key-powernew ML-1670 Hips Fine Pink
SAM- JC64-00542F Key-powernew ML-1670 Hips Fine Blue
SAM- JC64-00542G Key-powernew ML-1670 Hips Fine Sepia
SAM- JC64-00542H Key-power ML-1670/len Abs G32645 Lenovo
SAM- JC64-00543A Key-print Screen ML-1660 Abs Hb
SAM- JC64-00543B Key ML-1660 Abs Hb Black
SAM- JC64-00543C Key-wps ML-1865w Abs Hb Black
SAM- JC64-00543E Key-printscreennew ML-1670 Hips Fine Pi
SAM- JC64-00543F Key-printscreennew ML-1670 Hips Fine Bl
SAM- JC64-00543G Key-printscreennew ML-1670 Hips Fine Se
SAM- JC64-00543H Key-stop ML-1670/len Abs 441034 Lenovo
SAM- JC64-00564B Key-stop ML-6510nd Abs 28X26.5 Hb Wave G
SAM- JC64-00566B KEYOK ML6510nd Abs 18.6*18.6 Hb Waveg
SAM- JC64-00569B Key-fax SCX-4833fd Abs 30.7*58 Solid Gra
SAM- JC64-00575A Key-printscreen CLP-325 Abs Hb Black
SAM- JC64-00575C Key-printscreen CLP-325 Abs Hb Black
SAM- JC64-00576A Key-power CLP-325 Abs Black
SAM- JC64-00577A Key-ope CLP-325 Abs Black
SAM- JC64-00584A Key-copy SCX-5133f Abs
SAM- JC64-00586C Key-stop SCX-3205/len Abs 441034/ C83138
SAM- JC64-00591F Key-print Screen SCX-3205/len Abs 75663
SAM- JC64-00592C Key-start SCX-3205/len Abs 75663 Nenovo
SAM- JC64-00594B Key-start SCX-5636nd Abs Black Icon Only
SAM- JC64-00604A Key-wps Abs 18.2X12.2 1.5 Solid Gray Mil
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
toner, toonerikassett, toonerkassett, tonerem, tonerkassette

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