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Part Number Description
SAM- JC63-00944B Cover-stacker Rx CLX-3160fn/xrx Hips T2
SAM- JC63-00944D Cover-m-stacker-rx SF-650 Abs 2.0 Hb Haz
SAM- JC63-00970A Cover-m-top ML-3051nd Abs 2.5 393.4 327.
SAM- JC63-00985A Cover-m-Adf Upper SCX-5530fn Hips 188 .3
SAM- JC63-00986N Cover-mope 4IN1 Mono SCX-5530fn Hips 2
SAM- JC63-00991N Cover-mnevi SCX-5530fn Hips 2.0 82.6 87
SAM- JC63-00998D Cover-Adf Connector SCX-5835fn Abs G3200
SAM- JC63-01002D Cover-mnevi 3IN1 SCX-5330n Hips 2.0 82
SAM- JC63-01002L Cover-mnevi 3IN1 SCX-5330n/xen Hips 2 .0
SAM- JC63-01002M Cover-mnevi 3IN1 SCX-5330n/ted Hips 2 .0
SAM- JC63-01009A Cover-m-front SCX-4200 Hips T2.2 405. 4 1
SAM- JC63-01013A COVER SCX-4200 Hips T2.2 405.29 275. 29 H
SAM- JC63-01019A Cover-m-fuser SCX-4200 PET+GF30% T2.0 28
SAM- JC63-01020J Cover-mope 4IN1 CLX-3160fn/kor Hips T2
SAM- JC63-01021D Cover-mope 3IN1 CLX-3160n/kor Hips T2 .5
SAM- JC63-01027A Cover-m-middle CLX-3160fn Hips T2.5 W420
SAM- JC63-01030A Shield-p-liu CLX-3160fn Secc 0.8 214. 8 9
SAM- JC63-01094A Sheet-guide MP SCX-5530fn Pet 0.125 200
SAM- JC63-01100D Cover-op Panel ML-4550 Abs T2.0 W100. 9 L
SAM- JC63-01100E Cover-op Panel ML-4551n Abs T2.0 W100 .9
SAM- JC63-01100F Cover-op Panel ML-4551nd Abs T2.0 W100.9
SAM- JC63-01100M Cover-op Panel ML-4551ng Abs T2.0 W100.9
SAM- JC63-01100V Cover-op Panel ML-4550 Abs T2.0 W100. 9 L
SAM- JC63-01100X Cover-op Panel ML-4551n Abs T2.0 W100 .9
SAM- JC63-01100Y Cover-op Panel ML-4551ng Abs T2.0 W100.9
SAM- JC63-01114A SHEETLSU SCX6345n Pvc 0.3 15 25
SAM- JC63-01148A Sheet-liu CLX-3160fn Pc 0.5 160 70 Trans
SAM- JC63-01193A Cover-fuser-front SCX-4725fn/xaa Pet+gf
SAM- JC63-01194A COVER-FUSERREAR SCX-4725fn/xaa Pet 2. 5
SAM- JC63-01204A Cover-paper SCX-4725fn/xaa Abs 2.5 274.9
SAM- JC63-01211G Cover-panelfront SCX-6345n Abs 2.5 500
SAM- JC63-01211H Cover-panelfront SCX-6345n Abs 2.5 500
SAM- JC63-01243C Cover-ope SCX-4521f Hips 2.5 84.2 416 .7
SAM- JC63-01287B COVER-MPTRAY CLP-670 Hip HG-1760h 373 .4
SAM- JC63-01291A Sheet-mpf CLP-660 Pet 0.125 227.0 34. 0
SAM- JC63-01293B Tray-asf-input CLP-770 Hips 2.5 357.0 12
SAM- JC63-01303B Cover-left-scf CLP-670 Abs 1.5 73.6 277
SAM- JC63-01304B Cover-rightscf CLP-670 Abs 1.5 73.6 277
SAM- JC63-01305A Cover-frontscf CLP-660 Hip HR-1360t 424
SAM- JC63-01305B Cover-frontscf CLP-670 Hips 1.5 73.6 27
SAM- JC63-01306C Cover-handle CLX-6210fx Abs HF-0660i Hb
SAM- JC63-01333G Cover-scan Ope SCX-4500w Abs Pmma 2.5 38
SAM- JC63-01361B Cover-Adf Glass SCX-6255n Abs Pc T2.5 Xr
SAM- JC63-01404A Shield-smps-upper CLX-8380nd/xaa Egi-sec
SAM- JC63-01417A Ground-p Fuser SCX-4500 SUS304-csp 0. 2
SAM- JC63-01440E Cover-panel CLX-2161nkg Hips 2.5 359. 4 8
SAM- JC63-01445A Cover-op Panel ML-4551n/xeu Xaa See Abs
SAM- JC63-01445D Cover-op Panel ML-4050ng Abs T2.0 W100.9
SAM- JC63-01445F Cover-op Panel ML-4551nj Abs T2.0 W100.9
SAM- JC63-01445G Cover-op Panel ML-4051n/gov Abs SR-0320
SAM- JC63-01453A Cover-panel Mfp CLX-8330nd/xaa Hips T 3
SAM- JC63-01456D Cover-panel Front CLX-8330n/xaa Abs T2.5
SAM- JC63-01456E Cover-panel Front CLX-8330n/xaa Abs T2.5
SAM- JC63-01456G Cover-panel Front CLX-8330n/xaa Abs T2.5
SAM- JC63-01456K Cover SCX-6545n Abs T2.5 Hb Darkmagenta
SAM- JC63-01507A Cover-container R SCX-6555n Abs 1.5 98.1
SAM- JC63-01519C Cover-left CLX-6250fx Hips HG-1760h 2 .5
SAM- JC63-01521C COVER-FRONT CLX-6250fx Hips HG-1760h 3.0
SAM- JC63-01525C Cover-right ML-2851nd Pc Abs 2.3 197 347
SAM- JC63-01525D Cover-right ML-2851nd Pc Abs 2.3 197 347
SAM- JC63-01526A Cover-rear ML-2851nd Abs 2.3 309 117 Sec
SAM- JC63-01537B Cover-right Scf CLX-6210fx Abs HF-0660i
SAM- JC63-01537C Cover-right Scf CLX-6250fx Abs 2.5 461.4
SAM- JC63-01538B Cover-left Scf CLX-6210fx Abs HF-0660i H
SAM- JC63-01538C Cover-left Scf CLX-6250fx Abs 2.5 461 .4
SAM- JC63-01539C Cover-front Scf CLX-6250fx Hips HG-1760h
SAM- JC63-01547C Cover-middle Open CLX-6250fx Abs 2.5 416
SAM- JC63-01567C Cover-locker Front CLX-6250fx Hips HG-17
SAM- JC63-01569D Cover-manual SCX-4828fn Hips 2.3 280. 2 7
SAM- JC63-01574A Cover-cable CLP-310 Pom T1.5 19.7 37. 3 H
SAM- JC63-01588A Cover-panel Mfp SCX-6555n Hips T2.5 Viol
SAM- JC63-01588C Cover-panel Mfp Citara Hips Quartz White
SAM- JC63-01599B Cover-open Lower SCX-6255n Hips T2.5 Ivo
SAM- JC63-01600B Cover-dummy Platen SCX-6255n Hips T2. 5 I
SAM- JC63-01601B Cover-platen Sub SCX-6255n Hips T2.5 Ivo
SAM- JC63-01611B Cover-front SCX-6255n Hips T2.5 Ivory
SAM- JC63-01625B Cover-platen Subdummy SCX-6255n Hips T2
SAM- JC63-01638B Cover-platen SCX-6255n Hips T3 Ivory
SAM- JC63-01639B Cover-main Rear SCX-6255n Hips T2.5 Quar
SAM- JC63-01650A Cover-duplex ML-2851nd Hips 2.3 45.86 27
SAM- JC63-01651C Cover-rear Duplex ML-2851nd Hips 2.3 55.
SAM- JC63-01651H Cover-rear Duplex SL-M3820nd Hips 55. 42
SAM- JC63-01668A Cover-cst CLP-310 Pc 2.5 224.9 87 Hb Nat
SAM- JC63-01669A Sheet-pad ML-2851nd Pc 0.125 50 23.7 Cle
SAM- JC63-01678D Cover-rear SCX-5835nx Abs G61674
SAM- JC63-01684A Cover-stapler Dummy SCX-5235nd Hips Hb Q
SAM- JC63-01691B Cover-stacker REAR SCX-5835fn Abs G61674
SAM- JC63-01711A Sheet-cover Top ML-1630 Pet 0.125 330 35
SAM- JC63-01712A Sheet-scan Platen SCX-4500 Pet 0.125 400
SAM- JC63-01713A Sheet-scan Ope SCX-4500 Pet 0.125 400 60
SAM- JC63-01727B Cover-rear Scf SCX-5835fn Hips G61674
SAM- JC63-01728B Cover-right Scf SCX-5835fn Abs G61674
SAM- JC63-01729B Cover-left Scf SCX-5835fn Abs G61674
SAM- JC63-01734A Sheet-fax CLX-6240fx Pc Sheet 0.5t
SAM- JC63-01735A SHEET-MODE4IN1 CLX-6240fx Pc Sheet 0. 5t
SAM- JC63-01736A SHEET-TEL4IN1 CLX-6240fx Pc Sheet 0. 5t
SAM- JC63-01739A Felt-fuser SCX-4500 Felt 1 42 30
SAM- JC63-01750D Cover-ope SF-565pr/xev Hips HR-1360t 2.5
SAM- JC63-01750M Cover-ope SF-565pr/ted Hips 2.5 272.5 13
SAM- JC63-01751D Cover-ope SF-560r/xec Hips 2.5 272.5 136
SAM- JC63-01751E Cover-ope SF-560r/xet Hips HR-1360t 2 .5
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur

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