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Part Number Description
SAM- JC61-08173A Spring Etc-lsu C4010 STS304 1.8 78.7 Ele
SAM- JC61-08174A Spring Ts C4060 STS304
SAM- JC61-08177A SPRINGCS X7600 STS304 0.6 13.3 29.1
SAM- JC61-08235A Spring Cs STS304
SAM- JC61-08238A Spring
SAM- JC61-08289A Spring Ts STS304 PI0.25 Id 4.8 Od 5.3
SAM- JC61-40001A FOOT-ML80 ML-80 Nbr Gray
SAM- JC61-70203A Spring Etc-plate Tr SL-1050 SUS304CSP-1
SAM- JC61-70903A Spring ETC-ACTUATOR ML-165 SUS304 PI0 .2
SAM- JC61-70909A Spring ETC-SEPERATION ML-165 SUS304 Wpb
SAM- JC61-70910A Spring ETC-RAIL ML-165 SUS304 Wpb D5. 4 L
SAM- JC61-70911A Spring Etc-exit Roll FD ML-165 SUS304 Wp
SAM- JC61-70915A Spring Etc-solenoid DP ML-165 SUS304-wpb
SAM- JC61-70918A Spring Etc-lever ML-165 SUS304 Wpb PI0.5
SAM- JC61-70928A Spring Etc-dev-r ML-7000 D0.6 5.6 L18 .5
SAM- JC61-70932A Spring Etc-guide DEVE ML-5000a D4.3 L16.
SAM- JC61-70935A Spring Etc-seperate P/UP ML-5000a SUS304
SAM- JC61-70940A Spring Etc-tr 12 ML-5500 Swpb 0.5 5 13
SAM- JC61-70950A Spring Etc-extension ML-5000a SUS304wpb
SAM- JC61-70967A SPRINGETCTRR ML5000a SUS304wpb D4.5
SAM- JC61-70976A Spring Etc-fuser Exit ML-7000 SUS304-wpb
SAM- JC62-00169A Seal-supply CLP-600 Poron Gray 5 11. 55 1
SAM- JC62-00464A Seal-lsu Rear SCX-4500 Polyurethane Foam
SAM- JC62-00641A Seal-filter LEFT CLX-9350 Pe Foam Black
SAM- JC62-00759A Seal-filter Right ML-6510nd Pur Foam Bla
SAM- JC62-00868A Insulationconnectoraccessory pet T0. 08
SAM- JC62-00945A Sealfilmspacer pet Black 0.1 ID4.0 OD1
SAM- JC62-01161A HEATSINKCERAMIC SCX8120 Ceramic 2.5t
SAM- JC62-01302A Sealfilterlefttf purfoam 2 SM55
SAM- JC62-01321A SEALFEEDBM SLFIN701b Pet Black 0.054
SAM- JC62-01322A SEALSTOPPERBM SLFIN701b Pet Transpare
SAM- JC62-01323A SEALREDGEBM SLFIN701b Pet Transparen
SAM- JC62-01324A SEALFEDGEBM SLFIN701b Pet Transparen
SAM- JC62-01325A Seal-f Inner Bm SL-FIN701b Pet Transpare
SAM- JC62-01326A Seal-r Inner Bm SL-FIN701b Pet Transpare
SAM- JC62-01327A SEALFOLDROLL SLFIN701b Pet Transparen
SAM- JC62-01328A Seal-top Guide SL-FIN701b Pet Black 0 .05
SAM- JC62-01329A SEALSUPPCOM TFFS3895 Pet Black 0.1 44
SAM- JC62-01330A SEALFCURLSUPP SLFIN701b Pet Black 0.
SAM- JC62-01331A SEALRCURLSUPP SLFIN701b Pet Black 0.
SAM- JC62-01333A SEALSTAPLER SLFIN701b Pet Black 0.1 51
SAM- JC63-00018A Cover-pcb ML-3550n Abs - - - - - - -
SAM- JC63-00023A Tray-staker - Abs - - - - - -
SAM- JC63-00057A Sheet-cover A ML-9400w Pct 0.1 - - Ntr -
SAM- JC63-00060A Sheet-button R ML-9400w Pet 0.15 40. 4 5
SAM- JC63-00061A Sheet-button L ML-9400w Pet 0.15 42. 2 5
SAM- JC63-00062A Sheet-regi ML-9400w Pc T0.1 38 50 Ntr -
SAM- JC63-00071A Cover-option Connector ML-3550 Abs T3.0
SAM- JC63-00132A Sheet-cover Tr ML-2150 Pvc 0.2 17.5 28.9
SAM- JC63-00186A Sheet-guide Adf SCX-6320f Pet 0.125 37 2
SAM- JC63-00188A Shield-p-main Lower SCX-6320f Secc 0. 8 2
SAM- JC63-00209A Sheet-white SPONGE SCX-4216f Pur Foam 0.
SAM- JC63-00290A Sheet-holder PAD ML-1750 Pc 0.125 100 18
SAM- JC63-00304A Cover-mtop 1745 ML-1745 Abs vh-0810p
SAM- JC63-00326Q Cover-ope SF-565prc/xil Hips HR-1360t 2
SAM- JC63-00444A Link-tray-m-link-mp ML-2250 Pc 9.3 2
SAM- JC63-00447A Tray-m-exit MP ML-2250 Hips 235 119
SAM- JC63-00447B Tray-m Exit Mp XRX ML-2250/xrx Hips 2 .5
SAM- JC63-00513B Cover-mrx Stacker SCX-5525dn Abs Hb Del
SAM- JC63-00539B Cover-m-pannel Mfp Dom SCX-6220/xil Hips
SAM- JC63-00582B Cover-front CLP-600/oem Abs Hb HF-0660i
SAM- JC63-00588A Cover-mstacker CLP-600 Abs T2.5 W119. 5
SAM- JC63-00592A Cover-mside L CLP-600 Pet GF30 T1.5 W
SAM- JC63-00593A Cover-mside R CLP-600 Pet GF30 T1.5 W
SAM- JC63-00613B Cover-mop Frame Lcd CLP-600n Hips T2. 5
SAM- JC63-00622A Ground-p-opc ML-1610 Sts 0.2 42.7 20 Gro
SAM- JC63-00642L Sheet-cover Op Lcd CLP-600 Pc Sheet 0 .5
SAM- JC63-00642M Sheet-cover Op Lcd CLP-600/oem Pc Sheet
SAM- JC63-00648A Ground-p-fuser Ball CLP-600 Sts 304 0 .3
SAM- JC63-00649C Cover-side R SCX-4521f Abs 2.5 302.7 227
SAM- JC63-00651D Cover-mrear SCX-4521f Abs 2.5 362.5 231
SAM- JC63-00651E Cover-rear SCX-4521f Abs 2.5 362.5 231.7
SAM- JC63-00652C COVER-FRONT SCX-4521f Hips 2.5 399.7 155
SAM- JC63-00654C COVER-JAM SCX-4521f Pc 2.5 224.9 65 V0 S
SAM- JC63-00655A Cover-m-jam DUMMY SCX-4521f PET+GF30 2.5
SAM- JC63-00660B Cover-scan Lower SCX-4725fn Hips 2.5 432
SAM- JC63-00661C Cover-scan Upper SCX-4725fn Hips 2.5 438
SAM- JC63-00666A Cover-m-guide EXIT SCX-4521f PET+GF30 2.
SAM- JC63-00668A Cover-m-safety Fuser SCX-4521f PET+GF30
SAM- JC63-00688C Cover-mrightscf ML-4050n Hips 2.5 134 .
SAM- JC63-00694C Tray-m-link Mp l ML-4050n Abs T2.0 W23.
SAM- JC63-00696D Cover-frame Exit ML-4050 Abs T2.5 W75 .1
SAM- JC63-00705P Cover-mop Panel ML-3560 Abs T2.5 W100 .7
SAM- JC63-00705R Cover-op Panel ML-3560 Abs T2.5 W100. 7 L
SAM- JC63-00705S Cover-op Panel ML-3560g Abs T2.5 W100 .7
SAM- JC63-00705U Cover-op Panel ML-3561n Abs T2.5 W100 .7
SAM- JC63-00705V Cover-op Panel ML-3561ng Abs T2.5 W100.7
SAM- JC63-00726A Cover-m-rear Guide Up ML-3560 PET+GF30%
SAM- JC63-00730C Coverreardummy abs Splitgray CM0140m
SAM- JC63-00731B Cover-exit Rear SCX-6345n/xrx Hips 2. 5 3
SAM- JC63-00747A Sheet-guide RETARD SCX-6345n/xrx Pet 0.1
SAM- JC63-00765B Cover-connector SCX-6345n Abs 5.3 55. 0 7
SAM- JC63-00769C COVERDOORSIDESCF M5370 Abs 3.5 339.5
SAM- JC63-00770C COVERREARSCF M5370 Abs 2.5 478.6 139. 2
SAM- JC63-00775A COVER-MSIDE SCX-6345n/xrx Hips T3 392 .1
SAM- JC63-00795A Sheet-guide Film BASE SCX-6345n/xrx Pet
SAM- JC63-00802A Ground-p-opc CONTACT SCX-6345n/xrx Sts 0
SAM- JC63-00810A Sheet-white BAR SCX-6345n/xrx Pet 0. 075
SAM- JC63-00823C Cover-m-liu Bottom Abs+pc Split Brown Bl
SAM- JC63-00896A Filter-toner CLP-600 Polyestere 10.0t W2
SAM- JC63-00906G Sheet-overlay SCX-4725fn Pc 0.254 411 .42
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
opc, photoconductor, fotokunductor, fotoeinheit fotoconductor, fotoleitereinheit, fotoconducteur, photoconducteur, fotoleiter
toner, toonerikassett, toonerkassett, tonerem, tonerkassette

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