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Part Number Description
SAM- JC61-06207A HOLDERBIAS K4350 Pet+gf Black LV2550GN3
SAM- JC61-06214A HOLDERLAMP X4300 STS304 0.3
SAM- JC61-06255A Holder-sensor Open X4300 Pom Black FA-20
SAM- JC61-06270A Bracket-pickup Lower X4300 Egi-secc 1 .2
SAM- JC61-06276A Bracket-white Bar Simplex X4300 Egi-secc
SAM- JC61-06299A Guide-output Belt X4300 Pet+gf LV2550GN3
SAM- JC61-06312A Guide-doc Sensor Abs HF-0660i Split Brow
SAM- JC61-06325A Hinge-ope M4580 SK5
SAM- JC61-06326A Blade Cleaning-clean Opc pur X4300
SAM- JC61-06372A BUSHHR M5370 Pps Black RBA313n
SAM- JC61-06391A Guide-middle Lower X4300 Pc 2.5 206.5 36
SAM- JC61-06392A GUIDEREVERSE X4300 Abs+pc 2.5 30.25 371
SAM- JC61-06417A PLATESENSOR SLXFIN501l Egisecc 1.0 10
SAM- JC61-06473A PLATESTACKER X4300 Abs 2.5 196.8 382. 6
SAM- JC61-06475A Holder-pinch Roller X4300 Pom 25.5 35 .26
SAM- JC61-06484A GUIDEDUSTBOX X4300 Abs+pc 38 406.9 53 .
SAM- JC61-06485A HOLDERROLLERCAP X4300 Pom 2.5 4.5 27 B
SAM- JC61-06498A GUIDEMIDDLE X4300 Pom 40 20 15 F2002 B
SAM- JC61-06506A BRACKETPIN SLFIN501l Egisecc T1.0 40
SAM- JC61-06510A GUIDEMIDDLEREAR SLFIN501l Abs 35 70 1
SAM- JC61-06515A Guide-tr Upper K4350 Abs 780u K21441 Bl
SAM- JC61-06567A HOLDERLINKHINGEF K7600 Abs 1.5 25 69
SAM- JC61-06568A HOLDERLINKHINGER K7600 Abs 1.5 25 69
SAM- JC61-06619A Guide-path FUSER K4350 Pc 306 NH-1035 Bl
SAM- JC61-06632A GUIDEPULLEYOPT K7600 Pom 2 29 F2503ht
SAM- JC61-06633A Guide-pickup Cover K7600 Pom 1.6 10 95.8
SAM- JC61-06638A BUSH3D X4300 Pom 6 12 6 Natural F2002
SAM- JC61-06640A Guide-cover K7600 Abs 2.3 30 334.2 7. 6 C
SAM- JC61-06642A GUIDERAILLOWERRHCF K7600 Abs 2.7 10.
SAM- JC61-06655A Holder-hinge Rear K7600 Pom 2 25 60 Blac
SAM- JC61-06663A FRAMEMOUNT SLFIN502h Egisecc 1.0 451
SAM- JC61-06668A Frame-spt Tray SL-FIN502h Egi-secc 1. 2 2
SAM- JC61-06713A Holder-hinge Front K7600 Pom 1.5 23 37 B
SAM- JC61-06723A BRACKETLATCHPRESS K7600 Egisecc 1.6 1
SAM- JC61-06733A Plate-f Hook SL-FIN502h Egi-secc 1.6 48
SAM- JC61-06745A Guide-rail SL-FIN502h Egi-secc 1.6 51 61
SAM- JC61-06758A Bracket-rail Pin K7600 Egi-secc 1.6 34.4
SAM- JC61-06759A GUIDERAILLCT K7600 Egisecc 1.6 63.2 6
SAM- JC61-06777A Bracket-panel D-h K7600 Egi-secc 0.8 57
SAM- JC61-06785A HOLDERENCODER K7600 PC+GF20% Black 3025
SAM- JC61-06788A HOLDERGROUNDPR K7600 Pet+gf Black LV25
SAM- JC61-06797A GUIDEOUTPUTBELT K7600 Pet+gf LV2550GN3
SAM- JC61-06890A Frame-cassette 1st X7600 Abs Split Gray
SAM- JC61-06890B Frame-cassette 1st RUBYX7600 Abs Oow Wh
SAM- JC61-06891A Frame-cassette 2nd X7600 Abs Split Gray
SAM- JC61-06891B Frame-cassette 2nd RUBYX7600 Abs Oow Wh
SAM- JC61-06892A SPRINGES STS304 0.7 6.7 21.1 11.25
SAM- JC61-06893A SPRINGCS SLK7600 STS304 0.7 19.8 10
SAM- JC61-06904A SPRINGCST2 X7600 STS304 1.1 8.1 10.3 3
SAM- JC61-06912A Holderpressureshaft egisecc 1.2
SAM- JC61-06913A Holderpressureshaftf egisecc 1.2
SAM- JC61-06951A Holder-modular Abs Black HF-0660i
SAM- JC61-06971A SPRINGETC X7600 STS304 0.4
SAM- JC61-06974A Framefusertop egisecc 0.8 Frame
SAM- JC61-06975A Framefuserfront egisecc 1.2 Frame
SAM- JC61-06976A Framefuserrear egisecc 1.2 Frame
SAM- JC61-06977A Bracketgear egisecc 1.0 Press
SAM- JC61-06979A Bracketleverpressure egisecc 1.2 Pres
SAM- JC61-06984A PLATEHOOKCOVER STS301 0.4 Platespring
SAM- JC61-06997A BRACKETFINISHERF SLX7600 Egisecc 1.2
SAM- JC61-07028A GUIDELEFT X7600 Abs HF0660i Icegreen
SAM- JC61-07029A GUIDELEFT1ST X7600 Abs HF0660i Icegr
SAM- JC61-07045A Springcs pwbswpb 1.6 6.8 10 32.1 13
SAM- JC61-07082A Guide-gate Duplex Pet+gf LV2550GN30 Blac
SAM- JC61-07087A Guidemotor abs+pc NH1000t Black Guide
SAM- JC61-07088A Guide-return Path Abs+pc 230nh Split Bro
SAM- JC61-07090A Guideupperexit mppo N300x Black Guide
SAM- JC61-07096A Holderbrush pet+gf Black LV2550GN30
SAM- JC61-07185A Spring Ts X4300 STS304 0.4 7.3 2.2
SAM- JC61-07192A GUIDESAFETY SLXFIN502h Abs HF0660i Spl
SAM- JC61-07194A GUIDEBMEXIT SLXFIN502h Abs 399.3 77.8
SAM- JC61-07196A Guide-top Jam SL-XFIN502h Abs 385 158 Hf
SAM- JC61-07204A GUIDEBUFFDIV SLXFIN502h Pc+gf 344 34
SAM- JC61-07205A Guide-diverter SL-XFIN502h Pc+gf 355 37
SAM- JC61-07206A GUIDEPUSHER SLXFIN502h Pc+gf 405 26 30
SAM- JC61-07225A Holder-paddle SL-XFIN502b Pom 13 10 Natu
SAM- JC61-07250A GUIDEFJOG SLXFIN502b Abs 62 40 HF066
SAM- JC61-07251A GUIDERJOG SLXFIN502b Abs 62 40 HF066
SAM- JC61-07253A Guide Tray-bm Tray SL-XFIN502b Abs 380 2
SAM- JC61-07264A GUIDELEADSCR SLXFIN502h Pc+gf 405.4 1
SAM- JC61-07267A SPRINGCS SLFIN501l STS304 6.0 20 12
SAM- JC61-07269A SPRINGES SLFIN501l STS304 5.7 27 21. 25
SAM- JC61-07275A SPRINGTS SLFIN501l STS304 5.9 4.25
SAM- JC61-07277A SPRINGTS SLFIN501l STS304 9.6 13
SAM- JC61-07279A Bracket-leg SL-XFIN502b Abs 3 131 30 Bla
SAM- JC61-07280A Hinge-ope STS304
SAM- JC61-07326A SPRINGES K4350 Pwbswpb 1.2 4.9 7.3 44
SAM- JC61-07349A SPRINGCS K7600 STS304 0.8 9.4 10.2
SAM- JC61-07352A SPRINGTS STS304 0.3 8.1
SAM- JC61-07359A Spring Ts M4580 STS304 0.35
SAM- JC61-07368A SPRINGCS X7600 Pwbswpb 0.65 5.15 6.45
SAM- JC61-07372A SPRINGTS X7600 Pwbswpb 2.8 15.0 20.6
SAM- JC61-07373A SPRINGTS X7600 STS304 0.4 4.6 5.4
SAM- JC61-07374A SPRINGCS X7600 STS304 0.5 4.9 5.9
SAM- JC61-07375A SPRINGES X7600 STS304 0.6 3.8 5 15.4
SAM- JC61-07376A SPRINGES X7600 Pwbswpb 0.9 6.3 8.1 22 .
SAM- JC61-07387A SPRINGTS SLK7600 STS304 0.6 6.9 8 9
SAM- JC61-07391A SPRINGES SLFIN701b Pwbswpb 0.6 6.9 27
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repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
rollers, rodillos, roletes, rouleaux
opc, photoconductor, fotokunductor, fotoeinheit fotoconductor, fotoleitereinheit, fotoconducteur, photoconducteur, fotoleiter

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