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Part Number Description
SAM- JC61-03655A Holder-gear Idlem SCX-8040 Pet Gf 1. 2t
SAM- JC61-03656A Guide-duplex Fuser SCX-8040 Pet Gf 2. 0t
SAM- JC61-03657A GUIDEOUTPUTBELT SCX8040 Pet+gf 2.0t W
SAM- JC61-03658A Guide-output Pr SCX-8040 Pet Gf 2.0t W35
SAM- JC61-03659A Frame-fuser Front SCX-8040 Pet Gf Black
SAM- JC61-03660A Frame-fuser Rear SCX-8040 Pet Gf Black 2
SAM- JC61-03662A Holder-wheel Position SCX-8040 Pc 1. 5t W
SAM- JC61-03706A Holder-lock Fuser CLP-670nd Pc 15 30 Bla
SAM- JC61-03728A Guide-output Fuser CLP-325 Pet+gf 2.0 46
SAM- JC61-03754A BUSH-HRL ML-1660 Pps 25.1 17.4 Black Co
SAM- JC61-03755A BUSH-HRR ML-1660 Pps 17.6 Black Conduct
SAM- JC61-03756A Bush-pr ML-1660 Pps 6.1 10 Black Conduct
SAM- JC61-03759A Holder-pad ML-1660 Abs+pc W47.4 K21441 N
SAM- JC61-03766A Guide-deve Rail L ML-1660 Abs+pc Black G
SAM- JC61-03767A Guide-deve Rail R ML-1660 Abs+pc Black G
SAM- JC61-03775A Guide-input ML-1660 Pet+gf 218 GF30% Bla
SAM- JC61-03776A Bush-tr R ML-1660 Pom Black
SAM- JC61-03777A Bush-tr L ML-1660 Pom
SAM- JC61-03778A Guide-paper Path ML-1660 Abs 266 158. 19
SAM- JC61-03782B Bush-shaft Exit Others Kiwha NW-02
SAM- JC61-03785A Stacker-main ML-1660 Abs Hb Crema Gray c
SAM- JC61-03785B STACKER-MAIN ML-1660 Abs Hb Black k21441
SAM- JC61-03786A Stacker-sub ML-1660 Abs 109.1 59.5 Hb Cr
SAM- JC61-03786B Stacker-sub ML-1660 Abs 109.1 59.5 Hb Bl
SAM- JC61-03841A Holder-roller-cst ML-6510nd Pom W22 L27.
SAM- JC61-03892A Stopper-paper-mp ML-6510nd Pom 2.5 12 .5
SAM- JC61-03896A Roller Idle-cstbottom ML-6510nd Pom M90
SAM- JC61-03904A Guide-plate-tr ML-6510nd Secc T1.0 W211.
SAM- JC61-03921A Guide-exitlower ML-6510nd Pet Gf 25. 65
SAM- JC61-03955A Foot-upper ML-6510nd EP-80g Gray Part
SAM- JC61-03962A Holder-cassette LIFT ML-6510nd Abs 2. 5 6
SAM- JC61-03965D Stacker-mainnew ML-1670 Hips 112 107. 8
SAM- JC61-03965E Stacker-mainnew ML-1670 Hips 112 107. 8
SAM- JC61-03965F Stacker-mainnew ML-1670 Hips 112 107. 8
SAM- JC61-03965G Stacker-main ML-1660 Hips 112 107.8 Hb L
SAM- JC61-03972A HOLDERT1FITB CLX9350 Pom W13.6 L16.5
SAM- JC61-03973A Holder-shaft ML-1660 Pom 21.8 Black F25-
SAM- JC61-03996C Stacker-small SCX-3200 Abs 2.5 114.2 93
SAM- JC61-03997C Stacker-large SCX-3200 Abs 114.8 107. 5 H
SAM- JC61-04004A Guide-sensor CLP-670 Abs 2 37.5 62 Black
SAM- JC61-04021A Guide-claw-pi SCX-5530 Ptfe 10 13.5 Claw
SAM- JC61-04022A Guide-claw-pi SCX-4520 Ptfe 10 13.5 Claw
SAM- JC61-04050A Bracket-brush SCX-8040nd Egi-secc 1. 0t W
SAM- JC61-04051A Holder-brush SCX-8040nd STS304 0.3t W20
SAM- JC61-04058A Guide-upper-mp ML-3710nd Abs 47.4 261 .8
SAM- JC61-04060A GUIDE-LOWER-MP-1 ML-3700nd Abs+pc 54. 9 2
SAM- JC61-04064A Guide-frame DUPLEX ML-3700 Abs 2.3 250 5
SAM- JC61-04065A Holder-crum LOWER ML-3700 Pom 3 38 Black
SAM- JC61-04066A Holder-crum UPPER ML-3700 Abs 3 27.9 17.
SAM- JC61-04067A Holder-exit SENSOR ML-3710 Abs+pc 2 74.2
SAM- JC61-04068A Holder-tr ML-3700 Abs 2 24.4 9 Ice Green
SAM- JC61-04087B Bracket-gear ML-3710 Egi-secc 1.2 133 21
SAM- JC61-04093A BUSH-HR ML-3700 Pps 17.4 19.9 Dark Blue
SAM- JC61-04095A BUSH-PR-2nd ML-3700 Pps 5 Black
SAM- JC61-04098A Stacker-bin Full magpie Pc 2 48.54 35 .2
SAM- JC61-04100A Housing-pick UP ML-3710nd Pom 2.0 29 Bla
SAM- JC61-04146A Bracket-cis SCX-4833fd Abs+pc 2.5 239 .1
SAM- JC61-04160A Plate-white BAR SCX-5637fr Pc 2.8 13. 6 2
SAM- JC61-04169A BUSHFRAMER ML5010nd Pps 6 7 Blk
SAM- JC61-04196A Stacker-main ML-1860 Abs 3.5 242.5 131.4
SAM- JC61-04196B Stacker-main ML-1860 Abs 3.5 242.5 131.4
SAM- JC61-04197B Stacker-sub ML-1860 Abs 1.5 109 52.9 Hb
SAM- JC61-04221A Guide-duplex Upper Secc 1.0t Paper
SAM- JC61-04225A Plateguidepaper egisecc 0.6t Guidesu
SAM- JC61-04226A Plate-feed Idle egi-secc 1.2t Guide Supp
SAM- JC61-04238A Sleeve-pickup Pom 6 6 11.9 DE8903
SAM- JC61-04241A Holder-cover Front L ML-5015nd Abs Black
SAM- JC61-04242A Holder-connector Scf ML-5015nd Abs Pc Bl
SAM- JC61-04245A Holder-cover Open ML-5015nd Abs Black
SAM- JC61-04246A Holder-cover Front R ML-5015nd Abs Black
SAM- JC61-04253A Holder-harness DRAW ML-5015nd Abs Black
SAM- JC61-04266A Guide-rear ML-5015nd Abs Guide
SAM- JC61-04267A Guide-duplex Rear ML-5015nd Abs Black Gu
SAM- JC61-04268A GUIDE-EXIT ML-5015nd PC+GF20% 3025PG20 B
SAM- JC61-04274A Bracket-support Stacker ML-5015nd Secc 1
SAM- JC61-04314A Plate-path CLP-775nd Egi-secc 1.2t 245.8
SAM- JC61-04316A Guide-paper Path Sub CLP-775nd Abs+pc 24
SAM- JC61-04317A Guide-paper Path CLP-775nd Abs+pc 240 .91
SAM- JC61-04319A Holder-retard CLP-775nd Abs 66.1 Black
SAM- JC61-04327A HOLDER-ROLLER ML-3710nd Abs 2 72 20. 65 H
SAM- JC61-04334B GUIDESIDEMPL M4580 Abs HF0660i Iceg
SAM- JC61-04364A Holder-jam ML-2950nd Pc Black
SAM- JC61-04368A Guide-cst-rear-l ML-2950nd Abs HF-0660i
SAM- JC61-04369A Guide-cst-rear-r ML-2950nd Abs+pc Vo Nh-
SAM- JC61-04370A Guide-knock-up-l ML-2950nd Abs HF-0660i
SAM- JC61-04371A Guide-knock-up-r ML-2950nd Abs VE-0812 B
SAM- JC61-04376A HOLDERREGI ML2950nd Pom Wht F2002
SAM- JC61-04377A Guide-change DUP ML-2950nd Pc+gf 223. 03
SAM- JC61-04379A Plate-knock-up Egi-secc 0.8 257.8 173 .1
SAM- JC61-04380A Frame-cassette ML-2950nd Hips 2.0 258 .8
SAM- JC61-04380B Frame-cassette ML-2950nd Hips Black 2144
SAM- JC61-04381A Plate-guide-deve-l ML-2950nd Pom 24.8 38
SAM- JC61-04382A Plate-guide-deve-r ML-2950nd Pom 24. 84 3
SAM- JC61-04384A Frame-middle ML-2950nd Abs 275 HF-0660i
SAM- JC61-04385D FRAME-EXIT ML-2950nd Abs+pc Black 6229y
SAM- JC61-04386A Guide-deve R ML-2950nd PC+GF20% 3025PG20
SAM- JC61-04387A Holder-coupler ML-2950nd PC+GF20% Black
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
rollers, rodillos, roletes, rouleaux

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