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Part Number Description
SAM- JC61-01151A Housing-m-pick-u ML-1610 Pom 35 Natural
SAM- JC61-01161A Guide-m-paper Path ML-1610 Abs 140 309.5
SAM- JC61-01169A HOLDER-M-PAD ML-1610 Pc 1.7 39.5 33.4 Bl
SAM- JC61-01172A Holder-m-exit F/DOWN ML-1610 Pc W18. 72 L
SAM- JC61-01173A Housing-m-pick Up B ML-1610 Abs Hb 35 G7
SAM- JC61-01176A Holder-m-spring Pr CLP-600 Pet GF30 W41
SAM- JC61-01179A Plate-m White BAR SCX-4521f Abs 2 20. 24
SAM- JC61-01217A Guide-m EXIT ML-3560 Pet+gf T2.5 W44. 6 L
SAM- JC61-01220D Frame-mcassette CLX-6210fx Hips HG-1760
SAM- JC61-01224D Guide-mextension Cst CLX-6210fx Hips 2
SAM- JC61-01224E Guide-m-extension Cst CLP-670 Hips 191.4
SAM- JC61-01225A Guide-mside Lock ML-3560 Abs 2.5 72.8 1
SAM- JC61-01226B Guide-m-rear ML-3560 Hips 2.5 98 100. 3 B
SAM- JC61-01227A Guide-m-paper Size ML-3560 Pom 2.5 71 .5
SAM- JC61-01228A Holder-m-pad HOUSING ML-3560 Abs 2.5 48
SAM- JC61-01259A Spring Etc-torsion Deve-r ML-1610 SUS304
SAM- JC61-01262A Bush-m-exit D7 ML-3560 Pom 7.1 10 7 Bl
SAM- JC61-01263F Plate-mp ML-2240 Hips 2.5 278.2 123 Haze
SAM- JC61-01263H PLATEMP SCX4650 Hips 2.5 83 278.2 Crea
SAM- JC61-01263J Plate-mp SCX-4650 Hips 2.5 83 278.2 Navy
SAM- JC61-01265A Spring Etc-ptb F CLP-600 SUS304 1.6 6.4
SAM- JC61-01266A Spring Etc-ptb R CLP-600 SUS304 1.6 6.4
SAM- JC61-01268A Holder-m ACTUATOR SCX-4521f Pc+gf 2.0 20
SAM- JC61-01281A BRACKET-P-BARPICKUP ML-1610 Secc 1.00
SAM- JC61-01288A Holder-m Idle One WAY SCX-6345n/xrx Pom
SAM- JC61-01289A Guide-m SIDE SCX-6345n/xrx Pc T2.5 293.2
SAM- JC61-01295A Plate-m Feed UPPER SCX-6345n/xrx Abs T2
SAM- JC61-01299A Guide-m Upper Pick UP SCX-6345n/xrx Pc T
SAM- JC61-01304A Guide-m-hook SCX-6345n/xrx Hips Green Pa
SAM- JC61-01307A Stopper-m Paper FRT SCX-6345n/xrx Pom T2
SAM- JC61-01308A Guide-m EXIT SCX-6345n/xrx Pc T2.5 248.7
SAM- JC61-01335A Holder SCX-6345n/xrx Pc T1.5 41mm 27mm B
SAM- JC61-01350A Leg-m-act No Paper SCX-6345n/xrx Abs 2 3
SAM- JC61-01352B Frame-mp TOP SCX-6345n Abs Hb Violet Smo
SAM- JC61-01367A Fixer-me Ring 4PI SCX-6345n/xrx Pom T1.
SAM- JC61-01383A HOLDERMCLAW SCX6345n/xrx Pps T2.5 12.
SAM- JC61-01391A Leg-m Limit STACKING SCX-6345n/xrx Pc 3
SAM- JC61-01395A Guide-mrear SCX-6345n/xrx Abs T2 47. 2mm
SAM- JC61-01395C Guide-rear M5370 Abs 47.2 59.8 CM-0140m
SAM- JC61-01401A Housing-mpickup Scf SCX-6345n/xrx Abs T
SAM- JC61-01402A LEGMACTFEEDSCF SCX6345n/xrx Pc 2 25
SAM- JC61-01406A Holder-m-liu SCX-6345n/xrx Abs T2.5 W80
SAM- JC61-01408A Leg-m Actuator REGI SCX-6345n/xrx Pom 2
SAM- JC61-01410A Guide-m-pickup Doc SCX-6345n/xrx Abs+pc
SAM- JC61-01411A Frame-mcassette SCX-6345n/xrx Hips Hb I
SAM- JC61-01411B Frame-cassette SCX-6345n Hips Hb Violet
SAM- JC61-01413A Guide-p-side Left SCX-6345n/xrx Secc T1.
SAM- JC61-01421A Holder-m Act FEED SCX-6345n/xrx Pc T2 W1
SAM- JC61-01422A Holder-m Act READY SCX-6345n/xrx Pc T2 W
SAM- JC61-01426A Leg-m Act Feed BASE SCX-6345n/xrx Pom 2
SAM- JC61-01428A Bush-dry SCX-6345n/xrx Bronze 6 8 L5
SAM- JC61-01548A Holder-m-cam CLP-300 Pom 18.5 27.5 Natur
SAM- JC61-01552A Holder-m-sim Connector SCX-6345n/xrx Pc
SAM- JC61-01601B Housing-m-pick Up SCX-5235nd Pc+abs 17.0
SAM- JC61-01602A Holder-m-pick Up SCX-5530fn Pom 41.8 Whi
SAM- JC61-01619A Holder-m Act REGI SCX-5530fn Abs 2.0 60.
SAM- JC61-01621A FRAME-MEXIT SCX-5530fn Pc V0 Blk 2.5 33
SAM- JC61-01647A Holder-m-shaftfuser CLP-300 Pc T2.0 L22
SAM- JC61-01660A Guide-m Harness CLX-3160fn Abs 5v T2. 5 W
SAM- JC61-01694A BUSH46D SCX6345n Bronze 4.6 6.1 5 Nt
SAM- JC61-01702A Bush-heat ROLLER SCX-6318f Pps 26.25 3
SAM- JC61-01711A Holder-pad ML-2571n Abs+pc 2.5 48 20. 8 B
SAM- JC61-01713A Stopper-pick-up R ML-2571n Pom D17 20 Bl
SAM- JC61-01714A Stopper-pick-up L ML-2571n Pom D17 20 Bl
SAM- JC61-01715A Plate-p-idle Holder ML-2571n Egi-secc T1
SAM- JC61-01716A Housing-pick Up A ML-2571n Pc+abs 28 26
SAM- JC61-01717A Housing-pick Up B ML-2571n Pc+abs 37. 6 B
SAM- JC61-01718A Holder-idle Roller ML-2571n Pom 26 12 .7
SAM- JC61-01719A Holder-exit R ML-2571n Pc 1.5 10 21 Blac
SAM- JC61-01721A GUIDE-CLAW ML-2571n Pi+ptfe+pfa 2 14 23.
SAM- JC61-01724A Guide-paper ML-4550 Abs+pc 2.5 48.7 242.
SAM- JC61-01742A Holder-connector-scf ML-4550 Abs+gf 2 .0
SAM- JC61-01774A Spring Etc-seperation ML-4550 SUS304wpb
SAM- JC61-01783A Stopper-cassette SCX-6322dn Cr Rubber 1
SAM- JC61-01787A Holder-pad CLP-300 Pc+abs T2.5 W39.5 Bla
SAM- JC61-01791A Plate-lifting GEAR SCX-6345n Egi-secc T1
SAM- JC61-01877A Bracket-drawer-fuser CLP-660 Secc 1 16.9
SAM- JC61-01878A GUIDE-PICKUP CLP-660 Pc 2 36.8 248 Black
SAM- JC61-01885A Spring Etc-deve CLP-660 SUS304 0.5 5 31.
SAM- JC61-01900A Spring Etc-lock-opc-l CLP-660 SUS304wpb
SAM- JC61-01935A Guide-duplex CLP-660 Pet Gf 2 275.1 112.
SAM- JC61-01941A FRAME-EXIT ML-3471nd Pc V0 Black 2.5 122
SAM- JC61-01954A Bracket-serialport ML-4551nd Secc T0. 6
SAM- JC61-01958A BUSH-HR ML-3471nd/see Pps 22.3 24.9 7 .0
SAM- JC61-01978A Housing-holder PAD ML-3471nd Abs 62.8
SAM- JC61-01983A Holder-lsu CLX-8380nd/xaa Pom White M90-
SAM- JC61-02012A Holder-lamp SCX-4500 Secc 0.8
SAM- JC61-02058A Bracket-support Rear CLX-8380nd/xaa Secc
SAM- JC61-02073A Holder-actuator Exit CLX-8380nd/xaa Pc 1
SAM- JC61-02184A Guide-claw Pi SCX-4321 Pi+ptfe+pfa Claw
SAM- JC61-02235A Bracket-duplex-align ML-2851nd Secc 0 .6
SAM- JC61-02246A Bracket-cam FRONT SCX-6555n Secc T1.2
SAM- JC61-02256A Holder-spring Clutch CLX-8380nd/xaa Bron
SAM- JC61-02302A Guide-claw POLY ML-4050n Pi+ptfe+pfa 1.
SAM- JC61-02303A Guide-frame-duplex ML-2851nd Abs 2.5 228
SAM- JC61-02310A FRAME-EXITHIGH ML-2851nd Abs Hb Black 5
SAM- JC61-02334A BUSH-HR-L ML-2851nd Pps 25 Blk
SAM- JC61-02335A BUSH-HR-R ML-2851nd Pps 25 Blk
SAM- JC61-02336A BUSH-PR-1ST ML-2851nd Pps 6.1 Brown
SAM- JC61-02337A BUSH-PR-2ND ML-2851nd Pps 5.1 Brown
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