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Part Number Description
SAM- JC61-00425A BUSH-6 ML-9400w Ntn B-F6-29 - - - Ntr -
SAM- JC61-00426A BUSH-8/5 ML-9400w Bronze 8 OD12.0 L6 .0
SAM- JC61-00427A Spring Etc-exit Sensor Fu ML-9400w SUS30
SAM- JC61-00428A Spring Etc-exit Cover ML-9400w ML-3550n
SAM- JC61-00429A Spring Etc-holder Exit ML-9400w SUS304wp
SAM- JC61-00430A Spring Etc-gate Exit ML-9400w SUS304wpb
SAM- JC61-00431A Spring Etc-exit Sensor Fd ML-9400w SUS30
SAM- JC61-00432A Spring Etc-ring H/R ML-3550n SUS303 CD1.
SAM- JC61-00433A Shaft-gear Exit ML-9400w SUS303 46.5 6 -
SAM- JC61-00434A Shaft-pin Oct ML-9400w SUS303 10 2 - - -
SAM- JC61-00436A Shaft-roller Exit ML-9400w SUS303 428 .1
SAM- JC61-00437A Shaft-exit Sensor Fu ML-9400w SUS303 327
SAM- JC61-00438A Shaft-exit Sensor Fd ML-9400w SUS303 329
SAM- JC61-00439A Shaft-catch Sensor Rod ML-9400w Sum Ni 1
SAM- JC61-00440A Shaft-full Sensor Fu ML-9400w Sum Ni 332
SAM- JC61-00441A Shaft-full Sensor Fd ML-9400w Sum Ni 325
SAM- JC61-00442A Housing-roll Mpf 1 - Pom Blk 48.2 12 - -
SAM- JC61-00450A Foot-rubber ML-9400w Cr 34 Black 16.5 -
SAM- JC61-00451A Housing-roll Mpf 2 ML-9400w Pom Blk - -
SAM- JC61-00455A Spring Etc-plate K/Up SCX-5100 SUS304 24
SAM- JC61-00460A BRACKET-1 Case Ecu ML-9400w Secc T1.6 -
SAM- JC61-00461A BRACKET-1 Ripcase ML-9400w Secc T1.6 - -
SAM- JC61-00462A BRACKET-2 Case Ecu ML-9400w Secc T1.6 -
SAM- JC61-00469A Bracket-regi Sensor ML-9400w Secc T1. 0 -
SAM- JC61-00475A Shaft-gear 9 ML-9400w SUS303 L128.4 PI10
SAM- JC61-00478A Spring Etc-feed SCX-5100 SUS304wpb PI0.7
SAM- JC61-00480A Spring Etc-feed Cast SCX-5100 SUS304wpb
SAM- JC61-00482A Spring ETC-PICKUP SCX-5100 SUS304-wpb 0.
SAM- JC61-00483A Spring Etc-knockup Mp SCX-5100 SUS304-wp
SAM- JC61-00487A Stopper-stacking 1 ML-3550 Abs T7 W65 L
SAM- JC61-00488A Stopper-stacking 2 ML-3550 Abs T2 W65 L
SAM- JC61-00489A Plate-base Dup ML-3550 Spcc T0.8 - - - N
SAM- JC61-00490A Plate-cover Dup ML-3550 Spcc T0.8 - - -
SAM- JC61-00491A Plate-ground Cover Dup ML-3550 SUS301 T0
SAM- JC61-00493A Guide-upper Dup ML-3550 Pc/Abs T2 32929
SAM- JC61-00516A Bracket-m-air Filter ML-3550 Abs T3 W150
SAM- JC61-00533A Bracket-p-clutch Mpf ML-3550n Secc T1 .2
SAM- JC61-00541A Bracket-p-smps ML-3550n Secc T1.0 L85W1
SAM- JC61-00548A Spring Etc-white BAR SCX-5312f SUS304wpb
SAM- JC61-00551A Spring Etc-deve Front SCX-5312f SUS304wp
SAM- JC61-00571A Spring Etc-brush ML-1210 SUS304wpb 0. 5 7
SAM- JC61-00572A Plate-stacker Fd ML-3550n Pc Abs T0.2 W1
SAM- JC61-00575A Plate-detach Saw Tr ML-3550n Sus 304 1/2
SAM- JC61-00580A HOLDER-M-PAD ML-1710 Abs+pc
SAM- JC61-00581A Holder-actuator ML-1710 PBT+GF15% Blk
SAM- JC61-00585A Bush-m-feed IDLE ML-1710 Pom 2.1 4. 2 B
SAM- JC61-00586A Bush-m-pick-up L ML-1710 Pom 11 Wht
SAM- JC61-00587A Bush-m-pickup R ML-1710 Pom 11 Wht
SAM- JC61-00588A Bush-m-tr L ML-1710 Pom 6.1 8 Blk
SAM- JC61-00589A Bush-m-hr L ML-1710 Pps 20.45 27.6 V0
SAM- JC61-00590A Bush-m-hr R ML-1710 Pps 20.45 27.6 V0
SAM- JC61-00591A Housing-m-pick-up ML-1710 Pc+abs L43 Blk
SAM- JC61-00604A Plate-p-saw ML-1400 STS304 0.15 15.1 216
SAM- JC61-00605A PLATE-P-CLAW ML-1710 STS304 0.1 Guide Su
SAM- JC61-00615A Bush-m-hr-r ML-2150 Pps 12.7 32.6 - Bl
SAM- JC61-00622A Bracket-p-main ML-2150 Secc 1.60 163 123
SAM- JC61-00623A Bracket-p-exit ML-2150 Secc 1.20 77 85 -
SAM- JC61-00635A HOUSING-M-RETARD ML-2150 Pom m90-44 Blk
SAM- JC61-00645A Guide-m-side Lock ML-2150 Abs Hb - - - C
SAM- JC61-00656A Stopper-m-hinge OPEN ML-2150 Abs 19 Ligh
SAM- JC61-00665A Bush-m-feed Dup ML-2150 Pom 11.0 Natura
SAM- JC61-00671A Holder-m-bushing Tx ML-2150 Pom Blk
SAM- JC61-00684A HOLDER-M-PAD ML-2150 Pc Blk
SAM- JC61-00685A Housing-m-pick Up Mp ML-2150 Pc+abs Wht
SAM- JC61-00696A HINGE-M-FRAME SCX-4216f Pom White
SAM- JC61-00697A Hinge-m-pressure SCX-4216f Pc lf1025 Nt
SAM- JC61-00699A BUSH-D6/L4 CLP-500 Bronze 6 9 L4.0 And
SAM- JC61-00699B Bush-exit CLX-9350 Bronze 6d With Out De
SAM- JC61-00704A Guide-m-inner Cst ML-2150 Hips Hb - - -
SAM- JC61-00712A Guide-stacker Sub SCX-4216f Abs+pc 2. 5t
SAM- JC61-00718A Guide-p-paper ML-1710 Secc 0.8 35 261 .6
SAM- JC61-00750A Bush-m-Adf Clutch SCX-6320f Pps 7 11. 85
SAM- JC61-00829A Holder-bearing Exit F/Down SCX-4216f Pom
SAM- JC61-00832B Stopper-mknock Up CLP-510 Hips 24 Viole
SAM- JC61-00864A Frame-mscan UPPER SF-565p Hips Hb S. Whi
SAM- JC61-00864C Frame-scan Upper SF-565pr Hips HR-1360t
SAM- JC61-00876J Frame-cassette Hr SCX-4720fn Hips HR-136
SAM- JC61-00884A BUSH-6D L SCX-6320f Bronze 6 14 10 Nt
SAM- JC61-00887A Bush-m-hr RR2 SCX-4920n Pps 25.3 29 .6
SAM- JC61-00888A Bush-m-hr LR2 SCX-4920n Pps 25.3 29 .6
SAM- JC61-00893B Holder-m-pad Adf SCX-5530fn Pom 1.5 44.9
SAM- JC61-00894B Holder-m Ccd SCX-4720f/xrx Hips 2 43. 6 3
SAM- JC61-00909A Housing-m-pick Up R2 SCX-4920n Pc+abs 12
SAM- JC61-00910A Housing-m-pick UP2 R2 SCX-4920n Pc+abs 5
SAM- JC61-00914A Plate-p-push BUSHING SCX-4920n Egi-secc
SAM- JC61-00915A Stopper-m-pick UP-R2 SCX-4920n Pom D14 2
SAM- JC61-00918S Guide-extension L2 ML-2851nd Hips 184 .2
SAM- JC61-00924A Holder-m-pad MP ML-2250 Abs+pc 48 24. 2
SAM- JC61-00925A Housing-m Pick Up MP ML-2250 Pc+abs 20.2
SAM- JC61-00929A Hinge-m PIVOT SCX-4100 Pom 3.0
SAM- JC61-00933A Guide-m-rip Tr ML-1740 Abs T2 Blk
SAM- JC61-00995A Bracket-p-drawptb CLP-600 Secc 1.00 W19
SAM- JC61-01013A Guide-msct Paper Upper CLP-600 Abs 2. 0
SAM- JC61-01029A Guide-p-gear Bracket CLP-600 Secc T1. 2 1
SAM- JC61-01042D Guide-side Mp R CLP-670 Hips 1.5 131. 9 2
SAM- JC61-01043D Guide-side Mp L CLP-670 Hips 1.5 131. 9 2
SAM- JC61-01061A Holder-mswitch CLP-600 Hips Hb T2.0 W3
SAM- JC61-01145A Bush-mroller Feed CLP-600 Pom 9.69 9
SAM- JC61-01146A Bush-mroller Regi L CLP-600 Pom 6 9
SAM- JC61-01149A Guide-msct Paper Lower CLP-600 Abs Hb
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
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