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Part Number Description
SAM- JC44-00240A Hvps 24v 21.6v 26.4v Max 7kv MAX-2. 5kv 6
SAM- JC44-00240B Hvps Tiger X7600 24v 21.6v 26.4v Max 7kv
SAM- JC44-00241A Hvps 24v 21.6v 26.4v Max 7kv MAX-2. 5kv 6
SAM- JC44-00241B Hvps Tiger K7600 24v 21.6v 26.4v Max 7kv
SAM- JC44-00242A Hvps C30-HVPS1 Ch 24v 21.6 26.4v MAX-2kv
SAM- JC44-00243A Hvps C30-HVPS2 Ch 24v 21.6 26.4v Max 7kv
SAM- JC44-00244A Hvps C35hvpsm/d 24v 21.6v 26.4v MAX2k
SAM- JC44-00245A SMPS-V2 M4075fx/xrx PSPN2-TYPE2-V2 A Fly
SAM- JC44-00246A SMPSV1 M4075fx/xrx PSPN2TYPE2V1a Fly
SAM- JC44-00247A SMPS-V1 C35 PSPN2 TYPE4h V1 Ac-dc 225w
SAM- JC44-00248A SMPSV2 C35 PSPN2TYPE4HV2 Acdc 225w 2
SAM- JC44-00249A SMPS-V1 RUBYX7600 PSPN2 TYPE5h V1 300w
SAM- JC44-00250A SMPS-V2 RUBYX7600 PSPN2 TYPE5h V2 300w
SAM- JC46-00381A S/W Application-Cd CLX-6240fx Drv 1. 00 1
SAM- JC46-00481A S/W Application-Cd SCX-4623f/tsc Drv 1.0
SAM- JC46-00482A S/W Application-Cd SCX-4600/tsc Drv 1 .0
SAM- JC46-00548A S/W Application-Cd SCX-3405f/tsc Drv 1.0
SAM- JC47-00003C Mep-clutch Small 1 24 1 145ma 160ohm
SAM- JC47-00003D Clutch-spur 2.5 24 1 145ma 160ohm
SAM- JC47-00006D Clutch-bk DEVE 5 29 0.8 167ma 144ohm
SAM- JC47-00007F Clutch-itb CAM 8 33 0.8 133ma 180ohm
SAM- JC47-00009C Clutch-regi CLP-300 3.0w DC24v 125ma 138
SAM- JC47-00019A Clutch-deve CAM 2.5 36 0.6 125ma 192ohm
SAM- JC47-00020A Clutch-fuser CAM 8 33 0.8 180ma 130ohm
SAM- JC47-00020B Clutch-fuser Cam 8 33 0.8 180ma 130ohm
SAM- JC47-00023A CLUTCH-FEED 2.5 26 0.8 167ma 144ohm
SAM- JC47-00029A Lamp-xe C CLX-9350 10.4 375 24v 40000 Lu
SAM- JC47-00033A CLUTCH-ELECTRIC 2.5 24 1 120ma 200ohm
SAM- JC47-00033B CLUTCH-ELECTRIC 2.5 23 0.8 120ma 200ohm
SAM- JC47-00033C CLUTCH-ELECTRIC 2.5 36 0.6 120ma 200ohm
SAM- JC47-00033D CLUTCH 2.5 36 0.6 120ma 200ohm
SAM- JC47-00033E CLUTCH-ELECTRIC ML-4510nd Pom 2.5kgf. Cm
SAM- JC47-00033F CLUTCH-ELECTRONIC SL-C430 Pom 2.5kgf. Cm
SAM- JC47-00033G Clutch-electronic Clutch SCX-8128na Pom
SAM- JC47-00034A CLUTCH-ELECTRIC 2.5 32 1 120ma 200ohm
SAM- JC47-00035A Clutch-electric Z41 2.5 41 0.6 120ma 200
SAM- JC47-00035B CLUTCH-ELECTRIC 2.5 41 0.6 120ma 200ohm
SAM- JC47-00035C Clutch-electric SL-M4030 Pom 2.5 41 0 .6
SAM- JC47-00036A Clutch-electric Z45 2.5 45 0.6 120ma 200
SAM- JC47-00036B CLUTCH-ELECTRIC 2.5 45 0.6 120ma 200ohm
SAM- JC47-00037A CLUTCH-ELECTRIC 5 32 1 120ma 200ohm
SAM- JC47-00038A CLUTCH-ELECTRICG35 3.5 32 0.8 Ma 240ohm
SAM- JC47-00039A Clutch-electric C35 3.5 240ohm
SAM- JC59-00014A Unit-lsu 600dpi 12 SCX-5100 - - 600dpi 1
SAM- JC59-00023A UNIT-LSU ML-1610 16 20ppm 1 Light Source
SAM- JC59-00027A UNIT-LSU SCX-5530fn Dual Single Ld 4face
SAM- JC59-00035A HDD 320g HTS543232A7A384 S63 H16 C16383
SAM- JC60-00024A Spacer-fuser SCX-4725fn Teflon 6 13 .5
SAM- JC60-00037A SPACER-CLUTCH ML-2851nd/xaa Poly ID4 OD1
SAM- JC60-00078A Machinery Etc-fastener-screw CLX-8650nd
SAM- JC61-00011A Spring Etc-feed SF-5100 SUS304wpb 0.6 13
SAM- JC61-00018A Spring Etc-sensor SF-5100 SUS304wpb 0 .2
SAM- JC61-00019A Spring Etc-act FEED SF-5100 SUS304wpb 0
SAM- JC61-00022A Spring Etc-hook SF-5100 SUS304-wpb 0. 26
SAM- JC61-00025A Spring Etc-cs-charge Apollo SF-5100 Sus
SAM- JC61-00038A Spring Etc-guide Deve SF-5100 Swp 0.7 17
SAM- JC61-00047A Spring Etc-tr L Hawk ML-6060a Swp-b
SAM- JC61-00056A Spring Etc-pr 7300 ML-7300 Swpb 1.0 6.0
SAM- JC61-00064A Spring ETC-CLAW ML-5200a Sus 304 Wpb 0.
SAM- JC61-00096A Guide-take Away 1 ML-9400w Abs 375X39X3
SAM- JC61-00184A Bracket-detch Saw ML-9400w - - - - - -
SAM- JC61-00314A Bracket-ripcase ML-9400w Secc 1.2t - - -
SAM- JC61-00335A Bush-holder Exit ML-9400w Pom - - - Blac
SAM- JC61-00344A Shaft-stud Knob ML-9400w SUS303 57 6 - -
SAM- JC61-00356A Shaft-geartoner ML-9400w SUS303 61 6 -
SAM- JC61-00357A Shaft-swing ML-9400w SUS303 41.6 6 - - -
SAM- JC61-00358A SHAFT-GEAR1 ML-9400w SUS303 58.5 6 - -
SAM- JC61-00360A Shaft-bar ML-3550n SUM24l L374 OD6 - - -
SAM- JC61-00362A Shaft-drv Duplex ML-9400w SUS303 83.2 6
SAM- JC61-00364A Shaft-sw Mpf ML-9400w SUS303 78 3 - - -
SAM- JC61-00365A Shaft-pin Guide ML-9400w Bronze 13 5 -
SAM- JC61-00377A Shaft-nip Screw ML-3550n SUM24l L49 OD5
SAM- JC61-00378A Bush-metal Ff Opc Bk ML-9400w STS303 N
SAM- JC61-00379A Bush-metal Opc Bk ML-9400w SUS303 DU8
SAM- JC61-00380A Spring Etc-hook ML-9400w SUS304wpb 0. 2 -
SAM- JC61-00382A Spring Etc-torsion Handle Trans ML-9400w
SAM- JC61-00383A Spring Etc-clutch Small ML-9400w SWRS82a
SAM- JC61-00384A Spring Etc-clutch Large ML-9400w SWRS82a
SAM- JC61-00387A Spring ETC-PAD ML-9400w SUS304wpb PI0 .5
SAM- JC61-00388A Spring Etc-cam Arm ML-9400w SUS304wpb 1.
SAM- JC61-00389A Spring Etc-jam Sensor ML-9400w SUS304wpb
SAM- JC61-00390A Spring Etc-base Lock Dup ML-9400w SUS304
SAM- JC61-00391A Spring Etc-duplex Cover ML-9400w SUS304w
SAM- JC61-00392A Spring Etc-damper Dup ML-9400w SUS304wpb
SAM- JC61-00393A Spring Etc-handle Lock Dup ML-9400w SUS3
SAM- JC61-00394A Spring Etc-gate Dup ML-9400w SUS304wpb 0
SAM- JC61-00395A Spring Etc-coupling Opc ML-9400w SUS304w
SAM- JC61-00396A Spring Etc-coil Container ML-9400w SUS30
SAM- JC61-00398A Spring Etc-escape ML-3550n SUS302wpb CD0
SAM- JC61-00399A Spring Etc-claw ML-3550n SUS302wpb CD0.3
SAM- JC61-00402A Spring Etc-holder Dup ML-9400w SUS304wpb
SAM- JC61-00403A Spring Etc-drv Mpf ML-9400w SUS304wpb 1
SAM- JC61-00407A Spring Etc-pin Guide ML-9400w SUS304wpbh
SAM- JC61-00408A Spring ETC-ARM1 ML-9400w SUS304WPBH1/ 2 1
SAM- JC61-00410A Spring Etc-main ML-9400w SUS304wpb 0. 8 -
SAM- JC61-00414A Spring Etc-guide Paper ML-9400w SUS304wp
SAM- JC61-00421A Bush-coupling Opc ML-9400w Bronze - - -
SAM- JC61-00423A BUSH-6D ML-9400w Bronze 6
SAM- JC61-00423B BUSH6D X4300 Bronze 6 10 6 CU89%+SN10%+
SAM- JC61-00424A BUSH-4 ML-9400w Bronze 4 Ntr
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repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
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toner, toonerikassett, toonerkassett, tonerem, tonerkassette

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