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Part Number Description
SAM- JC39-02503A Wire Harness-cst Lift Motor C40 UL10272
SAM- JC39-02504A Wire Harness-duplex Sensor C40 UL10272 3
SAM- JC39-02507A Wire Harness-inlet C40 UL1617 3P/2p 225
SAM- JC39-02508A Wire Harness-opc Home Sen C40 UL10272 6p
SAM- JC39-02509A Wire Harness-clutch Sol C40 UL10272 7P/2
SAM- JC39-02510A Wire Harness-sata Power C40 UL1061 2p 2
SAM- JC39-02511A Wire Harness-sata Signal C40 Sata 7p 25
SAM- JC39-02512A Wire Harness-usb Host C40 UL2725 5p 50
SAM- JC39-02514A Cbf Flat Cable-main To Ope Joint C40 50
SAM- JC39-02515A Cbf Flat Cable-ui Legal Joint C40 50 230
SAM- JC39-02516A CBFFLATCABLELSU C40 60 300 AWM20624 0
SAM- JC39-02518A Flat Cable K2231 40 600 AWM20624 1.0 Whi
SAM- JC39-02519A Wire Harness-gnd Lug Core 75 C40 UL1007
SAM- JC39-02520A Harness-Adf C4060 UL10272 20p 800 Gray/B
SAM- JC39-02521A Harness-gnd C4060 UL1007 200 Blk AWG18 G
SAM- JC39-02522A Harness-gnd C4060 UL1007 50 Blk AWG18 Gr
SAM- JC39-02523A Wire Harness-smps C40 UL1061 50 Gray/ Ye
SAM- JC39-02524A Harness-home C4060 UL10272 8p 850 Blu /Bl
SAM- JC39-02526A Cbf Flat Cable-ui A4 Joint C40 50p 160 A
SAM- JC39-02527A CBFFLATCABLEHVPSS C40 30P/24p 600 Aw
SAM- JC39-02530A Cbf Flat Cable-cis C4060 40p 810 AWM2062
SAM- JC39-02531A Cbf Flat Cable-cis C4060 24p 840 AWM2062
SAM- JC39-02532A Wire Harness-fan Dummy UL10272 50 Blk Aw
SAM- JC39-02533A Wire Harness-toner Motor Sensor UL10272
SAM- JC39-02534A Cbf Flat CABLE-CIS C4062 24p 900 AWM2062
SAM- JC39-02538A Wire Harness-ope Power M5360 UL10272 108
SAM- JC39-02539A Wire Harness-hdmi Cable M5360 UL20276 80
SAM- JC39-02540A Harness-Adf UL2835 50 Blk/Wht AWG26 Boa
SAM- JC39-02541A Harness-motor Adf UL10272 00 Gray/Blk A
SAM- JC39-02543A Harness-open UL10272 00 Gray/Blk AWG26
SAM- JC39-02544A Harness-length UL10272 70 Gray/Blk AWG2
SAM- JC39-02552A Wire Harness-main Hdmi If JADEX4300 500
SAM- JC39-02554A Wire Harness-cp If Cable 3 In 1 JADEX4
SAM- JC39-02564A Wire Harness-fdb If JADEX4300 UL10272 6
SAM- JC39-02567A Cbf Harness-lan If Cable 580 Blk AWG26 B
SAM- JC39-02569A Wire Harness-fdb Interface Main TIGER7 UL10272
SAM- JC39-02570A Wire Harness-fuser Pos Humid Sens Main T
SAM- JC39-02579A Wire Harness-cp Walk Up Usb 3 In 1 Tig
SAM- JC39-02581A Wire HARNESS-TYPE5h Color TIGER7 UL1061
SAM- JC39-02582A Wire HARNESS-TYPE5h Mono TIGER7 UL1061 6
SAM- JC39-02583A Wire Harness-cp Wire Bundle/Side Band Ti
SAM- JC39-02585A Wire Harness-fdb Interface Mono TIGER7 UL10272
SAM- JC39-02586A Wire Harness-side TIGER7 TIGER7 UL10272
SAM- JC39-02587A Wire Harness-side In TIGER7 TIGER7 UL102
SAM- JC39-02589A Wire Harness-smps TYPE4 Gx TIGER7 UL1061
SAM- JC39-02590A Wire Harness-u-hdmi SL-X7600 UL20276 19
SAM- JC39-02591A Wire Harness-ope Power SL-X7600 UL10272
SAM- JC39-02592A WIREHARNESSWLAN C1860 UL10272 7p 120 G
SAM- JC39-02593A Wire Harness-lvds SL-X7600 UL10005 40 2
SAM- JC39-02595A Harness-cism Ruby UL20276 40p 700 Blk Aw
SAM- JC39-02599A Harness-cism Jade UL20276 40p 760 Blk Aw
SAM- JC39-40581A Cbf HARNESS-3p ML-5000 Flat UL3122 350mm
SAM- JC41-00271A Pcb Main-main ML-3560 FR-4 6l - 1.6t 154
SAM- JC44-00043A Smps-smps v2 +Hvps-ihr SCX-4114f * Ac /Dc
SAM- JC44-00052A SMPS-V1HVPS ML-2150 CARDINAL-V1 Ac/Dc 9
SAM- JC44-00053A SMPS-V2-Hvps ML-2150 CARDINAL-V2 Ac/ Dc 9
SAM- JC44-00063A Smps-power Pba v2 -china SF-565p * Ac /Dc
SAM- JC44-00065A Smps- v1 +Hvps SCX-6320f * Ac/Dc * 100-1
SAM- JC44-00066A Smps- v2 +Hvps SCX-6320f * Ac/Dc * 220-2
SAM- JC44-00072A SMPS-V1 SCX-4100 Ac/Dc 45.7w 100-120vac
SAM- JC44-00073A SMPS-V2 SCX-4100 Ac/Dc 45.7w 220-240vac
SAM- JC44-00079A Hvps-SKYLARK 24v 21.6v 27.6v Max 5kv Max
SAM- JC44-00089A Hvpsgogh 24v 21.6v 26.4v
SAM- JC44-00090A SMPS-PSP-TYPE3-V2c SCX-4521f * Ac/Dc 220
SAM- JC44-00090B SMPS-V2c SCX-5235nd PSP-TYPE3-V2c Ac/ Dc
SAM- JC44-00090C SMPS-V2C SCX-5235nd Psp TYPE3-V2C 1w Ac
SAM- JC44-00090D SMPS-V2C SCX-5635fn PSP-TYPE3 1w B -V2c
SAM- JC44-00090E SMPS-V2 SCX-5737fw PSPN-TYPE3-V2 Flyback
SAM- JC44-00090F SMPS-V2 SCX-5635nd PSPR-TYPE3-V2 Flyback
SAM- JC44-00090H SMPS-V2 K2200 PSPN2-TYPE3-V2 Flyback 220
SAM- JC44-00091C SMPS-V1 ML-5010nd PSPN-TYPE4-V1 Flyback
SAM- JC44-00091D SMPS-V1 M4580 PSPN2-TYPE4-V1 Ac-dc 110v
SAM- JC44-00092B SMPS-V2c CLP-670nd Pspv TYPE4-V2c Ac-dc
SAM- JC44-00092C SMPS-V2 ML-5010nd PSPN-TYPE4-V2 Flyback
SAM- JC44-00092D SMPS-V2 M4580 PSPN2-TYPE4-V2 Ac-dc 220v
SAM- JC44-00093A Smps-psp TYPE5 V1 SCX-6345n PSP-TYPE5-V1
SAM- JC44-00093B SMPS-V1 CLP-775nd PSPN2-TYPE5-V1 R Ac-dc
SAM- JC44-00093C SMPS-V1 CLX-9201 Pspn TYPE5-V1 Ac-dc 275
SAM- JC44-00093D SMPS-V1 K7600 PSPN2 TYPE5-V1 Ac-dc 110v-
SAM- JC44-00095A Smps-psp TYPE2 V1 SCX-4521f Ac/Dc 100v
SAM- JC44-00095B SMPS-V1 ML-3051n PSP-TYPE2-V1 Ac/Dc 70w
SAM- JC44-00095D SMPS-V1 ML-3200 Pspn TYPE2 V1 Flyback 77
SAM- JC44-00096A Smps-psp TYPE2 V2C SCX-4521f Ac/Dc 220
SAM- JC44-00096B SMPS-V2C ML-3051n PSP-TYPE2-V2c Ac/Dc 70
SAM- JC44-00096C SMPS-V2C CLP-325 Pspw TYPE2-V2 Ac-dc 70w
SAM- JC44-00096D SMPS-V2 ML-3200 Pspn TYPE2 V2 Flyback 77
SAM- JC44-00096E SMPS-V2 M4020 PSPN2-TYPE2-V2 Flyback 220
SAM- JC44-00097A Smps-psp TYPE3 V1 SCX-4521f Ac/Dc 100v
SAM- JC44-00097C SMPS-V1 SCX-5235nd Psp TYPE3-V1 1w Ac-d
SAM- JC44-00097D SMPS-V1 SCX-5635fn PSP-TYPE3 1w B -V1 Fl
SAM- JC44-00097E SMPS-V1 SCX-5737fw PSPN-TYPE3-V1 Flyback
SAM- JC44-00097F SMPS-V1 SCX-5635nd PSPR-TYPE3-V1 Flyback
SAM- JC44-00100A Smps-psp TYPE5 V2C SCX-6345n PSP-TYPE5-v
SAM- JC44-00100B SMPS-V2 ML-6510nd PSPN2-TYPE5-V2 R Ac-dc
SAM- JC44-00100C SMPS-V2 CLX-9201 Pspn TYPE5-V2 Ac-dc 275
SAM- JC44-00100D SMPS-V2 K7600 PSPN2 TYPE5-V2 Ac-dc 220v-
SAM- JC44-00100E SMPS-V2 CLP-775nd PSPN2-TYPE5-V2 R Ac-dc
SAM- JC44-00101A Smps-whitney+ V1 scx-4521f Ac/Dc 100
SAM- JC44-00102A Smps-whiteny+ v2c scx-4521f Ac/Dc 220
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