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Part Number Description
SAM- JB97-01912A Mea Hou-mea Unit-bezel SCX-1557wk/hma HP
SAM- JB97-01913A Mea Hou-mea Unit-bezel SCX-1557wk/hba HP
SAM- JB97-01919D Mea Unit-ope Bezel SCX-1577 HP Ap OJ6310
SAM- JB97-01919J Mea Unit-ope Bezel SCX-1577 HP Japan OJ6
SAM- JB97-01919K Mea Unit-ope Bezel SCX-1577 HP Ap OJ6318
SAM- JB97-01919L Mea Unit-ope Bezel SCX-1577 HP Ap OJ6318
SAM- JB97-01919P Mea Unit-ope Bezel SCX-1577 HP Na OJ6310
SAM- JB97-01919S Mea Unit-ope Bezel SCX-1577 HP Na OJ6310
SAM- JB97-01956B Mea Unit-ope Bezel SCX-1577 HP La OJ6310
SAM- JB97-01956C Mea Unit-ope Bezel SCX-1577 HP Ap OJ6310
SAM- JB97-01956E Mea Unit-ope Bezel SCX-1577 HP Eu Ap La
SAM- JB97-01956F Mea Unit-ope Bezel SCX-1577 HP Ap OJ6310
SAM- JB97-02100C Mea Hou-cover Top SF-377 HP Na/Lar - - -
SAM- JB97-02102A Mea Hou-tray Asf SF-370 Samsung - - -
SAM- JB97-02102B Mea Hou-tray Asf SF-377 HP Na/Lar - -
SAM- JB97-02103A Mea Hou-tray Doc SF-370 Samsung - - -
SAM- JB97-02104A Mea Unit-feed Roller SF-370 Samsung - -
SAM- JB97-02105A Mea Unit-bracket Lf SF-370 Samsung - - -
SAM- JC01-00001A GLASS-SCAN 329.9 247.5 2.8
SAM- JC01-00016A Glass OTHERS-SCAN 388 271.5 T3.2
SAM- JC01-00044A Film-fuser Frontmono Pi Film T 0.225 Br
SAM- JC01-00045A Film-fuser Rearmono Pi Film T 0.225 Bro
SAM- JC01-00057A Film-stackermain Pe T0.05 Clear
SAM- JC01-00058A Glass OTHERS-Adf 252 28.5 2.8t
SAM- JC01-00060A Sheet-white SCX-4833fd White-pp Black-sp
SAM- JC01-00072A Glass Others-scan 459.4*346 3.2
SAM- JC01-00073A Glass Others-scan Adf 346*30 3.2
SAM- JC01-00077A Film-top Pe T0.05 Clear
SAM- JC01-00101A Glass Tempered-scan Adf 337.8*31.1 4. 0t
SAM- JC02-00202A Tape Double Face CLX-3305 BOW110qj T0 .16
SAM- JC07-00002A Lcd-panel VHC1625sly ML-9400w 16X2 3680
SAM- JC07-00003A Lcd-display xev vhx1620bhrc9/ YMC162197a
SAM- JC07-00006B Lcd SCX-6322dn 20 X 2 116X37X14.5mm Blk
SAM- JC07-00008A LCD VHF12323ASR/YMC1283221aaegdcn SCX-45
SAM- JC07-00012A LCD VHF12642FL3w ML-5050nd 128X64 Dots 7
SAM- JC07-00015A Lcd HSD089IFW1 CLX-9350 1024 h X 600 v
SAM- JC07-00017A LCD LMS430HF21 SCX-5635nd 480X272 105 .5
SAM- JC07-00020A LCD YMC12864-309beefdgn ML-4510nd 128 X
SAM- JC07-00021A LCD LMS700KF28-0 SCX-6555n 800 h X 480
SAM- JC07-00025A LCD-CHARACTER VHF16231HLY-1 SL-M4025nd 1
SAM- JC07-00026A Lcd-character VHF16231HLY-1 SL-M4025nd 1
SAM- JC07-00028A LCD-CITARA AVD-TT70WV-NN-005-a Citara 80
SAM- JC07-00029A Lcd-tsp Citara TR0070011a Citara 800*480
SAM- JC07-00034A Lcd M101GWT9 SL-X7600 10.1inch Rgb 6 O C
SAM- JC13-00034A Ic Asic-opemicom SCX-6322dn 48p 5v -40
SAM- JC13-00037A Ic ASIC-HYPER3 HYPER3 SCX-6345n 388p 3.3
SAM- JC29-00001A Filter BPF CLX-9350
SAM- JC29-00002A Filter BPF SCX-8025nd
SAM- JC31-00004A Fan-dc-hawk ML-6060
SAM- JC31-00009A Motor STEP ML-7250 24 760 650ma
SAM- JC31-00012A FAN-DC AD0624MSA70GL R1 dol ML-5000 Pbt+
SAM- JC31-00012C Fan-dc INVERTER AD0624HS-A76gl SCX-6345
SAM- JC31-00015B Motor Dc 24v SCX-6345n Worm pom
SAM- JC31-00017A Motor STEP-Adf SCX-5312f 0.7a 1600pps 22
SAM- JC31-00020B Motor Step-main M49SP-2k SCX-5315f 1. 18a
SAM- JC31-00020C Motor STEP-MCK2 main M49SP-2k SCX-6320f
SAM- JC31-00024A Motor Bldc-cardinal 50M8432030 1259 - -
SAM- JC31-00025A Fan-dc AD0624MSA70GL R1 dol CLP-500 Pbt
SAM- JC31-00025B Fan-dc AD0624MS-A70gl SCX-6345n/xrx Pbt+
SAM- JC31-00027A Fan-dc-hummingbird ML-1710 28g 24 60ma 3
SAM- JC31-00027B Fan-dc Cardinal AD0424LS-C50 ML-2550
SAM- JC31-00028A Motor Step-hummingbird M49SP-2nk ML-1710
SAM- JC31-00028B Motor Step-main M49SP-2nk SCX-5315f 1 .18
SAM- JC31-00033B Motor Circuit-step 17PM-J342-G4vs CLX-83
SAM- JC31-00035A Motor Circuit-step-scan SCX-4100 0.5a 12
SAM- JC31-00036A Motor CIRCUIT-STEP-Adf M42SP-13nk SCX-49
SAM- JC31-00037D Motor Circuit-step-main M55SP-2nk/ SP-55r
SAM- JC31-00037E Motor Step-main M55SP-2nk SCX-5530fn 1.2
SAM- JC31-00038A Motor Dc-main bldc 50M843A020 1925rpm D
SAM- JC31-00039A Motor Bldc-deve 1406RPM-1809rpm 24v 2 .0a
SAM- JC31-00040A Motor Bldc-main 1307.2RPM-1916.0rpm 24v
SAM- JC31-00043A Motor Circuit-step-scan M42SP-4k SCX-634
SAM- JC31-00045A Motor Geared-p LIFT 2.1rpm 1.5n.m 1/ 1513
SAM- JC31-00047A Motor Bldc-main 1576rpm 24v SCX-5530fn C
SAM- JC31-00048A Motor Circuit-step-duplex M42SP-4nk Scx-
SAM- JC31-00049A Motor Circuit-step-scan 2T357278q/ SP-35r
SAM- JC31-00050A FAN AD0424HB-C56 CLP-600 Pbt+gf 3pin No
SAM- JC31-00053A Motor Dc - 30000 - 24v 0.85a - 3000hz Ma
SAM- JC31-00066A Motor Dc-polygon - 35000 - 24v 0.85a - 3
SAM- JC31-00068A Motor CIRCUIT-STEP M55SP-3nk ML-2571n 1.
SAM- JC31-00070A FAN AD0824MS-A76gl ML-4550 Pbt 3pin No S
SAM- JC31-00071A Fan-dc SCX-6345n
SAM- JC31-00072A Fan CLP-660 Pbt 68g 24 0.08ma 0. 118MMH20
SAM- JC31-00074A Motor Bldc 50M843C100 2235 Rpm DC24v 2.8
SAM- JC31-00075B Motor BLDC 1200/1900/2400 1700/1700/ 1500
SAM- JC31-00075C Motor BLDC-38W 1200 2400rpm 1700 1500gf
SAM- JC31-00075D Motor BLDC 600 3000 1700 1200 24 2.5 37
SAM- JC31-00076A Motor Circuit-step M55SP-2nk CLP-660 1.2
SAM- JC31-00077A Motor CIRCUIT-STEP M42SP-4nk CLX-8380nd/
SAM- JC31-00078A Motor DC NF213G-1020515 DC24v CLX-8380nd
SAM- JC31-00080A Motor Step 1p SCX-4500 Pm 2 24v 2441 0.2
SAM- JC31-00080C Motor CIRCUIT-STEP SCX-4623fn 0.2a 2441p
SAM- JC31-00084A Motor CIRCUIT-STEP M49SP-2k ML-3471nd /Se
SAM- JC31-00084B Motor Circuit-step M49SP-2k SCX-5135nd 0
SAM- JC31-00085A FAN-DC ML-2851nd/xaa UL10272 AWG26 Amp
SAM- JC31-00086A FAN-DC CLX-8380nd/xaa UL10272 AWG26 Am
SAM- JC31-00087A FAN CLX-8380nd/xaa Pbt+gf UL10272 AWG26
SAM- JC31-00088A FAN-DC CLX-8380nd/xaa UL10272 AWG26 Amp
SAM- JC31-00090A Motor BLDC 2220 Rpm DC24v 2 .1a
SAM- JC31-00091A Motorbldc 48M843D010/BL55K-M01 1443. 82r
SAM- JC31-00091B Motor BLDC 48M843D010B/BL55K-M01 1443 .82
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printer, drucker, imprimante, impressora, impresora, stampante
spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
rollers, rodillos, roletes, rouleaux

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