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Part Number Description
SAM- JB67-00019A Cap-half Inch SCX-1557f/hpr Epdm Pom 11.
SAM- JB67-00020A Brush-antistatic Exit SCX-1557f/hpr Al S
SAM- JB67-00022A Lens-mdps SCX-1557f/hpr Pmma Transparan
SAM- JB70-00168A Shaft SCX-1110f STAINLESS-STS303 L10. 0 2
SAM- JB70-00236A Ict-hinge Shaft 4in1 SCX-1150f Swch 32.
SAM- JB70-00270A Rod-axle Pulley SCX-1557f/hpr Sstl 2. 79
SAM- JB72-00112C Pmo-key Resolution 339 SF-339 Hips Hb 6
SAM- JB72-00127J Pmo-handset Lo sf330 SF-330 Pmo-handset
SAM- JB72-00543C Pmo-doc Guidel 339 SF-339 Hips 122X40
SAM- JB72-00755A Pmo-cover Rear SCX-1110/xrx Hips HR-136
SAM- JB72-00759A Pmo-holder Ccd SCX-1110/xrx Hips HR-13
SAM- JB72-00782C Pmo-cover Dust xil SF-350 Abs Hb Clear
SAM- JB72-00819A BUSH SCX-1110f Pom Ntr
SAM- JB72-00822A Pmo-sleeve Adf SCX-1110f Pom Blk
SAM- JB72-00843A Adjust SCX-1110f Hips Hb IV21 Adjust/ Unc
SAM- JB72-00845A Pmo-pick Up Clutch SUB SCX-1110f Pom Nw-
SAM- JB72-01246A Pmo-bushing Tx SF-452 Pom Blk 10X16. 9X5
SAM- JB72-01248A Sponge-lens SCX-1557f/hpr P84-polyimide
SAM- JB72-01251A Machinery Etc-ppr-strip Encoder SCX-1457
SAM- JB72-41417H Pmo-stacker TX2 SF-432/lex Hips Hb G7101
SAM- JB72-41419H Pmo-stacker TX1 SF-432/lex Hips Hb G7101
SAM- JB73-00009A ROLLER SF-3100 Epdm
SAM- JB73-00052A Rmo-Adf RUBBER SCX-1110f Si Rubber 50 G3
SAM- JB73-00100A RUBBER-Adf SF-330 - Basic Domestic FR4
SAM- JB73-00105A Rubber-contact Func A SF-452 - Usa Ope 3
SAM- JB73-00106A Rubber-contact Func B SF-452 - Usa Ope 3
SAM- JB73-00108A Rubber-exit Roller SF-452
SAM- JB73-00111A Rmo-wiper Mud Flap SF-457 Elastomer 12.2
SAM- JB73-00118A Rubber-backer SCX-1557f/hpr - Serial Con
SAM- JB73-00119A Rmo-wiper Auxiliary SCX-1557f/hpr Elasto
SAM- JB73-00120A Machinery Etc-rmo-wiper Tpe SCX-1557f /Hp
SAM- JB73-00129C Machinery Etc-rubber-contact Mainp SF-3
SAM- JB73-00129D Rubber-contactmain SF-360 - Korea Scan
SAM- JB73-00129F Machinery Etc-rubber-contact Main SF-367
SAM- JB73-00130A Machinery Etc-rubber-contact Tad SF-360
SAM- JB73-00130B Rubber-contacttad SF-360 - 5v Pba-ope F
SAM- JB73-00131B Cap-rubber-screw Packing SCX-1470 Si Rub
SAM- JB73-00132A Machinery Etc-rubber-contact Tad SF-375t
SAM- JB73-00134A Rubber-key SF-468 Silicon 211.890 Oov G
SAM- JB73-10913A Rpr-sponge Adf SF-4500 Silicone Blk
SAM- JB75-00052A Mec-roller Adf SF-3100 Seuk Ntr
SAM- JB75-00071A Mec-antistatic Brush MJC-900g Samsung iv
SAM- JB75-00271A Mec-optical Glass SCX-1110/xrx Xerox - -
SAM- JB75-00299A Mec-Adf Roller ASSY SCX-1110f/xrx Xerox
SAM- JB75-00300A Mec-pick Up Roller ASSY SCX-1110f/xrx Xe
SAM- JB75-11087B Mec-chute xerox SF3000 Xerox Ivr c8726
SAM- JB81-00239A As-fuse SCX-1100 50t 250V2.0a - - - - -
SAM- JB81-00371B As-pca Main Typhoon L MJC-6000/xil - - H
SAM- JB81-00460B As-pca Main Wh Cha MJC-5000/xil - - HP W
SAM- JB81-00496A As-pad Restraint MJC-100sf C8941-80040 P
SAM- JB81-00497A As-pad Restraint R MJC-100sf Q3240-80007
SAM- JB81-00498A As-access-door MJC-100sf Q3270-40005 Hip
SAM- JB81-00499A As-accessdoor MJC-5000c Q3269-40003 Q33
SAM- JB81-00633A As-input Tray MJC-8500 Hips White/ Gray
SAM- JB81-00688A As-photo Interrupter MJC-900g KPI-512 -
SAM- JB81-00794A As-assy-scan-lid SCX-1860f * - Service P
SAM- JB81-00797A As-assy-ope SCX-1860f * - Service Part -
SAM- JB81-00799A As-encoder-sensor SCX-1860f * - Service
SAM- JB81-00806A As-assy-scan-base SCX-1860f * - Service
SAM- JB81-00808A As-adapter SCX-1860f * - Service Part -
SAM- JB81-00836A As-cover-base Skeena SCX-1480 As-assy-co
SAM- JB81-00837A As-front-door Skeena SCX-1480 Front-door
SAM- JB81-00838A As-carriage Skeena SCX-1480 Assy-carriag
SAM- JB81-00839A As-pba Skeena SCX-1480 Assy-pba
SAM- JB81-00841A As-wiper-wiping Skeena SCX-1480 Wiper-wi
SAM- JB81-00843A As-encoder-sensor Skeena SCX-1480 Encode
SAM- JB81-00850A As-scan-bezel Skeena SCX-1480 Scan-bezel
SAM- JB81-00852A As-scan-cis Skeena SCX-1480 Scan-cis
SAM- JB81-00857A As-platen Skeena SCX-1480 Assy-platen
SAM- JB81-00858A As-platenbase Skeena SCX-1480 Platenba
SAM- JB81-00867A As-adaptor Arisu SCX-1490w Adaptor
SAM- JB81-00868A As-cover-left Arisu SCX-1490w Cover-left
SAM- JB81-00873A As-scan-bezel Arisu SCX-1490w Scan-bezel
SAM- JB81-00875A As-scan-base Arisu SCX-1490w Scan-base
SAM- JB81-00877A As-scan-cis Arisu SCX-1490w Scan-cis
SAM- JB81-00881A As-enginebar-pha Arisu SCX-1490w Engineb
SAM- JB81-00882A As-platen Arisu SCX-1490w Platen
SAM- JB81-00888A As-platencable Arisu SCX-1490w Platenc
SAM- JB81-00890A As-lcd Arisu SCX-1490w Lcd
SAM- JB81-00892A As-pba Arisu SCX-1490w Pba
SAM- JB81-00895A As-cover-base Arisu SCX-1490w Cover-base
SAM- JB81-00896A As-front-door Arisu SCX-1490w Front-door
SAM- JB81-00901A As-scan-lid Spree SCX-2000fw Scan-lid
SAM- JB81-00902A As-adaptor Spree SCX-2000fw Adaptor
SAM- JB81-00909A As-scan-bezel Spree SCX-2000fw Scan-beze
SAM- JB81-00915A As-enginebar-pha Spree SCX-2000fw Engine
SAM- JB81-00921A As-platencover Spree SCX-2000fw Platen
SAM- JB81-00922A As-lcd Spree SCX-2000fw Lcd
SAM- JB81-00923A As-wiping Spree SCX-2000fw Wiping
SAM- JB81-00924A As-pba Spree SCX-2000fw Pba
SAM- JB81-00928A As-harnessguide Spree SCX-2000fw Harnes
SAM- JB81-00935A As-enginebar-carriage Spree SCX-2000fw E
SAM- JB81-00936A As-platen Spree SCX-2000fw Platen
SAM- JB81-01035A As-scan-lid SCX-1855f Scan-lid
SAM- JB81-01036A As-Adf-core SCX-1855f Adf-core
SAM- JB81-01037A As-Adf-cover SCX-1855f Adf-cover
SAM- JB81-01038A As-scan-base SCX-1855f Scan-base
SAM- JB81-01039A As-scan-bezel SCX-1855f Scan-bezel
SAM- JB81-01040A As-scan-gear SCX-1855f Scan-gear
SAM- JB81-01041A As-scan-cis Assy SCX-1855f Scan-cis Assy
SAM- JB81-01042A As-chassis-mid SCX-1855f Chassis-mid
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