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Part Number Description
SAM- 4713-001202 Lamp-halogen 230v 600w 6X284mm
SAM- 4713-001203 Lamp-halogen 115v 600w 6X284mm
SAM- 4713-001207 LAMP-HALOGEN 115v 800w 6X284mm
SAM- 4713-001208 Lamp-halogen 230v 800w 6X284mm
SAM- 4713-001210 Lamp-halogen 230v 850w 8X299.5mm
SAM- 4713-001211 LAMP-HALOGEN 115v 750w 8X284mm
SAM- 4713-001212 LAMP-HALOGEN 230v 750w 8X284mm
SAM- 4713-001229 Lamp-halogen 230v 800w 6X288mm
SAM- 4713-001235 LAMP-HALOGEN 230v 1300w 13X9.8X276mm
SAM- 4713-001236 LAMP-HALOGEN 115v 1300w 13X9.8X276mm
SAM- 4713-001239 Lamp-halogen 115v 750w 6.15X284mm
SAM- 4713-001241 Lamp-halogen 230v 850w 8X267mm
SAM- 4713-001263 Lamp-halogen 115v 1300w 13X9.8X392mm
SAM- 4713-001264 Lamp-halogen 230v 1300w 13X9.8X392mm
SAM- 4713-001284 Lamp-halogen 115v 800w 9X278MM +100/ 140m
SAM- 4713-001285 Lamp-halogen 230v 800w 9X278MM +100/ 140m
SAM- 4713-001520 Lamp-halogen 230v 600w 287
SAM- 4713-001521 LAMP-HALOGEN 115v 1300w 13X9.8X276
SAM- 4713-001522 Lamp-halogen 230v 1300w 13X9.8X276
SAM- 4713-001530 Lamp-halogen 115v 850w 8X299.5mm
SAM- 4713-001531 Lamp-halogen 230v 850w 8X299.5mm
SAM- 4713-001559 Lamp-halogen 230v 1300w 13X9.8X385mm
SAM- 4713-001565 LAMP-HALOGEN 230v 850w
SAM- 4713-001566 LAMP-HALOGEN 110v 850w
SAM- 4713-001573 LAMP-HALOGEN 115v 1300w 266
SAM- 4713-001574 Lamp-halogen 230v 1300w 266
SAM- 4713-001630 Lamp-halogen 115v 1300w 374
SAM- 4713-001631 Lamp-halogen 230v 1300w 373
SAM- 4713-001632 LAMPHALOGEN 115v 1300w 12*9.5*368.9 368
SAM- 4713-001633 Lamp-halogen 230v 1300w 12*9.5*368.9 368
SAM- 4713-001640 LAMP-HALOGEN 115v 750w 287
SAM- 4713-001641 LAMP-HALOGEN 230v 750w 287
SAM- 4713-001678 Lamp-halogen 115v 1300w
SAM- 4713-001679 Lamp-halogen 230v 1300w
SAM- 4713-001680 Lamp-halogen 115v 1300w
SAM- 4713-001681 Lamp-halogen 230v 1300w
SAM- 4713-001705 Lamp-halogen 230v 850w 2500 200k 6
SAM- 4713-001828 LAMPHALOGEN 220v 1300w 2600k ref. 374
SAM- 4715-000001 Surgeabsorber 1000v 50-10 0a 0ma
SAM- 5903-002911 Memory CARD 4gb
SAM- 6001-000115 Screw-machine Bh + - M3 L10 Zpc wht Swr
SAM- 6001-000125 Screw-machine Bh M3 L4 Zpc wht SWRCH1
SAM- 6001-000130 Screw-machine Bh M3 L6 Zpc wht SWRCH1
SAM- 6001-000367 Screw-machine Fh + M4 L10 Ni Plt SWRCH18
SAM- 6001-000485 Screw-machine Ph + - M2.6 L4 Zpc wht Sw
SAM- 6001-000545 Screw-machine ph + - M3 L4 Ni Plt SWRCH1
SAM- 6001-000547 Screw-machine Th + M4 L25 Zpc wht Swrch
SAM- 6001-000581 Screw-machine Ph M4 L12 Ni Plt SWRCH18
SAM- 6001-000618 Screw-machine Ph - M4 L8 Zpc wht Swrc
SAM- 6001-002284 Screw-machine Bh + M4 L8 Zpc wht SWRCH1
SAM- 6001-002786 Screw-machine Bh + M3 L6 Zpc blk SWRCH1
SAM- 6002-000153 Screwtaptype ph + B M3 L6 Zpc wht Sw
SAM- 6002-000209 Screw-tapping Rwh - 2 M3 L17.5 Zpc Wht
SAM- 6002-000308 Screw-taptype Ph - B M2.6 L6 Zpc wht
SAM- 6002-000440 Screw-tapping Pwh + 2 M3 L8 Zpc blk Swr
SAM- 6002-001361 Screw-tapping Ph Torx 2 M3 L12.3 Zpc Wht
SAM- 6002-001362 Screw-tapping Ph Torx 2 M2.9 L6 Wh zpc
SAM- 6003-000115 Screw-taptype Bh B M3 L6 Zpc blk Swrc
SAM- 6003-000152 Screw-taptype Ph + - B M2 L10 Zpc wht S
SAM- 6003-000196 Screw-taptype pwh + B M3 L10 Ni Plt Swrc
SAM- 6003-000198 Screw-taptype Pwh B M3 L12 Zpc wht Sw
SAM- 6003-000214 Screw-taptype Ph Wp B M3 L8 Zpc wht S
SAM- 6003-000264 Screw-taptype Pwh - B M3 L6 Zpc wht S
SAM- 6003-000266 Screwtaptype pwh + S M3 L6 Zpc wht S
SAM- 6003-000267 Screw-taptype Pwh - S M3 L8 Zpc wht S
SAM- 6003-000269 Screw-taptype bh + - S M3 L6 Zpc wht Sw
SAM- 6003-000279 Screw-taptype Bh - B M3 L20 Zpc wht S
SAM- 6003-000282 Screw-taptype Bh + - B M3 L8 Zpc blk Sw
SAM- 6003-000283 Screw-taptype Bh + - B M3 L8 Zpc wht Sw
SAM- 6003-000301 Screw-taptype Bh + S M4 L6 Zpc wht Swrc
SAM- 6003-001001 Screw-taptype fh + - B M3 L8 Zpc blk Sw
SAM- 6003-001070 Screw-taptype Bh B M2 L4 Zpc blk Swrc
SAM- 6003-001086 Screw-taptype Bh - B M3 L12 Zpc blk S
SAM- 6003-001256 Screw-taptype Bh + B M4 L10 Ni Plt Swrch
SAM- 6003-001324 Screw-taptype Bh B M4 L16 Ni Plt Swrch
SAM- 6003-001474 Screw-taptype Bh B M3 L30 Zpc wht Swr
SAM- 6003-001531 Screw-taptype Ph Torx B M3 L7.55 Zpc wht
SAM- 6003-001857 Screw-taptype Pwh B M3 L6 Zpc blk Swr
SAM- 6006-000127 Screw-machine Ph Ws M3 L6 Zpc wht Swr
SAM- 6006-000130 Screwmachine ph + Ws M3 L8 Zpc wht Swr
SAM- 6006-001031 Screw-machine Ph + Wsp M3 L10 Zpc wht S
SAM- 6006-001038 Screw-machine Ph + Wsp M4 L10 Zpc wht S
SAM- 6006-001078 Screw-taptype Ph + Wsp B M3 L10 Zpc wht
SAM- 6009-001390 Screw-special Special M3 L10 Ni Plt Sw
SAM- 6009-001664 Screw-hex Hwh + M3 L8 Zpc wht SWRCH18a
SAM- 6009-001665 Screw-hex Hwh + M3 L6 Zpc yel SWRCH18a
SAM- 6009-001684 Screw-hex Hwh + M3 L40 Zpc wht SWRCH18a
SAM- 6009-001697 Screw-special Ph + M3 L4.4 3 Ni Plt Swr
SAM- 6009-001717 Screw-special Hw Torxplus 8ip M3 L8.0 Ni
SAM- 6009-001863 Screw-special Bh + M3 L10 Zpc blk Swrch
SAM- 6009-001884 Screw-special Bh + M3 L10.6 Zpc wht Swr
SAM- 6021-000222 Nut-hexagon 2c M3 Zpc yel SM20c -
SAM- 6031-000019 Washer-plain Poly ID6.1 OD8.8 T0.13 Blk
SAM- 6031-000023 Washer-plain poly ID5.9 OD10.0 T0.5 Blk
SAM- 6031-001255 Washer-plain Polysider Cutting ID5 OD9 T
SAM- 6031-001528 Washer-plain Polymide ID6 OD13.5 T0.5 Bl
SAM- 6031-001584 Washer-plain Polyslider ID4 OD7 T0.5 Bla
SAM- 6031-001602 Washer-plain Poly ID3.9 OD8.5 T0.5 Blk
SAM- 6031-001965 Washer-plain Poly ID5.9 OD10 T0.5 Black
SAM- 6031-002040 Washer-plain Pet ID5.9 OD10.5 T0.188
SAM- 6031-002330 Washer-plain Poly 5.9 10.0 0.5 Blk Ssdp
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