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Part Number Description
PT- 202045-001 Xstr SI9945dy Dual N-channel
PT- 202049-001 Ferrite Flt w/clmp And Adh
PT- 202065-001 Ic UA9638c Diff Driver S0-8
PT- 202159-001 Pwr Cord 125V/15a Str 8 Ft @@@
PT- 202159-002 Pwr Cord 125V/15a Str 6 Ft
PT- 202208-001 Scr 6-32TR3X1/4 Hwhs Stl/Znb Sa J81
PT- 202235-002 Ic IR2112s Gate Dr S0-16 Wide
PT- 202383-001 Conn Ac 3pin Soldr Lug Snap-in
PT- 202409-001 Conn Idc 4X40 36 Pos
PT- 202413-001 Simm Dram 256KX32 70ns 72pin
PT- 202417-001 Simm Flash Mem 4mb
PT- 202418-001 Simm Flash Mem 512KX32 90ns 5v
PT- 202434-001 Standoff Kit 4-40X3/16 M/F
PT- 202436-001 Conn Mod Plug 8pin 0.845X0.125
PT- 202485-001 Conn .825in/pcb/pcb 30X2pin
PT- 202502-001 Simm Dram 512KX32 70ns 72pin
PT- 202526-001 Jack Pwr Scr Mt Sdr Ter. 08pin
PT- 202554-001 Simm Flash 256KX32 90ns Nonstd
PT- 202575-001 Rfi Foam Schlegel
PT- 202713-001 Constant Force Spring
PT- 202717-001 Compression Spring
PT- 202720-901 Coated Miniature Cable
PT- 202721-901 Clip Plastic Bearing
PT- 202760-001 Switch Sim Rol Lever 250vac 5a
PT- 202789-901 Bearing Flanged Plastic
PT- 202814-001 Caster Rubber 3in Swivel
PT- 202815-001 Caster Rubber 3in Swivel/Brake/Left
PT- 202824-901 Flanged Brg Plstc Cndct 1/4 Id X 3/16lg
PT- 203035-001 Belt Tractor
PT- 203142-001 Simm Dram 2MX32 60ns 72pin Fpm 8 Meg
PT- 203153-001 Gage Bumper Adj
PT- 204480-902 Simm Flash 8mb 120ns 72pin P5ppc
PT- 204480-903 Simm Flash 16mb 120ns 72pin P5ppc
PT- 204550-901 Ic Non-vol Mem 32k X 8 100ns
PT- 204806-901 Cable Assy Extension Smart T
PT- 205222-001 Caster Rubber 3in Swivel/Brake/Right
PT- 250243-001 Reship Kit Ped Ztp P7000
PT- 251783-001 Pcba Data Controller L7032
PT- 251825-001 Manual Users L7032 Full Power Stkr
PT- 251827-001 Manual Maint L7032
PT- 251890-001 Motor Fuser Cam
PT- 251891-001 Gear Fuser Cam Shaft Fuser Base
PT- 251892-001 Gear Fuser Drive
PT- 251893-001 Contact Connector Transfer F
PT- 251894-001 Relay Interlock
PT- 251895-001 Power Inlet Iec 320 NC176
PT- 251896-001 Sensor Paper Tof
PT- 251897-001 Encoder Tractor Pfs
PT- 251898-001 Encoder Board Speed Control
PT- 251899-001 Gear Idler Tractor Drive Shaft
PT- 251900-001 Gear Tractor Drive Shaft
PT- 251901-001 Laser Scanning Unit L7032
PT- 251902-001 Main Charger L7032
PT- 251903-001 Contact Ground Opc L7032
PT- 251904-001 Gear Idle Exit Roller Drive L7032
PT- 251905-001 Spring Fuser Cam L7032
PT- 251906-001 Brush Exit L7032
PT- 251907-001 Sensor Paper Exit L7032
PT- 251908-001 Roller Back-up Exit L7032
PT- 251909-001 Frame Spring Back-up Roller Exit L7032
PT- 251910-001 Fan Fuser Cooling Fuser Base L7032
PT- 251911-001 Spring Smaller
PT- 251912-001 Spring Speed Control Fuser Base L7032
PT- 251913-001 Cable Fuser Ac L7032
PT- 251914-001 Fuser Assy Pressure Lever L7032
PT- 251915-001 Bracket Front Cover L7032
PT- 251916-001 Plate Hinge Front Cover Lower L7032
PT- 251917-001 Cover Assy Glass L7032
PT- 251918-001 Switch Interlock Front Cover L7032
PT- 251919-001 Roller Tension Back-up Tractor L7032
PT- 251920-001 Handle Latch Developer L7032
PT- 251921-001 Motor Stepper Fuser Drive L7032
PT- 251922-001 Handle Fuser Drawer Release L7032
PT- 251923-001 Sensor Paper Jam Fuser Drawer L7032
PT- 251924-001 Fuser Drawer Rails
PT- 251925-001 Sensor Jam Fuser
PT- 251926-001 Fan Condensate Fuser
PT- 251927-001 Switch Power L7032
PT- 251928-001 Switch Paper Fold L7032
PT- 251929-001 Sensor Waste Toner Bottle L7032
PT- 251930-001 Spring Waste Bottle Assy L7032
PT- 251931-001 Motor Toner Feed L7032
PT- 251932-001 Retainer Spring Connector Developer
PT- 251933-001 Fastener Shoulder Lsu L7032
PT- 251934-001 Contact Wire Cb Mchg L7032
PT- 251935-001 Contact Grid Cb Mchg L7032
PT- 251936-001 Contact Rail Ground Rt Opc L7032
PT- 251937-001 Contact Rail Ground Lft Opc L7032
PT- 251938-001 Motor Main Drive L7032
PT- 251939-001 Gear Box Main Drive Unit L7032
PT- 251940-001 Gear Opc Shaft Main Drive L7032
PT- 251941-001 Gear Developer Drive Main Drive L7032
PT- 251942-001 Gear Motor Input Main Drive L7032
PT- 251943-001 Gear Idle Main Drive L7032
PT- 251944-001 Gear Cleaner Shaft Main Drive L7032
PT- 251945-001 Gear Cleaner Drive L7032
PT- 251946-001 Spring Opc Coupler L7032
PT- 251947-001 Sensor Paper Empty
PT- 251948-001 Frame Tractor Base L7032
PT- 251949-001 Motor Stepping Tractor L7032
PT- 251950-001 Roller Tension Tractor L7032
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