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Part Number Description
OKI- 56513801 Motor: Main Assy OKIPAGE16n
OKI- 56513901 Motor Sp Asm ML390turbo ML391turbo ML390t ML390turb ML391turb
OKI- 56514201 Motor: Paper Feed OJ2020 OJ2500
OKI- 56515901 Assy Motor Ds8000c C9300dxncolorsignage C9500dxncolorsignage C9500dxn-prostudioedition C7100 C7300 C9300 C7350n C7500n C7550n C9300n ES2024 ES3037 ES2426e C9500dxn
OKI- 56516001 Fan B8300n
OKI- 56516101 Motor: Paper Exit B8300n
OKI- 56516201 Fan B8300n
OKI- 56516301 Motor: Toner B8300n
OKI- 56516401 Motor: Drum Interface Ffc B8300n
OKI- 56516501 Motor: Main Interface Ffc B8300n
OKI- 56516601 Solenoid: Separator Pawl B8300n
OKI- 56516701 Motor: Drum B8300n
OKI- 56516801 Solenoid: Motor Main 45 B8300n
OKI- 56516901 Motor: Drive Unit Assy B8300n
OKI- 56517001 Motor Assy B6100
OKI- 56517401 Solenoid: Adu Gate B8300n
OKI- 56517501 Motor Asm Main N B6100
OKI- 56517701 Fan Asm B6100
OKI- 56517801 Motor: Transport Sfn B8300n
OKI- 56517901 Motor Assy Exit B6100
OKI- 56518001 Solenoid: Sf Paper Exit B8300n
OKI- 56518101 Solenoid: Pressure B8300n
OKI- 56518201 Solenoid: Sf Paper Fixing B8300n
OKI- 56518301 Solenoid: Stopper B8300n
OKI- 56518401 Motor: Sf Joger B8300n
OKI- 56518501 Motor: Sf Paper In B8300n
OKI- 56518601 Motor: Adu Transport Lower B8300n
OKI- 56518701 Solenoid: Paddler B8300n
OKI- 56518801 Motor: Stepping B8300n
OKI- 56518901 Motor: Dc B8300n
OKI- 56519001 Motor B8300n
OKI- 56519101 Motor B8300n
OKI- 56519201 Motor: Stepping B8300n
OKI- 56519301 Motor: Stepping B8300n
OKI- 56519901 Motor: Adu Transport B8300n
OKI- 56520001 Motor: Adu Cooling Fan B8300n
OKI- 56520701 Pulse Motor B4350-black-lowprofile B4100 B4250 B4350 B4350n
OKI- 56521101 Assy: Motor S900 ES3037 ES2024ecc
OKI- 56521201 Assy: Motor Mount S900 ES2024ecc
OKI- 56521461 Fan Sub B6300dnsmartformssol B6300nsmartformssolu B6300nsmartformssolutions B6300dnsmartformssolutions B6200 B6300 B6400 B6500 B710n B720n B730n B6250n B6300n B6400n B6500n B710dn B720dn B730dn MPS730b
OKI- 56521510 Fan Main B6300dnsmartformssol B6300nsmartformssolu B6300nsmartformssolutions B6300dnsmartformssolutions B6200 B6300 B710n B720n B730n B6250n B6300n B710dn B720dn B730dn MPS730b
OKI- 56521612 Main Motor B6200
OKI- 56521622 Main Motor B6300dnsmartformssol B6300nsmartformssolu B6300nsmartformssolutions B6300dnsmartformssolutions B6300 B6250n B6300n
OKI- 56521780 Fan Main 80 B6400 B6500 B710n B720n B730n B6400n B6500n B710dn B720dn B730dn MPS730b
OKI- 56521930 Main Motor B6400 B6500 B710n B720n B6400n B6500n B710dn B720dn
OKI- 56522020 Motor Assy Exit Mtm B6400 B6500 B710n B720n B730n B6400n B6500n B710dn B720dn B730dn
OKI- 56522401 Fan Unit B4545mfp
OKI- 56522901 Brushless Motor - DC24v B2500mfp B2520mfp B2540mfp
OKI- 56523001 Fan Motor - MM80 B2500mfp B2520mfp B2540mfp MB260mfp MB280mfp MB290mfp
OKI- 56523114 Motor: Stepper Scanner B2500mfp B2520mfp B2540mfp MB260mfp MB280mfp MB290mfp
OKI- 56523471 Tray 1/2 Feed Lift Up Motor B930n MPS930b
OKI- 56523501 Main Motor B930n
OKI- 56523551 Motor Assy B930n MPS930b
OKI- 56523670 Solenoid Assy Fu B930n MPS930b
OKI- 56523710 Solenoid Assy B930n MPS930b
OKI- 56523862 Motor Assy Exit 2 B930n MPS930b
OKI- 56523970 Motor Assy B930n MPS930b
OKI- 56523981 Motor Assy B930n MPS930b
OKI- 56523990 Motor Assy Dc B930n MPS930b
OKI- 56524201 Stepper Motor T400 T410
OKI- 56524325 Main Motor B6250n
OKI- 56524510 Fan Motor B6250n
OKI- 56524691 Fan Sub B6250n
OKI- 56524700 Motor: Stepping D508 D512
OKI- 56524901 ASYS-MOTOR-D-TRAY-210 CX1145mfp
OKI- 56525001 Motor: Brushless Dc4.1v 27w- Tray Up CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56525002 Motor: Brushless Dc4.1v 27w M/Dc-slider CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56525401 Motor: Brushless Mnb DC24v 2.4w CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56525402 Motor: DC24v 20.1w S-RUBY-RD-623 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56525403 Motor: DC24v 20.1w S-RUBY-FEED-623 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56526001 Motor: Fan ML420-serial-black ML421-serial-black ML420 ML421 ML490 ML491 ML420n ML421n ML490n ML491n
OKI- 56526101 Motor: Brushless DC24v MB260mfp MB280mfp MB290mfp
OKI- 56526301 Stepping Motor LE810dtups LE810dt
OKI- 56526401 Main Motor J3 B730 B730n B730dn MPS730b
OKI- 56526701 Motor: Main Drive Asm MPS5500mbf MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 56526702 Motor: Print Cart Fan MPS5500mbf MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 56526703 Motor: Duplex Fan MPS5500mbf MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 56526704 Motor: Mh Fuser Cooling Fan MPS5500mbf MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 56526705 Motor: Scanner Carr Drive MPS5500mbf MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 56526706 Motor: Scanner Fan MPS5500mbf MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 56526707 Motor: Adf Trans Bracket MPS5500mbf MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 56526708 Motor: Hcf Tray Lift Drive Mb780 MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 56526709 Motor: Main Drive MPS5500mbf MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 56526710 Motor: Mh Redrive MPS5500mbf MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 56526711 Motor: Duplex Media Drive MPS5500mbf MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 56526801 Fan: Hdd 40 X 20 MPS5500mbf MB780 MPS5500mb
OKI- 56526901 Fan: Motor U80T24MUA7-53J10 MPS5502mbf MPS5502mbfx B760f MB760 MB770 MB770f MB770fx MPS5502mb
OKI- 56527101 Motor: Stepping Feed-motor MJ-1031 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527102 Motor: Dc Tray-motor MJ-1031finisher CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527103 Motor: Stepping Dc 14w MJ-1031 Finisher CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527104 Motor: Stepping Dc 14w Offset MJ-1031 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527105 Motor: Assy DC24v 11.2w K-MOT-LIFT-314 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527201 Motor:stepping PM42-5S16-vi MJ-1101/1106 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527202 Motor: Stepping S-ext-rlr-buf MJ-1101 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527203 Motor: Stepping S-feed MJ-1101/1106 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527204 Motor: Stepping S-pdl-align MJ-1101/1106 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527205 Motor: Stepping HB42K4-S2M20-vi ML1101 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527206 Motor:stepping HB42K1-S2M20 MJ-1101/1106 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527207 Motor:stepping HB42-5S15-sp MJ-1101/1106 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527208 Motor: Stepping PM35-5S16-p MJ-6103 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
OKI- 56527209 Motor:stepping Asyb-motor-feed-p MJ-6103 CX3535mfp CX4545mfp
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
toner, toonerikassett, toonerkassett, tonerem, tonerkassette

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