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Part Number Description
OKI- 45623706 Pcb: Maintenance C911 C911dn
OKI- 45623707 Pcb: Maintenance C931 C931dn
OKI- 45623708 Pcb: Maintenance C941 C941dn
OKI- 45623712 Pcb: PX753 Maintenance Od Brazil C911 C911dn
OKI- 45623713 Pcb: PX753 Maintenance Od Brazil C931 C931dn
OKI- 45623714 Pcb: PX753 Maintenance Od Brazil C941 C941dn
OKI- 45642402 Pcb: Maintenance F1D-1 C941 C941dn
OKI- 45642403 Pcb: Maintenance F1-D2 C911/C931 C911dn C931dn
OKI- 45654003 Scanner: Maint Unit Mc362w Airprint MC362w
OKI- 45654005 Scanner: Maint Unit Mc562w Airprint MC562w
OKI- 45654011 Adf: Maint Unit MC362W/MC562w MC362w MC562w
OKI- 45654023 Flatbed: Maint Unit Mc362w Airprint MC362w
OKI- 45654025 Flatbed: Maint Unit Mc562w Airprint MC562w
OKI- 45654033 Frame: Assy Fb Maint Mc362w Airprint MC362w
OKI- 45654035 Frame: Assy-fb Maint Mc562w Airprint MC562w
OKI- 45681801 Mfp Cabinet w/casters Mb760/Mb770/ MC770/MC780 & MPS3537mc/ MPS4242mcf MPS5502mbf MPS4242mcfx MPS5502mbfx MB760 MB770 MB770f MB770fx MPS3537mc MPS4242mc MPS5502mb
OKI- 45695901 Lever: End Sub MB492 MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45700002 Pcb: Maintenance F1T-1 C911dn C931dn C941dn
OKI- 45700501 Conn Cord JST14P-JST16p B412dn B432dn B512dn
OKI- 45700601 Conn Cord JST6P-AMP3PX2 B412dn B432dn B512dn
OKI- 45711601 Module: Wireless Lan Dnub-o1 MB492 MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45714601 Gear: Shaft Z27-fe C911dn C931dn C941dn
OKI- 45715501 Conn Cord JST2P-JST1p JST1p B412dn B432dn B512dn
OKI- 45718201 Frame Assy Mpt B412dn B432dn B512dn
OKI- 45718701 Cover Assy Mpt MB492 B412dn B432dn B512dn MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45721701 Lever: End MB492 B412dn B432dn B512dn MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45721801 Lever: End Sub B512 B512dn
OKI- 45723601 Photo Interrupter GP1A173LCS3f C831n MB492 B412dn B432dn B512dn C831dn MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45724901 Pcb: Mrm Maint B412 Odna B412dn
OKI- 45724911 Pcb: Mrm Maint B432 Odna B432dn
OKI- 45724921 Pcb: Mrm Maint B512 Odna B512dn
OKI- 45724951 Pcb: Mrm Maint Mb472 Odna MB472w
OKI- 45724961 Pcb: Mrm Maint Mb492 Odna MB492
OKI- 45724971 Pcb: Mrm Maint Mb562 Odna MB562w
OKI- 45725101 Spring: Lever End MB492 B412dn B432dn B512dn MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45762401 Pcb: Or-board-msu MB492 MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45762601 Pcb: Or-board-fxs MB492 MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45762701 Pcb: OR-BOARD-30l 230/240v MB492 B412dn B432dn B512dn MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45763001 Pcb: Or-board TP1 Mb492/562/Es5162 MB492
OKI- 45763301 Pcb: Or-board Ths Mb492/562/Es5162 MB492
OKI- 45763401 Motor: Fan 80 MB492 MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45765501 Frame Assy Op 7inch MB491 MB562w ES5162 MB492
OKI- 45807101 Toner Std Yld B412 B432 B512 MB472 MB492 MB562 3k Pages
OKI- 45807105 Toner Hi Yield B412 B432 B512 MB472 MB492 MB562 7k Pages
OKI- 45807110 Toner Hi Yield B432 B512 MB492 MB562 12k Pages
OKI- 45866201 Power Unit Acdc Switch 100-120v MB492 B412dn B432dn B512dn MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45880901 Scanner Maintenance Unit MB492 MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45880903 Scanner Maintenance Unit 7 Inch Op MB492 MB472w MB562w
OKI- 45880911 Flatbed Maintenance Unit Mb472 MB472w
OKI- 45880913 Flatbed Maintenance Unit 7 Op mb492 /56 MB492 MB562w
OKI- 45880921 Frame Assy Fb Maint Unit Mb472 MB472w
OKI- 45880923 Frame Assy Fb Maint Unit 7 Op mb492/ 562 MB492 MB562w
OKI- 46352901 Sensor Assy Sticking 8480 8810
OKI- 46484101 Drum F/C532 MC573 Yl
OKI- 46484102 Drum F/C532 MC573 Mg
OKI- 46484103 Drum F/C532 MC573 Cn
OKI- 46484104 Drum F/C532 MC573 Bk
OKI- 46490501 Toner F/C532 MC573 3k Yl
OKI- 46490502 Toner F/C532 MC573 3k Mg
OKI- 46490503 Toner F/C532 MC573 3k Cn
OKI- 46490504 Toner C532 MC573 3.5k Bk
OKI- 46490601 Toner F/C532 MC573 6k Yl
OKI- 46490602 Toner F/C532 MC573 6k Mg
OKI- 46490603 Toner F/C532 MC573 6k Cn
OKI- 46490604 Toner F/C532 MC573 7k Bk
OKI- 46507301 Drum F/C612 Yl
OKI- 46507302 Drum F/C612 Mg
OKI- 46507303 Drum F/C612 Cn
OKI- 46507304 Drum F/C612 Bk
OKI- 46507401 Drum F/C712 Yl
OKI- 46507402 Drum F/C712 Mg
OKI- 46507403 Drum F/C712 Cn
OKI- 46507404 Drum F/C712 Bk
OKI- 46507501 Toner F/C612 6k Yl
OKI- 46507502 Toner F/C612 6k Mg
OKI- 46507503 Toner F/C612 6k Cn
OKI- 46507504 Toner F/C612 8k Bk
OKI- 46507601 Toner F/C712 11.5k Yl
OKI- 46507602 Toner F/C712 11.5k Mg
OKI- 46507603 Toner F/C712 11.5k Cn
OKI- 46507604 Toner F/C712 11k Bk
OKI- 46508701 Toner C332 MC363 3k Yellow
OKI- 46508702 Toner C332 MC363 3k Magenta
OKI- 46508703 Toner C332 MC363 3k Cyan
OKI- 46508704 Toner C332 MC363 3.5k Black
OKI- 490 Oki ML490 24pin Dot Matrix Standard Carriage Printer
OKI- 491 Oki 24pin Wide Carr Dot Matrix Printr
OKI- 49361392 Roller: Hoping Assy OKIPAGE20
OKI- 4PA4025-2955G001Ribbon Drive Asm OKI320 / 321
OKI- 4YA4021-1050 Serial Interface Card 320 390 520 590 ML8810 Lxhi
OKI- 4YB4049-1709P01 Power Supply
OKI- 50027801 Drive: Ribbon Assy ML84a
OKI- 50028303 Platen: Assy PM2350
OKI- 50028401 Wire: Asm PM2350 PM2410
OKI- 50029801 Platen: Assy PM2410
OKI- 50030301 Frame: Carriage PM2350 PM2410
OKI- 50030505 Feed: Ribbon Mech Assy ML92
OKI- 50030506 Feed: Ribbon Mech Assy ML93
OKI- 50031602 Guide: Sheet Assy PM2410
OKI- 50032101 Feeder Tray Sheet Assy PM2410
OKI- 50036901 Pin Tractor Asm R ML182 ML192 ML193 OKI-ML182
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ribbon, ribbon cartridge, catouche de ruban, cartucho de cinta, farbbandkassette

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