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Part Number Description
LEX- 99A1612 Cable Asm Deflector
LEX- 99A1613 Flag Output Paper Level
LEX- 99A1616 Arm Paper Out 500 Int
LEX- 99A1621 Bearing Backup Roll
LEX- 99A1633 Packet Parts Screws
LEX- 99A1634 Cover Asm Top Fixed 250 Dup
LEX- 99A1639 Fuser Lamp Optra T610 / 612
LEX- 99A1640 Power Supply lvps 220v
LEX- 99A1641 Controller Bd rip T614n T616n
LEX- 99A1642 Fuser Lamp 220v T610 / T612
LEX- 99A1643 Shroud Fan 250
LEX- 99A1645 Arm Paper Out 500
LEX- 99A1646 Arm Asm Pivot
LEX- 99A1647 Strip Wear Special Medi
LEX- 99A1649 Screw Fuser Mounting
LEX- 99A1651 Sensor Asm Fuser Narrow Medi
LEX- 99A1654 Tray Asm Universal Adjustable 250 Sh
LEX- 99A1658 Cover Wiper Cavity
LEX- 99A1659 Bellcrank Backup Roll
LEX- 99A1660 Fuser Optra T610 T612 4069-010 212
LEX- 99A1661 Fuser 220v T610 / T612 4069-010 -212
LEX- 99A1662 Support Left Lower
LEX- 99A1663 Plate Asm Right Stacker
LEX- 99A1664 Bellcrank Roller Release
LEX- 99A1665 Deflector Base 500
LEX- 99A1667 Bracket 500 Tray Retention
LEX- 99A1668 Base Asm w/tray Bias 250 D
LEX- 99A1669 Card Asm 250 / 500 Duplex Opt
LEX- 99A1673 Cable Asm Motor Tach
LEX- 99A1674 Cover System Card
LEX- 99A1675 Guide Asm Paper
LEX- 99A1676 Sensor Asm Input 500 Duplex
LEX- 99A1677 Base Asm w/tray Bias Stud
LEX- 99A1679 Cover Asm Fixed Top 500 Dupl
LEX- 99A1680 Guide Lower Rh Return 50
LEX- 99A1682 Guide Lh Lower Return 50
LEX- 99A1683 Card Asm Forms Flash Dimm 2
LEX- 99A1684 Card Asm Forms Flash Dimm 4
LEX- 99A1685 Card Asm Forms Flash Dimm 8
LEX- 99A1686 Card Asm Forms Flash Dim 16
LEX- 99A1689 Clutch Asm Output Expander
LEX- 99A1691 Guide Lower Entry
LEX- 99A1692 Shaft Asm Drive 3 Roll
LEX- 99A1693 Frame Asm Main Duplex
LEX- 99A1695 Shaft Asm Drive 2 Roll
LEX- 99A1697 Cover Right Side
LEX- 99A1698 Cover Left Side
LEX- 99A1699 Guard Pass Thru Sensor
LEX- 99A1700 2000 Sheet Input Option Drawer Ltr
LEX- 99A1702 Stud Asm 500 Frame
LEX- 99A1704 Gear Idler
LEX- 99A1705 Gear Idler
LEX- 99A1706 Tray Asm Drive Roller
LEX- 99A1707 Tray Assemdrive Roller
LEX- 99A1714 Door Rear Access
LEX- 99A1726 Frame Asm Left w/clutch Asm
LEX- 99A1727 Frame Asm Right Side
LEX- 99A1750 Plate Wear
LEX- 99A1753 Card Asm 8mb Ram
LEX- 99A1754 Card Asm 16mb Sdram Dimm
LEX- 99A1755 Card Asm 32mb Sdramm Dimm
LEX- 99A1756 Card Asm 64mb Sdramm Dimm
LEX- 99A1757 Card Asm 2mb Flash Dimm
LEX- 99A1758 Card Asm 4mb Flash Dimm
LEX- 99A1759 Card Asm 8mb Flash Dimm
LEX- 99A1762 Maintenance Kit T614 T616
LEX- 99A1763 Maintenance Kit T614 T616 220v
LEX- 99A1764 Maintenance Kit T610 T612
LEX- 99A1765 Maintenance Kit Fuser 220v T610 /
LEX- 99A1773 Card Asm 128mb Sdram Dim
LEX- 99A1774 Card Asm 16mb Flash Dimm
LEX- 99A1794 Retainer Nut w/lock Washer Drive Pulley Plate
LEX- 99A1795 Motor Asm Dc
LEX- 99A1796 Belt Motor Drive
LEX- 99A1800 Pully Compound Drive
LEX- 99A1808 Cord External Jumper
LEX- 99A1809 Deflector Front
LEX- 99A1810 Engine Board T616 T616n
LEX- 99A1812 Label Tray Option Number
LEX- 99A1819 Mounting Frame Asm
LEX- 99A1820 Belt Main Drive 185g
LEX- 99A1822 Low Voltage P/S 110 T610 n T612 n
LEX- 99A1823 High Voltage P/Supply T610 N T612 n
LEX- 99A1829 Label Integrated Tray Num
LEX- 99A1830 Card Asm Ina 10/100basetx
LEX- 99A1831 Roll Asm Transfer Micr Onl
LEX- 99A1832 Guide Redrive Exit
LEX- 99A1834 Card Asm 250 / 500 Duplex Opt
LEX- 99A1844 Engine Board T610 T610n
LEX- 99A1847 Engine Board T616 T616n
LEX- 99A1848 Engine Board T616 T616n
LEX- 99A1850 Deflector Inner 500 Input
LEX- 99A1853 Packaging 4069 500/500 Printer
LEX- 99A1854 Pkg Asm 500/500
LEX- 99A1855 Packaging 4069 500/500 Plus 500 Print
LEX- 99A1863 High Voltage P/S T610 612 614 616
LEX- 99A1867 Lexmark T614 Printhead
LEX- 99A1869 Engine Board T610 T610n
LEX- 99A1872 Engine Board T616 T616n
LEX- 99A1875 Power Supply lvps 110v T614 T614n
LEX- 99A1878 Engine Board T616 T616n
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