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Part Number Description
LEX- 56P1918 Card Asm Modem Americas
LEX- 56P1923 Adf Pick Roll/Pad Kit
LEX- 56P1931 Cover Asm Adf Access
LEX- 56P1932 Cushion Document Cover
LEX- 56P1934 Panel Asm Operator
LEX- 56P1935 Overlay Menu/Select/Return
LEX- 56P1936 Overlay Main
LEX- 56P1940 Module Asm Ccd
LEX- 56P1941 Cable Ccd
LEX- 56P1959 Roller Main Paper Feed
LEX- 56P1964 Lens Pre Transfer led
LEX- 56P1968 Roller Registration
LEX- 56P1971 Solenoid Paper Tray Pick Roll
LEX- 56P1972 Solenoid Main Paper Feed
LEX- 56P1975 Clutch Asm Main Paper Feed
LEX- 56P1979 Fuser Complete 110v X215 Printer
LEX- 56P1980 Fuser X215 220v
LEX- 56P1983 Lexmark X215 Mfp Scanner Complete 4038-001
LEX- 56P1986 Card Asm Modem West Europe
LEX- 56P1987 Card Asm Modem S Africa
LEX- 56P1988 Card Asm Modem Asia
LEX- 56P1989 Card Asm Modem Australia
LEX- 56P2004 Panel Asm Operator 110v
LEX- 56P2028 Card Asm lvps/Hvps 240v
LEX- 56P2030 Card Asm Simm
LEX- 56P2031 Motor Oil Cable
LEX- 56P2034 Bellcrank Spring Arm Kit
LEX- 56P2035 Cover Upper With Glass
LEX- 56P2042 Cable 7 Pin User Interface
LEX- 56P2043 Hard Drive Asm Hd Disk EC7.1 X4500 X5500 X7500
LEX- 56P2044 Sub Asm Internal Adf/Ccd
LEX- 56P2045 Guide Adf Upper
LEX- 56P2046 Tray Paper Input
LEX- 56P2047 Guide Adf Lower
LEX- 56P2050 Cable Adf To Flatbed
LEX- 56P2051 Housing Flatbed Upper
LEX- 56P2052 Panel Asm User Interface
LEX- 56P2053 Lamp Asm Flatbed
LEX- 56P2054 Card Asm Fb Lamp Invertor
LEX- 56P2055 Unit Asm Fb Ccd/Optical
LEX- 56P2056 Sensor Asm
LEX- 56P2057 Card Asm Main Scanner
LEX- 56P2058 Hard Drive Asm Hd Disk EC7.1 X4500 X5500 X7500
LEX- 56P2059 Strip Mylar Paper Entry
LEX- 56P2060 Sensor Adf Paper Present
LEX- 56P2061 Roller Input Feed
LEX- 56P2062 Roller Output Feed
LEX- 56P2063 Motor Adf Feed Roller
LEX- 56P2064 Sensor Asm Cover Open
LEX- 56P2065 Sensor Asm Adf Paper Feed
LEX- 56P2106 Adf Optical Asm
LEX- 56P2107 Card Asm Ipds Scs EC3
LEX- 56P2109 Wiper Wax
LEX- 56P2110 Cable 14 Pin User Interface
LEX- 56P2112 Cable 15 Pin User Interface
LEX- 56P2114 Hinge Document Cover R
LEX- 56P2115 Hinge Document Cover L
LEX- 56P2116 Card Asm Adf Controller
LEX- 56P2122 Left Side Cover 250 1slot
LEX- 56P2126 Left Side Cover
LEX- 56P2129 Lex N4000e 10 / 100base Tx External Print Server
LEX- 56P2130 Card Asm Sys Network T630n
LEX- 56P2131 System Board Non-network T630
LEX- 56P2132 Card System Network T632n
LEX- 56P2133 Card Asm Sys Non Network T632
LEX- 56P2162 Gear Bevel With Grease Packet Washer
LEX- 56P2170 Cable User Interface 7 Pin
LEX- 56P2171 Cable User Interface 14 Pin
LEX- 56P2172 Cable User Interface 15 Pin
LEX- 56P2177 Asm Complete Adf/Doc Cvr
LEX- 56P2182 Card Asm Imagequick
LEX- 56P2189 Cover Top Asm
LEX- 56P2190 System Board Non-network T630
LEX- 56P2191 Card Asm Sys Network T630n
LEX- 56P2193 Card System Network T632n
LEX- 56P2215 Asm Pick w/o Media Sensor
LEX- 56P2217 Access Door Handle
LEX- 56P2222 Strip Mylar Paper Exit
LEX- 56P2231 Card Asm Korean Font
LEX- 56P2237 Tray Asm Envelope Feeder
LEX- 56P2248 Imagequick Card Asm
LEX- 56P2250 Roller Asm R1 Idle
LEX- 56P2251 Roller Asm R2 Idle
LEX- 56P2252 Feeder Asm Auto Document
LEX- 56P2261 Operator Panel Asm X422
LEX- 56P2263 Doc Tray Cover Asm
LEX- 56P2269 Timing Belt
LEX- 56P2271 Scu Card
LEX- 56P2281 Card X422 Resis System Main Board With Modem
LEX- 56P2285 Power Supply lvps 110v
LEX- 56P2299 FRU Asm Printcryption
LEX- 56P2300 Cover Asm Left
LEX- 56P2301 Door Asm Rear Exit
LEX- 56P2302 Cover Asm Rear
LEX- 56P2303 Cover Asm Mpf
LEX- 56P2304 Flag Stack Control L&r
LEX- 56P2305 Cover Asm Front
LEX- 56P2306 Cover Asm Top
LEX- 56P2307 Cover Asm Right
LEX- 56P2308 Roller Asm Backup Feed
LEX- 56P2309 Feed Cbm Reference
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