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Part Number Description
LEX- 41X1489 Mpf Lift Plate Solenoid
LEX- 41X1490 Mpf
LEX- 41X1491 Mpf Hinge Arm
LEX- 41X1492 Mpf Rear Paper Guide
LEX- 41X1493 Mpf Paper Present Sensor Cable
LEX- 41X1495 Mpf Paper Empty Flag
LEX- 41X1497 Mpf Paper Width Gear
LEX- 41X1498 Mpf Paper Size Sensor Cable
LEX- 41X1502 10.1 Inch Control Panel Top Bezel
LEX- 41X1505 Fuser 120v CS923 CX922 CX923 CX924 720k Also 220v
LEX- 41X1512 Motor Redrive
LEX- 41X1519 K Developer Solenoid
LEX- 41X1527 Motor Ck Toner Print Cartridge
LEX- 41X1528 10.1 Inch Control Panel Power Cable
LEX- 41X1529 Toner Supply Gear 1
LEX- 41X1530 Toner Supply Gear 2
LEX- 41X1531 Toner Print Cartridge Drive
LEX- 41X1535 Paper Exit Clutch
LEX- 41X1536 Fuser Drive Lever
LEX- 41X1537 Toner Exhaust Filter CS923 CX922 CX923 CX924
LEX- 41X1539 High Voltage Contact
LEX- 41X1540 High Voltage Developer Contact
LEX- 41X1547 Expansion Controller Board
LEX- 41X1562 Tray Insert Paper Length Guide
LEX- 41X1565 Front Door
LEX- 41X1566 Waste Toner Door Mount
LEX- 41X1567 Image Controller Board
LEX- 41X1569 Bottom Left Cover
LEX- 41X1576 Tray 2 Transport Guide
LEX- 41X1577 Mpf Rear Paper Guide 2
LEX- 41X1578 Mpf Front Paper Guide 2
LEX- 41X1579 Mpf Front Paper Guide
LEX- 41X1580 Mpf Paper Guide Pinion Gear
LEX- 41X1587 Scanner Front Cover
LEX- 41X1588 Adf Document Feed Gear
LEX- 41X1589 Adf Document Registration Gear 1
LEX- 41X1590 Sensor Adf Scan
LEX- 41X1592 Adf Maintenance Kit 200k CX920 CX921 CX922 CX923 CX924 CX927
LEX- 41X1593 Transfer Belt Maintenance Kit itu 300k CS921 CX920 CX921
LEX- 41X1594 Color Cmy Developer Maintenance Kit 600k
LEX- 41X1595 Developer Unit Cyan CS921 CS923 CX920 CX921 CX922 CX923 CX924
LEX- 41X1596 Developer Unit Magenta CS921 CS923 CX920 CX921 CX922 CX923
LEX- 41X1597 Developer Unit Yellow CS921 CS923 CX820 CX921 CX922 CX923
LEX- 41X1598 Black Developer Maintenance Kit 600k
LEX- 41X1600 Feed Separator Roller 2 & Pick Roller 1 Combo
LEX- 41X1601 Adf Separator Roller Spring
LEX- 41X1619 Toner Print Cartridge Relay Contact Cable
LEX- 41X1638 Mpf Tray Separator Pad MX720
LEX- 41X1642 Front Door Bracket Mx82x MX720
LEX- 41X1649 Optional 250-sheet Tray MX720
LEX- 41X1658 Optional 250-sheet Tray MX720
LEX- 41X1721 Contact Hvps
LEX- 41X1759 Adf Asm
LEX- 41X1760 Adf Cis Jam Access Cover
LEX- 41X1763 Speaker Cover
LEX- 41X1764 Speaker Bottom Cover
LEX- 41X1765 Control Panel Cable Guide Lower Cover
LEX- 41X1767 Scanner Lamp
LEX- 41X1768 Scanner Lamp Cable
LEX- 41X1771 Tray 1 Size Sensing Asm
LEX- 41X1772 Mpf Separator Access Cover
LEX- 41X1777 Scan Glass Brush
LEX- 41X1778 Scan Glass Cleaner
LEX- 41X1779 Cleaning Shaft
LEX- 41X1793 Left Cover
LEX- 41X1794 Upper Rear Cover
LEX- 41X1795 Lower Rear Cover
LEX- 41X1796 Fuser Exhaust Grill
LEX- 41X1797 Fuser Exhaust Filter
LEX- 41X1798 Port Access Door Extension
LEX- 41X1799 Main Power Switch Cable
LEX- 41X1800 Printhead Relay Board
LEX- 41X1801 Printhead
LEX- 41X1803 Waste Toner Drive
LEX- 41X1804 Tray 1 And Tray 2 Paper Feed Unit
LEX- 41X1805 Feed Clutch
LEX- 41X1806 Registration Clutch Feed Gear
LEX- 41X1808 Registration Transport Asm
LEX- 41X1809 Registration Unit Asm
LEX- 41X1810 Tray 2 Transport Gear
LEX- 41X1811 Right Door
LEX- 41X1812 Tray 2 Idler Gear
LEX- 41X1814 Registration Unit Spring
LEX- 41X1815 Duplex Secondary Gear
LEX- 41X1816 Fusing Speed Sensor Actuator
LEX- 41X1817 Duplex Primary Gear
LEX- 41X1818 Duplex Transport Asm
LEX- 41X1819 Motor Duplex Transport
LEX- 41X1820 Fuser Power Cable
LEX- 41X1821 Toner Print Cartridge Cooling Fan
LEX- 41X1822 Paper Exit Fan
LEX- 41X1823 Redrive Exit Belt
LEX- 41X1824 Port Mount Cover Spring
LEX- 41X1825 Bin Side Cover
LEX- 41X1826 Exit Asm
LEX- 41X1827 Power Supply Interface Board
LEX- 41X1828 Motor
LEX- 41X1829 Motor
LEX- 41X1830 Motor
LEX- 41X1831 Main Drive Asm
LEX- 41X1832 Duplex Clutch
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