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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X9214 Belt
LEX- 40X9215 Redrive Diverter Gear
LEX- 40X9216 Cis Asm
LEX- 40X9217 Cis Power Supply Card
LEX- 40X9218 Cis Power Supply Cable
LEX- 40X9219 Booklet Maker Fold Exit Sensor Cable
LEX- 40X9220 Adf Cis Clean Motor
LEX- 40X9221 Entrance Roller Belt
LEX- 40X9222 Svc Cables Cis Kit
LEX- 40X9223 Toner Print Cartridge Drive Asm
LEX- 40X9224 Diverter Cam Drive Gear
LEX- 40X9225 MX91x Svc Drive Toner Roll Shaft
LEX- 40X9227 Svc Maintenance Kit Adf
LEX- 40X9228 Adf Asm MX710
LEX- 40X9229 Adf Asm MX711 XM5170h XM5170 MX711de MX711dhe MX711dth
LEX- 40X9230 Op Panel Card MX711 And Display Kit
LEX- 40X9231 Adf Feeder MX810 MX811 MX812
LEX- 40X9232 Adf Controller Card MX810 MX811 MX812 MX710 MX711
LEX- 40X9233 Controller Card MX710 XM5163
LEX- 40X9234 Controller Card MX711 MX810 MX811 XM7155 MX7163 XM7170
LEX- 40X9236 Operator Panel Card
LEX- 40X9238 Operator Panel Card And Display Kit MX812 MX811 MX810 XM7170
LEX- 40X9241 X95x Svc Op Panels 10.1 Screen And Ctrl
LEX- 40X9243 Operator Panel Uicc Card X792
LEX- 40X9244 Front Toner Door Pivot Bracket
LEX- 40X9245 Op Panel Card MX711 And Display Kit
LEX- 40X9246 Operator Panel MX711
LEX- 40X9248 X925 Svc Cables rip Print Control
LEX- 40X9249 Operator Panel Card And Display Kit MX812 MX811 MX810 XM7170
LEX- 40X9250 Operator Panel MX81x 10 Touch
LEX- 40X9251 Controller Card MX310dn Galvo Lsu
LEX- 40X9252 Controller Card MX410de Galvo Lsu
LEX- 40X9253 Controller Card MX510 MX511 Galvo Lsu
LEX- 40X9254 Controller MX610 MX611 XM3150 Galvo Lsu
LEX- 40X9255 Svc Cover Hcf Right
LEX- 40X9256 Front Cover
LEX- 40X9257 Svc Misc Mechanical Hardware Paper Level
LEX- 40X9258 Svc Cover Hcf Rear
LEX- 40X9259 Slit Cover
LEX- 40X9260 X46x Svc Doors Hcf Paper Feed
LEX- 40X9264 X46x Svc Motor Lift-up
LEX- 40X9266 X46x Svc Contact Door Switch
LEX- 40X9267 X46x Svc Rollers Paper Feed
LEX- 40X9268 Feed And Pick Belt
LEX- 40X9269 X46x Svc Motor Paper Feed / Transport
LEX- 40X9270 Diverter Cam Gear
LEX- 40X9271 X46x Svc Belt Paper Feed 96l
LEX- 40X9273 X46x Svc Rollers Transport
LEX- 40X9275 Release Handle
LEX- 40X9276 Svc Springs Tray Lift Assist
LEX- 40X9277 Elevator Release Spring
LEX- 40X9278 MX91x Svc Misc Mechanical Har Tray Posit
LEX- 40X9279 Svc Other General Svc Adjusting Caster
LEX- 40X9280 Rear Cover
LEX- 40X9281 Left Cover
LEX- 40X9282 Caster Wheel
LEX- 40X9283 Rubber Stopper
LEX- 40X9285 Bottom Right Cover
LEX- 40X9286 Tray Empty led Mount
LEX- 40X9287 led Cover
LEX- 40X9289 X46x Svc Cables 2tm Cable
LEX- 40X9290 Controller Card
LEX- 40X9291 Upper Exit Roller
LEX- 40X9292 X46x Svc Stops Tray Insert
LEX- 40X9293 Feed And Transport Motor
LEX- 40X9294 Feed And Transport Motor Belt
LEX- 40X9295 Feed And Transport Secondary Gear
LEX- 40X9297 MX91x Svc Cover 2tm Jam Cover
LEX- 40X9298 Transport Gear
LEX- 40X9299 Transport Roller
LEX- 40X9300 Tray 4 Pick Asm Sensor Cable
LEX- 40X9303 Plastic Film
LEX- 40X9304 Tray Lock Lever
LEX- 40X9305 Tray Guide Wheel
LEX- 40X9306 Tray Paper Length Guide
LEX- 40X9307 Plastic Film
LEX- 40X9308 Tray Near Empty Sensor Actuator
LEX- 40X9309 Svc Lever Media Length
LEX- 40X9310 Top Bin
LEX- 40X9313 Sensor Feed Exit Door
LEX- 40X9314 Right Top Cover
LEX- 40X9315 Front Cover
LEX- 40X9316 Svc Cables Htu Parts Pack
LEX- 40X9320 Handle Cover
LEX- 40X9321 Rear Cover
LEX- 40X9322 Door Locks
LEX- 40X9323 Transport Motor
LEX- 40X9324 Transport Motor Belt
LEX- 40X9325 Transport Roller 1
LEX- 40X9326 Paper Feed Sensor Actuator
LEX- 40X9327 Transport Motor Gear
LEX- 40X9328 MX91x Svc Bracket Htu
LEX- 40X9332 Holding Bracket
LEX- 40X9333 Transport Idler Holder 1
LEX- 40X9334 Bottom Guide Wheel
LEX- 40X9335 Front Cover
LEX- 40X9336 Right Cover
LEX- 40X9337 Top Cover
LEX- 40X9338 Rear Cover
LEX- 40X9339 Right Front Cover
LEX- 40X9341 Elevator Belt
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