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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X2941 Logic Board 2480 Hv
LEX- 40X2942 Board Logic w/o Eprom lv 2481
LEX- 40X2944 Card Asm
LEX- 40X2945 Card Asm
LEX- 40X2948 Carrier Asm 2480 2580
LEX- 40X2949 Carrier Asm 2481 2581
LEX- 40X2950 Carrier Asm
LEX- 40X2951 Carrier Asm
LEX- 40X2952 Cable Printhead 2480 2580
LEX- 40X2953 Cable Printhead 2481
LEX- 40X2954 Cable Printhead
LEX- 40X2955 Cable Printhead 2491 2591
LEX- 40X2956 Idler Gear 248x 258x LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2957 Idle Gear
LEX- 40X2958 Support Shaft 2480 2490 2580 2590 Tractor 2
LEX- 40X2959 Shaft Support
LEX- 40X2960 Tractor 2 Board With Cable And Ferrite - Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2961 Card Asm
LEX- 40X2962 Op Panel Asm 2480 2481 2580 2581
LEX- 40X2963 Op Panel Asm
LEX- 40X2964 Module Eprom
LEX- 40X2965 Cut Sheet Support Lexmark 2480 2490 2580 2590
LEX- 40X2966 Left Side Frame 248x 258x LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2967 Frame Left Side
LEX- 40X2968 Frame Right Side 2480 2481 2490 2491 2580 2581 2590 2591
LEX- 40X2969 Paper Guide Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2970 Paper Guide Asm
LEX- 40X2971 Roller Lower
LEX- 40X2972 Sensor Paper Present 2480 2481 2490 2491 2580 2581 2590 2591
LEX- 40X2973 Platen Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2974 Platen Wide 2481 2491 2580 2581 2590 2591
LEX- 40X2975 Paper Separator Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2976 Paper Separator
LEX- 40X2977 Tension Pulley Plate LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2978 Upper Feed Roller Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2979 Roller Upper Fld
LEX- 40X2980 Right Side Sub Frame LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2981 Lower Feed Roller Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2983 Ground Kit Esd
LEX- 40X2984 Asf Pickup Left And Right Roller - Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2985 Roller Pickup
LEX- 40X2986 Ribbon Drive Rack Gear Narrow 2480 2490 2580 2590 LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2987 Ribbon Drive Rack Gear Wide 2481 2491 2581 2591
LEX- 40X2988 Carrier Shaft Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2989 Carrier Shaft 2481 2491
LEX- 40X2990 Cover Top
LEX- 40X2992 Front Unit Cover Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2993 Cover Front
LEX- 40X2994 Front Cover Guide Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2995 Cover Front Guide 2481 2491 2581 2591
LEX- 40X2996 Operator Panel Overlay Pack 248x 258x LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X2997 Parts Packet Overlay
LEX- 40X2998 Printhead 2480 2481 2580 2581 Dot Matrix Printer
LEX- 40X2999 Printhead 2490 2491 -200 2590 2591 -100 Lexmark Dot Matrix
LEX- 40X3000 Tractor Shaft Set Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X3001 Tractor Shaft
LEX- 40X3002 Tractor Unit Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X3003 Tractor Unit
LEX- 40X3004 Hopper R
LEX- 40X3005 Cover Bottom
LEX- 40X3007 Frame Support Plate Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X3008 Frame Sup Plate
LEX- 40X3009 Frame Tractor Asm 2480 2490 2580 2590 Tractor 2 Narrow
LEX- 40X3010 Holder Lower Pinch Roller Right 2580 2581 2590 2591 248x 249x
LEX- 40X3011 Asf Right Side Frame 2480 2481 2590 2591 2580 2581 2590 2591
LEX- 40X3013 Ribbon Access Unit Cover 2480 2580 LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X3014 Ribbon Access Cover 2481 2581
LEX- 40X3015 Cable Power Supply 2480 2490 2580 2590
LEX- 40X3016 Cable Asm
LEX- 40X3017 Cut Support
LEX- 40X3018 Paper Table 2480 2490 2580 2590 Tractor 2 w/guides Narrow
LEX- 40X3019 Lower Pinch Roller Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X3020 Lower Pinch Roller Wide
LEX- 40X3021 Carrier Plate Narrow LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X3022 Carrier Plate Asm
LEX- 40X3023 Roller
LEX- 40X3024 Roller
LEX- 40X3025 Cover Ribbon Acc
LEX- 40X3026 Ribbon Access Cover 2491 2591
LEX- 40X3028 Narrow Auto Feeder LEX-2580-500
LEX- 40X3029 Tractor Narrow Dual 2480 2490 2580 2590
LEX- 40X3030 Module Eprom 2480 2481 2580 2581
LEX- 40X3033 Cover Front
LEX- 40X3034 Feeder Asm Wide
LEX- 40X3035 Tractor Dual
LEX- 40X3037 Cam Release Slider
LEX- 40X3038 Cam Sub Slider
LEX- 40X3039 Cover Dual Tractor
LEX- 40X3040 Cut Sheet Support With Guides
LEX- 40X3043 Cover Asm Front Complete
LEX- 40X3045 Cover Ribbon
LEX- 40X3048 Op Panel Asm
LEX- 40X3049 Cable Op Panel
LEX- 40X3050 Cover Asm
LEX- 40X3051 Cover A
LEX- 40X3052 Frame Ls Tractor
LEX- 40X3053 Frame Asm
LEX- 40X3054 Tractor Asm 4227-200 4227-300
LEX- 40X3055 Tractor Shaft Kit
LEX- 40X3056 Gear Plate Asm
LEX- 40X3057 Motor w/ Bracket
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