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Part Number Description
LEX- 11A6215 Paper Feed Motor Asm With Bracket
LEX- 11A6220 Ribbon Drive Motor & Gear Plate Asm
LEX- 11A6221 Belt Tension Pulley Plate Asm
LEX- 11A6229 Gap Home Position Sensor
LEX- 11A6240 Paper Sensors Asm With Flags A
LEX- 11A6241 Feed Roller Lower
LEX- 11A6243 Power Supply 100 240 Vac
LEX- 11A6252 Second Tractor / Frame Option 4227-200
LEX- 11B5626 Power Cord Us Canada
LEX- 11B6078 Power Cord Us Canada
LEX- 11C0099 Lexmark 2580+ Dot Matrix Forms Printer Narrow
LEX- 11C0109 Lexmark 2580n+ Dot Matrix Network Forms Printer Narrow
LEX- 11C0111 Lexmark 2581+ 2581-500 Forms Printer Wide Dot Matrix
LEX- 11C0113 Lexmark 2590+ Dot Matrix Forms Printer 24 Pin Narrow
LEX- 11C0118 Lexmark 2590n+ 2590-510 Forms Printer Narrow Carriage Network
LEX- 11C0119 Lexmark 2591+ Forms Printer Wide Dot Matrix
LEX- 11C2550 Lexmark 2580 Forms Printer
LEX- 11C2551 Lexmark 2580n Forms Printer
LEX- 11C2552 Lexmark 2581-100 Printer Wide Carr 9 Pin Dot Matrix
LEX- 11C2553 Lexmark 2581n Forms Printer
LEX- 11C2554 Lexmark 2590 Forms Printer Narrow 24 Pin
LEX- 11C2555 Lexmark 2590n Forms Printer Network 24 Pin Narrow
LEX- 11C2556 Lexmark 2591 Forms Printer Wide Carr 24 Pin
LEX- 11C2557 Lexmark 2591n Forms Printer Network Wide Carr
LEX- 11C2956 Lexmark 2581n+ Forms Printer 2581-510 Wide Carriage Network
LEX- 11C2957 Lexmark 2591n+ 2591-510 Forms Printer Wide Carriage Network
LEX- 11G3523 Simm Flash 5mb
LEX- 11K0248 Printhead T614
LEX- 11K0250 Optra T612 Printhead 4069 212
LEX- 11K0270 Lex T520 / T522 Printhead 4520 210
LEX- 11K0681 250 Sheet Drawer Option T Series
LEX- 11K0688 500 Sheet Drawer Option T Series
LEX- 11K0688BLK Feeder Tray Et Feeder- Black
LEX- 11K0688NT Optra T Drawer No Tray T630 500sheet
LEX- 11K0718 2000 Sheet Input Option Drawer Ltr
LEX- 11K0719 2000 Sh Drw a4 Optra T610 T612 T614
LEX- 11K0720 Option Envelope Feeder T630 T632 T634
LEX- 11K0721 Duplexer 250 Sheet T610 T612 T520 T630
LEX- 11K0722 Duplexer 500 Sheet T632 T612 T622 T522
LEX- 11K0723 Output Expander Optra T612 T614
LEX- 11K0724 5 Bin Mailbox Optra T612 T614 T616 T632 T634 T620
LEX- 11K1059 Tray 250 Sheet Internal T52x T62x T63x
LEX- 11K1060 Tray 500 Sheet Internal T52x T62x T63x T61x
LEX- 11K1256 2000 Sheet Input Option Drawer Ltr
LEX- 11K1440 High Capacity Output Stacker
LEX- 11K1572 250 Sheet Special Media Tray
LEX- 11K1573 250 Sheet Special Media Tray
LEX- 11K1878 250 Sheet Univ Adjustable Tray And Drawer
LEX- 11K1908 Controller Bd rip T614n T616n
LEX- 11K1921 500 Sheet Special Media Tray
LEX- 11K1922 500 Sheet Special Media Tray & Drawer
LEX- 11K1941 400 Sheet Univ Adjustable Tray
LEX- 11K1942 400 Sheet Univ Adjustable Tray & Drwr
LEX- 11K1962 Tiff Simm Optra W810
LEX- 11K1963 Imagequick Tiff Simm
LEX- 11K2224-6GB Lexmark 6gb Hdd Card Asm. Optra T61x 4059/4069
LEX- 11K2800 Staple Smart Finisher T62x
LEX- 11K2848 Bar Code Simm Optra M410
LEX- 11K3188 Staple Cartridge 9k C91x 92x T62x 63x
LEX- 11K3435 Serial/Parallel Card 1120
LEX- 11K3800 Lexmark T52X/T62x Bar Code Card
LEX- 11K3850 Lex T52X/T62x Card For Prescribe
LEX- 11K3927 5+gb Hd w/ Adapter
LEX- 11K3928 Optra Forms 5+gb Hd w/adaptor
LEX- 11K4019 Rs 232 Ser/Para 1284 A C Interface Card
LEX- 11K4065 Optra T52X/T62x Operator Panel Cover
LEX- 11K4078 Parallel A C 6' Cable
LEX- 11K4120 Coax/Twinax Adapter For Scs C750/C910
LEX- 11K4200 Parallel Card & 1284 C Cbl C750/C910
LEX- 11K4250 Parallel 1284 C B Adapter
LEX- 11K4350 Paper Tray 500 Sheet Optra T
LEX- 11K4560 Lexmark FIBRE/10base-t Card
LEX- 11K4601 Parallel 1284-b Interface Card
LEX- 11K4602 RS232 Adapt T63x Laser
LEX- 11K4603 T63x 20+gb Hard Drive With Adapter
LEX- 11K4616 Card Asm 16mb Flash
LEX- 11K4632 Card Asm 32mb Flash
LEX- 11K4647 Vertical Kiosk Presenter T63x
LEX- 11K4648 Horizontal Kiosk Presenter T63x
LEX- 11N0023 64mb Memory C750 & C910
LEX- 11N0025 128mb Memory C750 & C910
LEX- 11N0036 256mb Memory C750/C910
LEX- 12015SA Toner Print Cartridge 2k Lexmark E120n
LEX- 12026XW Photoconductor Kit 25k Lexmark E120n
LEX- 12035SA Toner Print Cartridge 2k Lexmark E120n
LEX- 12A0725 Toner Print Cartridge 23k High Yield Optra Se 345
LEX- 12A0825 Toner Print Cartridge 23k High Yield Se 3455
LEX- 12A0829 Cartridge Labels 23k High Yield Optra Se 3455
LEX- 12A1970 Toner Print Cartridge 7000/3200 Jet Hi Resolution
LEX- 12A1990 Prt Ctdg Photo 7000/3200v Jet Hi Res
LEX- 12A3710 Toner Print Cartridge 6k pgs High Yield X422
LEX- 12A3715 Toner Print Cartridge 12k pgs High Yield X422
LEX- 12A4710 Toner Print Cartridge 6k Lexmark X422
LEX- 12A4715 Toner Print Cartridge 12k High Yield X422
LEX- 12A5361 12A5361 Laser Cartridge High-yield Black
LEX- 12A5740 Toner Print Cartridge 10k Optra T61x
LEX- 12A5745 Toner Print Cartridge 25k High Yield Optra T61x
LEX- 12A5840 Toner Print Cartridge 10k Optra T61x
LEX- 12A5840B Toner Print Cartridge 10k Rebox T61x
LEX- 12A5845 Toner Print Cartridge 25k High Yield T610 T612 T614 T616
LEX- 12A5845-C Toner Compatible T610 T612 T614 T616 25k High Yield Cartridge
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