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Description Part Number
1024MB DDR2-DRAM 40X5303
256MB DDR2-DRAM 40X5301
256MB flash card 40X5704
512MB DDR2-DRAM 40X5302
ADF cover open flag 40X5191
ADF document input tray 40X5192
ADF exit sensor with cable 40X5166
ADF front case 40X5195
ADF front case cover 40X5196
ADF hinge (left or right) 40X5209
ADF lid handle cover 40X5201
ADF motor gear train 40X5208
ADF paper stop 40X5193
ADF pick pad 40X5189
ADF pick roller 40X5188
ADF separator pad 40X5187
ADF static ground brush 40X5165
ADF upper case cover 40X5197
ADF upper front side cover 40X5203
ADF upper motor side cover 40X5202
ADF, complete 40X5190
Antenna for wireless card 40X5319
Bin full sensor with cable 40X5121
Cable, 14-pin JST cable for fax modem card 40X5606
Cable, 14-pin JST cable for ISP interface cable 40X5316
Card for IPDS and SCS/TNe, X734, X736, X738 40X0088
Card reader (3121 contact) 40X4602
Card reader (5121 contact/RFID) 40X4603
Card reader (5125 contact/HID) 40X4604
Card reader cable 40X4597
Card reader cover 40X4598
Carriage transport belt with clip 40X5214
Cartridge cooling fan 40X5108
Cave LED card 40X5215
Color-On-Demand assembly 40X5122
Contact springs kit 40X5137
Cooling fan 40X5109
Cooling fan filter 40X5287
Cover, Left cover 40X5173
Cover, Left door cover 40X5221
Cover, Output bin extension cover 40X5164
Cover, Pressure plate cover 40X5194
Cover, Rear cover 40X5174
Cover, Rear frame cover 40X5169
Cover, Right cover 40X5172
Cover, Top access cover 40X5176
Cover, Top cover 40X5175
Cover, Top cover camshaft 40X5130
Drawer, 550-sheet Drawer (with tray) 40X5140
Duplex reference edge 40X5113
EP drive assembly 40X5125
Flatbed air filter 40X5218
Flatbed cave LED cover (clear) 40X5216
Flatbed CCD carrier module, w/ lamp 40X5212
Flatbed CCD lamp 40X5213
Flatbed cooling fan 40X5199
Flatbed filter door cover 40X5198
Flatbed scanner, complete 40X5167
Flatbed with glass cover 40X5211
Forms and Bar code card, X734, X736, X738 40X0047
Front access door 40X5184
Front door 40X5112
Front door parts packet 40X5111
Fuser assembly, 110-120V 40X5093
Fuser assembly, 220-240V 40X5094
Hard disk, T65x, X46x, X65x 40X4822
High-voltage power supply 40X5129
ISP standoff with thumbscrew 40X5317
ISP thumbscrew (2) 40X5315
Left bellcrank with spring 40X1447
Lexmark PrintCryption card 40X5952
Low voltage power supply 40X5182
Motor driver card 40X5126
MP feeder / duplex drive parts packet 40X5132
MP feeder / duplex motor 40X5131
Operator panel asm with card 40X5179
Operator panel bezel, 676 40X5222
Paper pick assembly 40X5275
Paper present LED card 40X5210
Paper tray, 550-sheet 40X5273
Parallel 1284-B interface card 40X4823
Parts package (top access cover) 40X5180
Parts packet (operator panel buttons) 40X5181
Pick arm roller 40X5152
Pick tires 40X5168
Power cord 2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, US, CA, LA 40X0269
Printhead 40X5123
Right bellcrank with spring 40X1446
RS-232C serial interface card 40X4819
Scanner front cover 40X5206
Scanner ICC card 40X5220
Scanner left cover 40X5204
Scanner MDC card 40X5219
Scanner rear cover 40X5207
Scanner right cover 40X5205
Separator pad spring 40X5163
Specialty media Drawer (with tray) 40X5142
Specialty media tray 40X5143
Switch, 24 V interlock switch 40X5128
Switch, 5 V interlock switch 40X5127
System board (network), 476, 676 40X5271
System board support shield 40X5107
Toner level sensor 40X1416
Transfer module 40X5096
Tray, 550-sheet tray 40X5141
UICC card 40X5186

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