Important information regarding the Genuine 8900 Ribbon
Reorder Number: 2551152-0011
The black ribbon reorder number for the 8920 printer always was, and still is 2551152-0011. The part number has not been changed or replaced by any other number.
Are you sure you are getting the Genuine TI Authorized Ribbons?
Many users have been unaware that they have been sold a compatible ribbon when they really intended to buy genuine or OEM ribbons.
Inferior ribbons can cause printer failure due to paper jams, shortened printhead life, excessive ribbon tension.
Why pay more for less when you can have:
Longer printhead life
Guaranteed reliability
Superior print quality
Longer shelf life, 1 year+
Order your ribbons factory direct online or request an Authorized 8900 dealer or distributor near you via email at

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