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Part Number Description
SAM- JC39-01281A harnessvideopower scx8040nd ul1061 8p
SAM- JC39-01282A harnesscoveropens/w scx8040nd ul1027
SAM- JC39-01283A Cbf-conn.coax scx-8040nd ul10272 24p/ 22p
SAM- JC39-01284A harnesshvps scx8040nd ul10272 22p 425m
SAM- JC39-01285A harnesshvharness scx8040nd ul3239 1p
SAM- JC39-01288A harnesscoveropens/w2 scx8040nd ul10
SAM- JC39-01290A harnesssawplate scx8040nd ul3239 1p 9
SAM- JC39-01294A Harness-waste Toner scx-8040nd ul10272 1
SAM- JC39-01296A harnesspickupstep&lsufan scx8040nd U
SAM- JC39-01297A harnessbottlepower scx8040nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01298A harnesssidecoverjointbd scx8040nd
SAM- JC39-01299A Harness-fuser Harness scx-8040nd ul1617
SAM- JC39-01300A harnessscansub scx8040nd ul10272 18p
SAM- JC39-01301A Harness-ope scx-8040nd ul1061 22p 1300mm
SAM- JC39-01304A harnessexit2 option 1 scx8040nd ul102
SAM- JC39-01305A harness-exit2 option -2 scx-8040nd ul102
SAM- JC39-01306A harnesscrumi/f scx8040nd ul10272 8p 1
SAM- JC39-01307A Harness-paper Curl scx-8040nd ul10272 9p
SAM- JC39-01310A harnesscurlsensorjoint scx8040nd ul1
SAM- JC39-01311A Harness-finisher Interface scx-8040nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01312A harnessdcf scx8040nd ul10272 17p/12p 4
SAM- JC39-01314A harnessfuserstep scx8040nd ul10272 7p
SAM- JC39-01315A Harness-bottle Joint Bd scx-8040nd ul10
SAM- JC39-01316A Harness-exit Unit scx-8040nd ul10272 11p
SAM- JC39-01321A cbfconn.coax scx8040nd ul10272 28p/2p
SAM- JC39-01322A Flat Cable-bottle Drive scx-8040nd 30 20
SAM- JC39-01323A harnesspickupunit clx9350nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01328A harnessdadfcoveropen clx9350 ul10272
SAM- JC39-01329A Harness-length Sensor clx-9350 ul10272 U
SAM- JC39-01330A harnessguidepickupgnd clx9350 ul1007
SAM- JC39-01334A Flat Cable clx-6220fx 40p 750mm awm20624
SAM- JC39-01335A Harness-fuser Inside clx-9350 ul10059 9p
SAM- JC39-01336A harnesspressuresensor clx9350 ul10059
SAM- JC39-01347A Harness-scfopen clp-670nd ul10272 4p/ 3p
SAM- JC39-01349A Harness-lsu ml-6510nd Harness ul10272 32
SAM- JC39-01354A Harness-motor ml-1660 ul10272 4 Gray/ Blk
SAM- JC39-01357A Flat cable ml-1660 26p 70mm awm20624 1.0
SAM- JC39-01358A Flat cable ml-1660 16p 550mm awm20624 1.
SAM- JC39-01360A Flat Cable ml-6510nd 50p 120mm awm20624
SAM- JC39-01364A Harness-smps-power clp-325 ul1061 ul1061
SAM- JC39-01365A Harness-inlet clp-325 ul1617 ul1617 2pin
SAM- JC39-01374A Harness-stacker ml-6510nd Harness ul1027
SAM- JC39-01375A Harness-scf ml-6510nd Harness ul10272 18
SAM- JC39-01376A Harness-Hvps ml-6510nd Harness ul10272 2
SAM- JC39-01378A harnesstonerbldc ml6510nd Harness ul1
SAM- JC39-01379A Harness-fuser-exit-mot ml-6510nd Harness
SAM- JC39-01385A Harness-tonercrumif ml-6510nd Harness
SAM- JC39-01388A Harness-tonersen ml-6510nd Harness ul10
SAM- JC39-01404A Harness-bldc clx-3185fn ul10272 ul10272
SAM- JC39-01406A Flat Cable scx-5635nd 23p 100mm awm20624
SAM- JC39-01411A harness-sensor scx-3200 ul10272 5 Gray/B
SAM- JC39-01412A Harness-ope scx-3200 ul10272 12 Gray/ Blk
SAM- JC39-01413A Harness-binfull scx-3200 ul10272 3 Gray/
SAM- JC39-01414A Harness-wlan scx-3200w ul2725 5 Blk awg2
SAM- JC39-01417A Cbf Signal-hdmi scx-6555nx 19 C-c Type
SAM- JC39-01418A Harness-motor scx-3200 ul10272 4 Gray /Bl
SAM- JC39-01419A Flat cable scx-3200 26p 90mm awm20624 1.
SAM- JC39-01420A Flat cable scx-3200 12p 630mm awm20624 1
SAM- JC39-01422A Cbf Signal-hdmi scx-5835nx 19 C-c Type 6
SAM- JC39-01423A Cbf If-cross Cable scx-5835nx 8 ul10991
SAM- JC39-01425A Harness-Adf-joint clx-3185fn ul10272 ul1
SAM- JC39-01427A harness-scanheater2 clx-9350 ul1617 2 3
SAM- JC39-01430A Harness-rear Cover Fr ml-4510nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01433A harnesstoner/devecrum&eraser ml4510nd
SAM- JC39-01437A harnessbldc ml4510nd ul10272 awg26 ul1
SAM- JC39-01439A Harness-cst ml-4510nd ul10272 awg26 ul10
SAM- JC39-01441A Harness-scf ml-4510nd ul10272 awg26 ul10
SAM- JC39-01448A Harness-stacker ml-5010nd ul10272 awg26
SAM- JC39-01449A Harness-smps ml-4510nd ul1061 awg18/ ul10
SAM- JC39-01451A Harness-power-sw ml-4510nd ul1617 awg16/
SAM- JC39-01452A Harness-ope ml-4510nd ul10272 awg26 ul10
SAM- JC39-01459A Flat Cable ml-4510nd 20p 0.05 360mm awm2
SAM- JC39-01461A Flat Cable ml-4510nd 35p 0.05 690mm awm2
SAM- JC39-01465A Harness-sensor ml-3710 ul10272 9 Pin Blu
SAM- JC39-01466A Harness-motor Clutch ml-3710 ul10272 14
SAM- JC39-01468A harness-exit ml-3710 ul10272 3 Pin Gray/
SAM- JC39-01469A Harness-rearcover&binfull Sensor ml-3710
SAM- JC39-01470A Harness-mp Sensor & Clutch ml-3710 ul102
SAM- JC39-01471A Harness-Hvps ml-3710 ul10272 12 Pin Blu/
SAM- JC39-01472A Harness-smps signal ml-3710 ul10272 5 P
SAM- JC39-01477A Harness-ope led ml-3310 ul10272 11 Pin
SAM- JC39-01478A Flat cable ml-3710 20p 360mm awm20624 1.
SAM- JC39-01479A Harness-fuser Therm ml-3710 ul1617 4 Pin
SAM- JC39-01481A Harness-smps Power ml-3710 ul1061 4 Pin
SAM- JC39-01482A Harness-ac inlet-1 ml-3710 ul1617 3pin W
SAM- JC39-01484A Harness-scf main ml-3710 ul10272 18 Pin
SAM- JC39-01487A Harness-fuser Joint ml-3710 1 Pin 100mm
SAM- JC39-01489A Flat cable scx-5637fr 16p 670mm awm20624
SAM- JC39-01490A Flat cable scx-4833fd 12p 650mm awm20624
SAM- JC39-01492A Harness-usb host scx-5637fr ul2725 4p 4p
SAM- JC39-01493A harness-dadf scx-5637fr ul10272 12p 11p
SAM- JC39-01494A harness-smps-1 scx-5637fr ul1061 5p 5p G
SAM- JC39-01500A Flat cable scx-5737fw 30p 110mm awm20624
SAM- JC39-01501B harnessacinlet scx5835nx ul1617 4pin/
SAM- JC39-01504A harnessexit&envsensor ml4510nd ul1027
SAM- JC39-01505A harnessstepmot&envcl ml4510nd ul1027
SAM- JC39-01507A harnessopeusb ml5015nd ul10272 aw26/u
SAM- JC39-01514C Curl Cord scx-4728hn 4 300mm Dark Navy G
SAM- JC39-01516A harnessfuserac ml4510nd ul1617 awg16
SAM- JC39-01519A Harness-xoa-fdi scx-6545nx ul10272 Red/B
SAM- JC39-01523A harnesswlan scx5737fw ul2725 5pin Blk
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
toner, toonerikassett, toonerkassett, tonerem, tonerkassette

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