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Part Number Description
SAM- JC39-01099A harnessstepmotor clx9350nd ul10272 12
SAM- JC39-01100A harnessexitunit clx9350nd ul10272 11p
SAM- JC39-01101A Harness-ope Panel clx-9350nd ul10272 22p
SAM- JC39-01102A Harness-dcf If clx-9350nd ul10272 17p /12
SAM- JC39-01103A harness-hvps1 clx-9350nd ul10272 28p 675
SAM- JC39-01104A harness-hvps2 clx-9350nd ul10272 34p 700
SAM- JC39-01105A Harness-cassette Joint clx-9350nd ul1027
SAM- JC39-01106A Harness-drive Joint Power clx-9350nd ul1
SAM- JC39-01107A Harness-bottle Joint Board clx-9350nd Ul
SAM- JC39-01108A harnessfuseroutfan clx9350nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01109A Harness-toner Supply Unit-dual clx-9350n
SAM- JC39-01110A Harness-toner Supply Unit clx-9350nd ul1
SAM- JC39-01114A harnessitbbldc clx9350nd ul10272 11p/
SAM- JC39-01115A harnessheaters/w clx9350nd ul1617 2p
SAM- JC39-01121A Harness clx-9350nd ul10272 2p 150mm Gray
SAM- JC39-01122A harnessexitstepmotor clx9350nd ul102
SAM- JC39-01123A Harness-take Away Sensor clx-9350nd ul10
SAM- JC39-01124A Harness-opc Encoder Ck clx-9350nd ul1027
SAM- JC39-01126A harnessdevebldck clx9350nd ul10272 1
SAM- JC39-01127A harnesslsushuttermotor clx9350nd ul1
SAM- JC39-01128A Harness-fuser Inside Lamp clx-9350nd ul3
SAM- JC39-01129A harnesspickuprollstep clx9350nd ul1
SAM- JC39-01131A harnessgndwire clx9350nd ul1007 1p 75
SAM- JC39-01132A harnesssidecoverexitunit clx9350nd
SAM- JC39-01133A harnessduplexunit clx9350nd ul10272 9
SAM- JC39-01134A Harness-duplex Sensor clx-9350nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01135A harnesst2engageunit clx9350nd ul1027
SAM- JC39-01136A harness-t2 Engage Dc & Sensor clx-9350nd
SAM- JC39-01137A harnessmpfunit clx9350 ul10272 7p 400
SAM- JC39-01138A harnessmpf clx9350nd ul10272 7p 575mm2
SAM- JC39-01139A harnessmpmediasizeunit clx9350nd Ul
SAM- JC39-01140A Harness-mp Media Size Sensor clx-9350nd
SAM- JC39-01141A harnesspapercurldetsensor clx9350nd
SAM- JC39-01142A Harness-auto Size Sensor clx-9350nd ul10
SAM- JC39-01143A harnessliftdc clx9350nd ul10272 4p/2p
SAM- JC39-01144A Harness-remain Sensor clx-9350nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01145A harnesstray1wallconnector clx9350nd
SAM- JC39-01146A harnesstray2wallconnector clx9350nd
SAM- JC39-01147A harnesscassetteled clx9350nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01152A Harness-cassette Pickup Unit clx-9350nd
SAM- JC39-01153A harnessexitsensor clx9350nd ul10272 9
SAM- JC39-01154A harnessheateri/f clx9350nd ul1617 2p
SAM- JC39-01155A Harness-lsu Fan clx-9350nd ul10272 6p /3p
SAM- JC39-01158A harnessscansub clx9350nd ul10272 18p
SAM- JC39-01160A harnessfuserjoint ml2580n Wireharnes
SAM- JC39-01162A Flat Cable clx-9350 40 0.05 50mm awm2062
SAM- JC39-01164A Harness-ope Main To Key clx-9350 ul10272
SAM- JC39-01165A harnesspickup/regimotor clx9350 ul102
SAM- JC39-01166A harnessplaten/exitmotor clx9350 ul102
SAM- JC39-01167A harnesswidthsensor clx9350 ul10272 6
SAM- JC39-01168A harnessled/solenoiid1 clx9350 ul10272
SAM- JC39-01170A harnessscanreadsensor1 clx9350 ul102
SAM- JC39-01176A harnessled/solenoid3 clx9350 ul10272
SAM- JC39-01177A harnessapssensor clx9350 ul10272 6/3
SAM- JC39-01178A Harness-scan Joint clx-9350 ul10272 30 4
SAM- JC39-01179A harnesscoveropen clx9350 ul10272 9/6
SAM- JC39-01181A Harness-duplex Regi Sensor clx-9350 ul10
SAM- JC39-01182A harnessinverter clx9350 ul10272 3 75mm
SAM- JC39-01184A harnessscanreadsensor2 clx9350 ul102
SAM- JC39-01185A Harness-scan Power clx-9350 ul10272 18 1
SAM- JC39-01186A harnessscanheater1 clx9350 ul1617 2 3
SAM- JC39-01191A Cbf Flat Cable clx-9350nd 60 475mm awm20
SAM- JC39-01192A harnesswirelesslan clx9350 ul10272 U
SAM- JC39-01195A Flat cable scx-4623fn 12p 700mm awm20624
SAM- JC39-01196A Harness-finisher Interface clx-9350nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01201A Harness-sata-signal clx-9350 Flat ul2725
SAM- JC39-01202A Harness-sata-signal clx-9350 Flat ul2725
SAM- JC39-01203A Harness-sata-power clx-9350 ul1061 4p 20
SAM- JC39-01205A Harness-dadf-power clx-9350 Ul 2835 26
SAM- JC39-01206A harnessopelcd clx9350 40p/40p 60mm Bl
SAM- JC39-01224A Flat Cable scx-5133f 40p 670mm Awm 20624
SAM- JC39-01226B Harness-fuser scx-4725 ul3122 2pin Blk A
SAM- JC39-01227A Harness-fuser Joint scx-4725 ul3122 Wht
SAM- JC39-01228A Harness-ope ml-2580n ul10272 8 Gray/ Blk
SAM- JC39-01230A Flat Cable clx-9350nd 30 0.33 60mm awm20
SAM- JC39-01231A Harness-ope-power clx-9350 ul2725/ ul2835
SAM- JC39-01233A Harness-Adf-joint scx-4623fn ul10272 12
SAM- JC39-01234A Harness-opemain scx-5133f ul10272 7p 7p
SAM- JC39-01237A Harness-engine scx-4623fn ul1061 Gray /Bl
SAM- JC39-01238A harnessexitled1 clx9350 ul10272 3/3 5
SAM- JC39-01239A harnessexitled2 clx9350 ul10272 3/3 7
SAM- JC39-01242A Harness-cis-main sf-650p/xaa Board To Bo
SAM- JC39-01243A Harness-ope-main sf-650p/xaa Board To Bo
SAM- JC39-01244A Harness-scan Motor-main sf-650p/xaa Boar
SAM- JC39-01250A Harness-fuserdraw-fr-dual clp-670nd ul16
SAM- JC39-01251A Harness-fuserdraw-fr-single clp-620nd Ul
SAM- JC39-01253A Flat Cable scx-8040nd 30 0.33 95mm awm20
SAM- JC39-01254A harnessduplexjam2 scx8040nd ul10272 8
SAM- JC39-01255A harnessduplexjam2sensor scx8040nd Ul
SAM- JC39-01256A harnessduplexjam1 scx8040nd ul10272 6
SAM- JC39-01259A Harness-cassette led scx-8040nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01262A harnessduplexclutch scx8040nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01263A harnesscassettejoint scx8040nd ul1027
SAM- JC39-01264A Harness-fuser Inside Lamp scx-8040nd ul3
SAM- JC39-01267A harnessautosizesensor scx8040nd ul10
SAM- JC39-01268A harnessremainsensor scx8040nd ul10272
SAM- JC39-01269A Harness-pick Up Clutch scx-8040nd ul1027
SAM- JC39-01270A harnessliftdc scx8040nd ul10272 4p 20
SAM- JC39-01271A Harness-fuser harness2 scx-8040nd ul1027
SAM- JC39-01279A Harnessenginepower 24v scx8040nd ul1
SAM- JC39-01280A Harnessenginepower 5v scx8040nd ul10
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printer, drucker, imprimante, impressora, impresora, stampante
spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
opc, photoconductor, fotokunductor, fotoeinheit fotoconductor, fotoleitereinheit, fotoconducteur, photoconducteur, fotoleiter
toner, toonerikassett, toonerkassett, tonerem, tonerkassette

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