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Part Number Description
TG- 632005LJ 6312lj - 1200 Lpm 136 Column Serial Parallel Ethernet
TG- 632006LJ 6312lj - 1200 Lpm 136 Column Serial Parallel Ethernet
TG- 632008LG lgl12 - 1200 Lpm 136 Column Serial & Parallel Open Pedestal
TG- 632009LG lge12 - 1200 Lpm 136 Column Parallel Serial Enclosed Pedestal
TG- 632011 6312 - 1200 Lpm 136 Column Serial Parallel And Ethernet
TG- 64007385-5001R 3800 18 Wire Printhead 3840ep 3840em 3810s
TG- 6A0101P01 4mb Memory Kit For Microlaser 17 Ml 7900s ml200/400
TG- 6A0102P01 8 Meg Memory 7900 Series Printer 7910 7900s ml30x ml40x ml200/400
TG- 6A0103P01 16 Meg Memory Option 79xx ml280 280n ml280 Ml 200/400/c4 7900s 7916r+ 7916lx+
TG- 6A0104P01 32 Meg Memory 79xx Printers Ml 200/400/c4 7900s 7916r+ 7916lx+
TG- 6A0105P01 1 Meg Flash Memory 7910 7916r+ 7916lx+
TG- 6A0106P01 2 Meg Flash Memory 7910 7916r+ 7916lx+
TG- 6A0107P01 4 Meg Flash Memory 7910 7916r+ 7916lx+
TG- 6A0133P01 Genicom 7910/12/16 Toner Kit 7k 7910 7912 7916
TG- 6A0134P01 Genicom 7910/12/16 Toner Kit 14k 7910 7912 7916
TG- 6A0135K01 Maintenance Kit 110v Rx Lx
TG- 6A0175P01 Toner Long Life 10k 7910 Printer
TG- 6A0273K01 Svc Kit 35xx Pwb Scs Cx/Tx
TG- 6A0377G01 Ethernet Card 10base T 10 Base 2 Geni ml17
TG- 6A0392G11 250 Sheet Drawer Geni ml7900s
TG- 6A0393G11 500 Sheet 2nd Paper Drawer 7916s
TG- 6A0551P01 Duplex Unit Geni ml320/320n ml401 ml401n
TG- 6A0552P01 Input Feeder 2500 Sheets Geni ml320/320n ml401 ml401n
TG- 6A0553P01 Face Up Output Tray 200 Sheets Geni ml320/320n ml401 ml401n
TG- 6A0554P01 10 Bin Mailbox 100 Sheets Per Bin Geni ml320/320n ml401 ml401n
TG- 6A0555P01 Envelope Feeder 100 Envelopes Geni ml320/320n ml401 ml401n
TG- 6A0620P01 Ethernet 10/100 Base T/Base 2 Geni ml320/320n ml280 ml280n
TG- 6A0621P01 32mb Simm Upgrade Ml 280 280n Geni 320/320n
TG- 6A0639P01 Coax Scs Internal Interface ml280/280n ml280 ml401 ml280n ml401n
TG- 6A0640P01 Twinax Scs Internal Interface ml401 401n ml401n
TG- 6A0641P01 Coax Scs/Ipds Internal Interface ml401/401n ml401 ml401n
TG- 6A0642P01 Twinax Scs/Ipds Internal Interface ml280/n ml280 ml401 ml280n ml401n
TG- 6A0687P01 Hard Disk For Postscript ml280 280n ml401 ml280n ml401n
TG- 6A0688P01 Rs 232 Internal Interface ml280 280n ml401 ml280n ml401n
TG- 6A1223P01 500 Sheet Feed w/letter/a4 Univ Tray ml280 280n
TG- 6A1224P01 Duplexer Internal ml280 280n ml280n
TG- 6A1225P01 500 Sheet Offset Output Tray ml280 ml280n
TG- 6A1226P01 2000 Sheet Hi Cap Feeder Tray ml280 280n ml280
TG- 6A1227P01 500 Sheet Feed w/legal/a3 Univ Tray ml280 280n
TG- 6A1229P01 500 Sheet legal/a3 Univ Tray ml280/n ml280 ml280n
TG- 6A1245P01 Genicom ml280n Maint Kit 110 Volt
TG- 6A1256P01 Twinax Scs Internal Interface ml280/280n ml280 ml280n
TG- 6A1257P01 Coax Scs/Ipds Internal Interface ml280/280n ml280 ml280n
TG- 706949 Belt Carriage z=557 All Models mt350/mt360 t360 t380 t3016 t3110
TG- 710330 Switch Power t2040/t2140 t2145/t2245/t2145s t2040
TG- 7107076 Toner 4 Pk t9130t/t9230t
TG- 716227 Latch Push t3016 t2000tge
TG- 7289746 Developer t9130t/t9230t
TG- 730006 Bearing Linear t6000
TG- 730007 Belt Shuttle Drive mt681/mt691 t6045/t6050 t6082/t6092 t6140/t6141 mt645/mt651/mt661 t6045
TG- 731060 Spring Gas Lid t6065 t6090 6306 6312 t6100/t6101 t6065/t6090/t6091 t645 t661
TG- 731092 Stud Ball #4565bd t6000
TG- 731095 Power Supply 250 Watt t6100 t6180
TG- 731449 Caster 1 Each t6045/t6050 t6212/t6215 t6218
TG- 731685 Shuttle Drive Belt t6100/t6101 t6065/t6090/t6091 t6090 t6091 t6180
TG- 731717 Tally Printer Stand Printers Incl. 2 Paper Baskets
TG- 731718 Basket Paper t2000tge Holds Up To 4 Baskets
TG- 731719 Castors For Printer Stand Set Of 4
TG- 731772 Photoconductor t9130t/t9230t
TG- 731774 Air Filter Fuser t9130t/t9230t
TG- 731775 Waste Toner Coll Bottle t9130t/t9230t
TG- 731938 Fuser Oil Roller High Duty t8204
TG- 732013 9 To 25 Pin Serial
TG- 732019 Toner 10 Pk t9034/t9134 t9034 t9134
TG- 732020 Photoconductor t9034/9134 t9034 t9134
TG- 732021 Developer t9034/9134 t9034 t9134
TG- 732022 Fuser 120v t9034/9134
TG- 732659 Spring Gas Lid t6212/t6215 t6218
TG- 732753 Belt Shuttle Drive t6212/t6215 t6218
TG- 732801 Fuse Power Supply Mdl 8 Amp Slow B t6100/t6101 t6065/t6090/t6091
TG- 733770 Sensor Asm t6300
TG- 78200574-001 Sensor Optical Reflector 3460 3470 3480
TG- 78200797-001 Sensor Left End Optical 3460/2480 3460 3470 3480
TG- 78201596-001 Printhead Cable 24w 3480 3480
TG- 78201596-002 Printhead Cable 9w 3460 3460
TG- 78201596-004 Sensor Jam Cable
TG- 78201596-005 Printhead Cable emt24t 3470-24
TG- 78202681-811 Power Supply 3460b 120v 3460 3470 3480
TG- 78202719-002 Pwa Power Supply 120v 3460 3470 3480
TG- 78203350-005 Tractor Left 3470
TG- 78203350-006 Tractor Right 3470
TG- 78203608-006 Right Tractor 3460 3470 3480
TG- 78203608-007 Left Tractor 3460
TG- 78203702-001 Asf 1st Bin 3400
TG- 78399157-002 mech#1 Kit
TG- 78399157-003 mech#1 Kit 3460 3470 3480
TG- 78399158-002 mech#2 Kit 3460 3470 3480
TG- 78399167-002 Motor Asm Color 3400
TG- 78399184-001 Left Cart Supp+pivot Kit 3400
TG- 78399402-002 Idle Gear spares-la4x/6x
TG- 78399404-001 Friction Bar Asm la450 spares-la4x/6x geni-3480
TG- 78399405-001 Upper Feeder Asm la450 spares-la4x/6x geni-3480
TG- 78399407-001 Pulley Assy la450 spares-la4x/6x geni-3480
TG- 78399408-001 Pulley la450 spares-la4x/6x geni-3480
TG- 78399409-001 Front Pulley la450 spares-la4x/6x
TG- 78399410-001 Printing Position Mylar spares-la4x/6x
TG- 78399411-001 Tractor Idle Gear spares-la4x/6x
TG- 78399412-001 Open Gear la450 spares-la4x/6x geni-3480
TG- 78399413-001 Aga Gear spares-la4x/6x
TG- 78399415-002 Roller spares-la4x/6x
TG- 78399416-001 Support la450 spares-la4x/6x geni-3480
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