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Part Number Description
TG- 44C510407-G01 Smudge Shield Asm 4800
TG- 44D416081-G03 Encoder Asm 2000 2030
TG- 44D416081-G04 2100 Carr Motor
TG- 44D416085-G08 Kb Ansi Type Pair 2000
TG- 44D416122-G02-S Printhead 2120
TG- 44D416122-G02R 2120 Printhead Refurb *
TG- 44D416122-G03-S New Spare Ph 2030 Kit 2000
TG- 44D416122-G03R Genicom 2030 Prthd Refurb
TG- 44D416139-G01 Power Supply Asm 2000
TG- 44D416139-G08 Power Supply Asm 2000
TG- 44D416223-G01S Rear Cover Asm
TG- 44D416268-G01 Friction Shaft Asm upper std 1
TG- 44D416313-G01S Paper Tension Asm
TG- 44D416339-G03 Cable Asm 19 4410xt
TG- 44D416341-G02 Carriage Asm 3000
TG- 44D416382-G04 Top Enclosure w/interlock
TG- 44D416383-G25S Access Door Asm w/ 55db Kit
TG- 44D416390-G03S Paper Shelf 4410 / 4440
TG- 44D416416-G07 Print Module Kit 4410 4510
TG- 44D416416-G14 Print Module Kit 4440
TG- 44D416418-G02 Shuttle Bar Asm 600lpm 4440
TG- 44D416438-G02S Upper Friction Asm Lh Bot
TG- 44D416439-G01 Upper Friction Shaft Asm 136
TG- 44D416439-G03 Upper Friction Shaft Asm 136 3000
TG- 44D416469-G01 Cable Asm #17
TG- 44D416470-G01S Paper Motion Sensor
TG- 44D416482-G03 Shuttle Motor Asm 4440
TG- 44D421697-001 Support Right
TG- 44D430328-G01 Print Module 4470 / 4490 Kit
TG- 44D430328-G19 Print Module 4470 / 4490 Kit
TG- 44D430338-017 Control Panel Overlay 3410x
TG- 44D430345-G03 Cable Mech Signal 4490xt
TG- 44D430345-G04 Cable Mech Signal Spares - 4470/4
TG- 44D430346-G03 Shuttle Motor
TG- 44D430346-G04S Shuttle Motor Asm Kit 5180
TG- 44D430350-G03 Shuttle Bar Asm 4490
TG- 44D430350-G04 Shuttle Bar Asm 5180 132 Col
TG- 44D430355-B02 Kit-motor Asm Ribbon Drive 4490 5180 5000
TG- 44D430355-G02S Ribbon Drive Asm Intl Cmplt Asm 4490 5180 5000 Series 48xx
TG- 44D430382-G01 Cbl Print Head/Smwd 4471/4470xt/90xt*
TG- 44D430458-G02 Cable Ph / Sphd 4410 / 4510 / 4520 4410xt
TG- 44D430495-G01 Switch Box Asm 5180xt 4490xt 4490
TG- 44D430499-G01 Cable Asm 4470xt / 4490xt Smad Pm 5000 Series 4470 4490
TG- 453986 Rear Tractor Complete Assy All Models t2280
TG- 454562 Upper Friction Assy t2045/t2060 t2155/t2170 t2265/t2280 t2155r/t2170r t2045
TG- 454563 Mono Carriage System Assy Standard All Models t2000tgeobs t2045
TG- 454564 Tractor Assy Complete t2045/t2060 t2140 t2245
TG- 454570 Front Top Cover Assy Beige All Models t2000tge
TG- 454772 Print Platen All Models t2000tgeobs t2045
TG- 454826 Color Carriage System Assy All Models t2000 Tge Obs t2045
TG- 454925 Cover Top Assy Beige Color Grey Pn t2000tgeobs t2045
TG- 455312 Print Head mt360 mt350/mt360 t380
TG- 455348 Printhead 7265 t2265 la650 t2155 t2045 Adp 660 t2155r
TG- 455371 Printhead t2060 t2070 t2170 t2280 2280 t2170r
TG- 455400 Printhead t2150 t2040 t2250 la550w t2140 2150s 2145 2245
TG- 455410 Printhead t2150 t2250
TG- 455450 Printhead t2060 t2070 t2170 t2280 2280 t2000tgeobs
TG- 455451 Printhead t2150. t2250 Shift
TG- 455465 Printhead t2265 t2155 t2265+ la650 la650+ Adp 660 t2000tgeobs
TG- 455473 Printhead New 2280+ la800+ t2280
TG- 455484 Printhead t2060 t2070 t2170 t2280 2280 t2060/70
TG- 455521 Printhead t2365 4347-i08
TG- 455522 Printhead 2380 4347-i10
TG- 455530 t2060 t2070 t2170 t2280 2280 la800 Not For Plus Units
TG- 460037 Tractor Asm Frnt complete-2155 2265 2170 t2155/t2170/t2265/t2
TG- 460079 Transverse Carrier Assy Complete All Models t2155/t2170/t2265/t2 t2280
TG- 460211 Ribbon Drive t2245/t2250 t2245 t2250
TG- 460299 Ribbon Drive t2150
TG- 460542 Upper Friction Unit t2150
TG- 460543 Upper Friction Unit t2245/t2250 t2245 t2250
TG- 461001 Shaft Asm t2000 t2000tge
TG- 461465 Strip Incremental 180 Dpi 2265 2280 2265+ 2280+ 2365 2380 t2265/2280 t2030 t2040 t2045 t2055 t2060 t2070 t2130 t2140 t2145 t2150 t2155 t2170 t2240 t2245 t2250 t2265 t2280 t2340 t2155r t2170r t2000tge
TG- 461506 Sa Motor Carriage t2155 2265 adp660 la650 t2265/t2280
TG- 461651 Sa Motor Carriage t2155 2265 adp660 la650 t2000tge
TG- 461654 Motor Cr Dc t2265/2280 t2030 t2040 t2045 t2055 t2060 t2070 t2130 t2140 t2145 t2150 t2155 t2170 t2240 t2245 t2250 t2265 t2280 t2340 t2155r t2170r t2000tge
TG- 462296 Front Top Cover Assy Grey All Models t2155
TG- 462481 Carriage System Assy 2265+ / 2280+ t2265
TG- 462646 Complete Tractor Assy 2265+ 2280+ 2265 2280 la650+ la800+
TG- 4A0011G01 Fan Asm Printhead 5000 Series 4800
TG- 4A0040B02 Ribbon Black 4810 4840 5050 5100 With Reinker 50m Char 4900 Series 4800
TG- 4A0040B05 Ribbon Black 4810 4840 5050 5100 Ext Life With Reinker 75m 4800 4900
TG- 4A0040B13 Genicom 4800 Series 25m Ribbon Cart
TG- 4A0625B05 4810+ 5050 Printhead 5pk Speed Up 132 Column 5000 4810+
TG- 4A0625G01 Printhead Kit 5 / Per 4810 4910 E And I Series 4810e 4810i
TG- 4A0625G01R 5 Pack Printhead Kit Refurb 4810 4910 4812
TG- 4A0625G01R-S Single 4810 Refurb Print Hammer
TG- 4A0626B05 5100 4840+ Printhead 5 Pack Kit 132 Column
TG- 4A0626G01 Printhead Kit 5 Pack 4840 4842 4940 4840e 4840i
TG- 4A0626G01R Printhead Kit 5pk 484x Refurb 4940 4842
TG- 4A0626G01R-S 4840 Single Print Hammer/Coil Refurb
TG- 4A0885G01 Paper Handling Aids Kit 4800
TG- 4A1007G01 Pulley 30t 4000
TG- 4A1341G05 Upgrade 48x0 To 48x2 Kit 4800/4900
TG- 4A1344G04 Upgrade 48x0 To 49x0 Kit 4800/4900
TG- 4A1347G04 Upgrade 48x0 To 49x2 Kit 4800/4900
TG- 4A1385G01 Svc Kit Replace Pact Bd 4800
TG- 4A1390B02 Kit Tractor Asm Lower Pair Left Right 5050 5100 4810 4840 5000
TG- 4A1390G02 Kit Tractor Asm Lower Pair Left Right 5050 5100 4810 4840 4800 5050/5100
TG- 4A1390G03 Tractor Kit Upper Gm / Ca
TG- 4A1390G04 Kit Tractor Asm Lower Pair Left Right 5050 5100 4810 4840 Spares - 4800
TG- 4A1390G98 Upper Tractor Kit 4800 4800
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
tractor, tracteur, alimentador, tracao
ribbon, ribbon cartridge, catouche de ruban, cartucho de cinta, farbbandkassette

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