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Part Number Description
SAM- JB81-01273A A/S-label sl-j1665 Label Base
SAM- JB81-01281A a/sopeffccable slj2160w&slj2165w Op
SAM- JB81-01282A a/sopeassy slj2160w&slj2165w Opeass
SAM- JB81-01283A a/sadaptor slj2160w&slj2165w Adaptor
SAM- JB81-01284A a/scoverleft slj2160w&slj2165w Cover
SAM- JB81-01285A a/scoverright slj2160w&slj2165w Cove
SAM- JB81-01286A a/smainpba slj2160w&slj2165w Mainpb
SAM- JB81-01287A a/scarriageassy slj2160w&slj2165w Ca
SAM- JB81-01288A a/sbaseassy slj2160w&slj2165w Basea
SAM- JB81-01289A a/scleanout slj2160w&slj2165w Cleanou
SAM- JB81-01290A a/sexitrollerassy slj2160w&slj2165w
SAM- JB81-01291A a/spickuproller slj2160w&slj2165w Pi
SAM- JB81-01292A a/soutputtray slj2160w&slj2165w Outp
SAM- JB81-01293A a/sinputmtray slj2160w&slj2165w Inp
SAM- JB81-01294A a/sinputtray slj2160w&slj2165w Input
SAM- JB81-01295A a/sscanlid slj2160w&slj2165w Scanli
SAM- JB81-01296A a/sscanbezel slj2160w&slj2165w Scan
SAM- JB81-01297A a/sscanbase slj2160w&slj2165w Scanb
SAM- JB81-01298A a/sscancis slj2160w&slj2165w Scanci
SAM- JB81-01299A A/S-label sl-j2160w Label Ope
SAM- JB81-01300A A/S-label sl-j2165w Label Ope
SAM- JB81-01301A a/scassette slj3520w&slj3523w&slj352
SAM- JB81-01302A a/soutputtray slj3520w&slj3523w&sl
SAM- JB81-01303A a/scovertop slj3520w Covertop Cover
SAM- JB81-01304A A/S-cover Top sl-j3523w Cover Top Cover
SAM- JB81-01305A A/S-cover Top sl-j3525w Cover Top Cover
SAM- JB81-01306A a/scovermiddle slj3520w&slj3523w&sl
SAM- JB81-01307A a/scovercleanoutrear slj3520w&slj35
SAM- JB81-01308A a/scoverleft slj3520w&slj3523w&slj3
SAM- JB81-01309A a/scoverright slj3520w&slj3523w&slj
SAM- JB81-01310A a/scoverrear slj3520w&slj3523w&slj3
SAM- JB81-01311A a/sope slj3520w&slj3523w&slj3525w Op
SAM- JB81-01312A a/smainpba slj3520w&slj3523w&slj352
SAM- JB81-01313A a/scleanout slj3520w&slj3523w&slj352
SAM- JB81-01314A a/sbaseframe slj3520w&slj3523w&slj3
SAM- JB81-01315A a/sencoderstrip slj3520w&slj3523w&sl
SAM- JB81-01316A a/scarriageshaft slj3520w&slj3523w&s
SAM- JB81-01318A a/scarriageffc slj3520w&slj3523w&sl
SAM- JB81-01319A a/scarriage slj3520w&slj3523w&slj352
SAM- JB81-01320A a/senginebarpha slj3520w&slj3523w&sl
SAM- JB81-01326A a/soutputtray slj3560fw Outputtray
SAM- JB81-01327A a/sope slj3560fw Ope Ope
SAM- JB81-01328A a/scoverright slj3560fw Coverright C
SAM- JB81-01329A a/scoverleft slj3560fw Coverleft Cov
SAM- JB81-01330A a/scovercleanoutrear slj3560fw Cover
SAM- JB81-01331A a/scoverrear slj3560fw Coverrear Cov
SAM- JB81-01332A a/scoverpower slj3560fw Coverpower C
SAM- JB81-01333A a/scoverfront slj3560fw Coverfront C
SAM- JB81-01334A a/sadfcoverlid slj3560fw Adfcoverl
SAM- JB81-01335A a/sadfcoveropen slj3560fw Adfcover
SAM- JB81-01336A a/sadfcore slj3560fw Adfcore Adf
SAM- JB81-01337A a/sscanbezel slj3560fw Scanbezel Sca
SAM- JB81-01338A a/sscanbase slj3560fw Scanbase Scan
SAM- JB81-01339A a/scis slj3560fw&slj3570fw Cis Scan
SAM- JB81-01340A a/smainpba slj3560fw Mainpba Pba
SAM- JB81-01341A a/sbaseframe slj3560fw Baseframe Bas
SAM- JB81-01342A a/scassette slj3570fw Cassette Cassett
SAM- JB81-01343A a/scoverreardeco slj3570fw Coverrea
SAM- JB81-01344A a/scoverpower slj3570fw Coverpower C
SAM- JB81-01345A a/scoverright slj3570fw Coverright C
SAM- JB81-01346A a/scoverleft slj3570fw Coverleft Cov
SAM- JB81-01347A a/scoverrear slj3570fw Coverrear Cov
SAM- JB81-01348A a/scoverscanright slj3570fw Coversc
SAM- JB81-01349A a/scoverscanfront slj3570fw Coversc
SAM- JB81-01350A a/scoverjamdoor slj3570fw Coverjam
SAM- JB81-01351A a/scoverfront slj3570fw Coverfront C
SAM- JB81-01352A a/scovertop slj3570fw Covertop Cover
SAM- JB81-01353A a/sope slj3570fw Ope Ope
SAM- JB81-01354A a/sopeholder slj3570fw Opeholder Ope
SAM- JB81-01355A a/sopeffc slj3570fw Opeffc Cable
SAM- JB81-01356A a/smainpba slj3570fw Mainpba Pba
SAM- JB81-01357A a/sadfcoverlid slj3570fw Adfcoverl
SAM- JB81-01358A a/sadfcoveropen slj3570fw Adfcover
SAM- JB81-01359A a/sadfcore slj3570fw Adfcore Adf
SAM- JB81-01360A a/sscanbezel slj3570fw Scanbezel Sca
SAM- JB81-01361A a/sscanbase slj3570fw Scanbase Scan
SAM- JB81-01362A a/sbaseframe slj3570fw Baseframe Bas
SAM- JB81-01365A a/scarriageffc slj3560fw Carriageffc
SAM- JB81-01366A a/scarriageffc slj3570fw Carriageffc
SAM- JB81-01367A a/scarriage slj3570fw Carriage Carriag
SAM- JB81-01369A a/sinputtray slj2920w Inputtray Tr
SAM- JB81-01370A a/soutputtray slj2920w Outputtray
SAM- JB81-01371A a/scoverrear slj2920w Coverrear Cove
SAM- JB81-01372A a/sopeleft slj2920w Opeleft Ope
SAM- JB81-01373A a/soperight slj2920w Operight Ope
SAM- JB81-01374A a/scoverleft slj2920w Coverleft Cove
SAM- JB81-01375A a/scoverright slj2920w Coverright Co
SAM- JB81-01376A a/scovertop slj2920w Covertop Cover
SAM- JB81-01377A a/schassismid slj2920w Chassismid Co
SAM- JB81-01378A a/sopeffc slj2920w Opeffc Ope
SAM- JB81-01379A a/smainpba slj2920w Mainpba Pba
SAM- JB81-01380A a/scleanout slj2920w&slj2960fw Cleano
SAM- JB81-01381A a/sbaseframe slj2920w Baseframe Base
SAM- JB81-01383A a/sinputtray slj2960fw Inputtray T
SAM- JB81-01384A a/soutputtray slj2960fw Outputtray
SAM- JB81-01385A a/scoverrear slj2960fw Coverrear Cov
SAM- JB81-01386A a/sadfcoverrear slj2960fw Adfcover
SAM- JB81-01387A a/scoverrearport slj2960fw Coverrea
SAM- JB81-01388A a/scoverfront slj2960fw Coverfront C
SAM- JB81-01389A a/scoverleft slj2960fw Coverleft Cov
SAM- JB81-01390A a/scoverright slj2960fw Coverright C
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repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
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