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Part Number Description
TG- 3880D0200-CA 3880d w/ethernet - 960 Cps 12cpi 110/220v 18-wire
TG- 3880S0000-CA 3880s - 960 Cps 12cpi 110/220v 18-wire Manual Head Gap
TG- 3880S0200-CA 3880s w/ethernet - 960 Cps 12cpi 18-wire Manual Head Gap
TG- 395076 Connection Cable All Models
TG- 395077 Controller Pcb All Models
TG- 395166 Paper Foil All Models
TG- 397002 Operator Panel 2030/9 t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397005 Operator Panel 2130/24 t2030/t2130 t2130
TG- 397010 Gear Set t2030/2130 t2030/t2240 t2030 t2240
TG- 397011 Knob t2030/t2130 t2240/t2340 t2030
TG- 397018 Slide Guide- Left
TG- 397019 Slide Guide- Right
TG- 397021 Cover Front t2130 t2000non-tge
TG- 397024 Paper Feed Motor t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397025 Flex Cable t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397026 Cba Pl 9n Hammer Driver t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397027 Cba Pl 24n Hammer Driver t2030/t2130 t2130
TG- 397033 Tractor Unit t2030/t2130 t2240/t2340 t2030
TG- 397041 Print Head 9n t2030 9 Wire t2030/t2130
TG- 397042 Print Head 24n t2130 24 Pin t2030/t2130
TG- 397043 Carrier 10 Assy t2000non-tgeobs t2030
TG- 397044 Carrier 15 Assy 2130-9 2130-24 t2000non-tge t2130
TG- 397050 Ribbon Gear Pl
TG- 397051 Ribbon Drive Gear t2030/t2130 t2240/t2340 t2030
TG- 397052 Carriage Motor t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397074 Paper Thickness Sensor t2030/t2130 t2240/t2340 t2030
TG- 397075 Paper Select Sensor t2030/t2130 t2240/t2340 t2030
TG- 397078 Load Sensor t2030/t2130 t2240/t2340 t2030
TG- 397079 Paper End Sensor t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397080 Printhead Cable T2030/9 t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397083 Printhead Cable T2130/24 t2030/t2130 t2130
TG- 397084 HP Switch t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397099 Option Card t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397125 Asf Sensor T2030 t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397126 Asf Sensor T2130 t2030/t2130 t2130
TG- 397130 Pick Up Roller Set t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397143 Asf Cba Asm t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397147 Asf Motor Asm t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397165 Power Supply 120 Volt t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397179 Motor Base Dual Asm t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397825 Lip Foil All Models
TG- 397853 Finger Foil All Models
TG- 397963 Cover Lower All Models
TG- 397974 Access Cover Asm w/ Rollers t2030/t2240 t2030 t2240
TG- 397984 Cba Controller Complete 2130/24 t2030/t2130 t2130
TG- 397985 Cba Controller Complete 2030/9 t2030/t2130 t2030
TG- 397992 Pe Sensor 2 Asm t2240/t2340
TG- 398499 Main Logic Card 2340/24 t2240/t2340 t2340
TG- 398500 Main Logic Card 2340/9 t2240/t2340 t2030 t2240
TG- 398501 Main Logic Card 2240/24 t2240/t2340 t2240
TG- 398502 Main Logic Card 2240/9 t2240/t2340 t2240
TG- 398507 Power Supply 220v t2130/t2340 t2130 t2340
TG- 398508 Power Supply 120 Volt t2240/t2340 t2240
TG- 398509 Print Head 24l 24 Wire t2240 t2340 t2240/t2340
TG- 398510 Print Head 9l 9 Wire t2240 t2340 t2240/t2340
TG- 398511 Head Flex Cable 24w t2240/t2340 t2340
TG- 398513 Head Flex Cable 9w t2240/t2340 t2340
TG- 398514 Head Flex Cable 9n 10 t2240/t2340 t2240
TG- 398515 HP Sw Asm Home Position t2240/t2340 t2240
TG- 398516 Panel Cover Assy 2240/24 t2240/t2340 t2340
TG- 398517 Panel Cover Assy 2240/9 t2240/t2340 t2030 t2240
TG- 398518 Panel Cover Assy 2240/24 t2240/t2340 t2240
TG- 398519 Panel Cover Assy 2240/9 t2240/t2340 t2240
TG- 398522 Carriage Motor t2240/t2340 t2030 t2240
TG- 398523 Ca Motor Bracket Assy t2240/t2340 t2030 t2240
TG- 398524 Paper Feed Motor t2240/t2340 t2240
TG- 398525 Pcb Sub Pl t2000non-tge t2240
TG- 398528 Cover Top- 2340 Wide t2000non-tge t2340
TG- 398529 Top Cover 2240 Narrow t2240/t2340 t2240
TG- 398531 Paper Stand t2240 Narrow
TG- 398532 Cover I/O t2240
TG- 398534 Cover Rear t2240 Narrow
TG- 398536 Cover Cut Sheet t2240 Narrow
TG- 398539 Front Cover t2340 Wide t2240/t2340
TG- 398540 Front Cover t2240 Narrow t2240/t2340
TG- 398542 Cover Ad Front t2240 Narrow t2240/2340
TG- 398544 t2240 Base Assy
TG- 39P7443 5100 4840+ Printhead 5 Pack Kit 132 Column
TG- 3A0005P01 Magnet 3870 38xx
TG- 3A0072P01 Cbl Twinax Adapter
TG- 3A0073P01 Cable Coax Adapter 4940
TG- 3A0100B02 Ribbon 3810 3812 3820 3830 3840 3842 3910 3914 3940 3944 15m 3800 3900
TG- 3A0108B01 Tractor Asm Kit Replaced By b05 Spares - 3800
TG- 3A0108B04 Tractor Asm 3800 3900 Kit
TG- 3A0108B05 Tractor Asm 3800 3900 Kit
TG- 3A0108B06 Tractor Kit 3860 3870 3880 38xx
TG- 3A0111B02 Printer Stand / Pedestal * 3840 3810
TG- 3A0123B04 Catch Tray For Cutter 3870
TG- 3A0124B04 Pulley Asm Kit Spares - 3800
TG- 3A0144G02 Cable Asm Power
TG- 3A0145G02 Cable Asm Power
TG- 3A0145G03 Cable Asm Power 3870
TG- 3A0150P01 Foot Bottom 3870 38xx
TG- 3A0155G03 Fan Asm w/ Cbl 3810 3840 3870 Power Supply w/cable
TG- 3A0170P02 Shim Striker Bar .002 3870 38xx
TG- 3A0170P05 Shim Striker Bar .005 3870 38xx
TG- 3A0214P02 Carriage Cable 3800 Old Style
TG- 3A0229P02 Stud Nip Spg Lever 3870 38xx
TG- 3A0267P01 Motor Mount 3870
TG- 3A0268P01 Dowell Pin
TG- 3A0268P02 Post Pulley
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