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Part Number Description
TG- 152099-001 R/B 78900535 002 00 0209 Push Tractor
TG- 152100-001 Sx Tractor C
TG- 152101-001 Dx Tractor C
TG- 152102-001 Barrier la45
TG- 152103-001 R / B 78900563 001 01 0007 O P
TG- 152104-001 Front Cover
TG- 152201-001 R / B 78399418 001 01 0007 Cartridge
TG- 157450-901 Pcba Cmx v5 5 40mhz Lg
TG- 158007-001 R/B ca02929 d112 01 0404 Op Board la36n/la36w
TG- 158009-001 R/B ca02929 d114 01 0404 Sensor T Asm la36n/la36w
TG- 158010-001 pw34aa 110v la36n/la36w
TG- 158011-001 R/B ca02929 d116 01 0404 pw34ba 220v la36n/la36w
TG- 158018-001 R/B ca02929 d142 01 0404 Relay Cable la36n/la36w
TG- 158019-001 R/B ca02929 d143 01 0404 Carrier Cabl la36n/la36w
TG- 160K84971 Pwa Asm Mcu Gen 240 ml450
TG- 163985-901 Shuttle Asm 1000lpm Lg
TG- 175409-901 Ribbon Hub Kit Lg
TG- 178995-001 lg05 Ribbon Guide- Left & Right
TG- 1A0001B02 Genicom 1020 Ribbon Wide Carriage
TG- 1A0002P04 Printhead 1025 g-1025
TG- 1A0002P04R Genicom 1025 Prthd Refurb g-1025
TG- 1A0002P05 Printhead 1020 g-1020
TG- 1A0002P05-S Genicom 1020 Printhead
TG- 1A0002P05R Genicom 1020 Prnthd Refurb g-1020
TG- 1A0004B01 Personality Module/Par /IBM Grafix 1020 1025
TG- 1A0004B07 Personality Cartridge IBM 1020/1025
TG- 1A0006B01 Cart Per IBM Gp/P Multi
TG- 1A0025G06 Top Cabinet Assy Genicom 1020
TG- 1A0026P02 Sheet Feed Paper Guide 1025
TG- 1A0026P07 Access Cover Smoke Plstc 1025 80 Col 1020
TG- 1A0026P09 Paper Shield Smoke Plastic Gen 1020
TG- 1A0027G02 Pwb Main Logic 1020/1025
TG- 1A0027G03 Pwb Driver Genicom 1020/1025
TG- 1A0027G06 Power Supply Assy Geni 1020 1025
TG- 1A0030G01 Sensor Top Cabinet Open Geni 1020 25 1025
TG- 1A0035P01 Left Tractor w/paper Out Switch 100 1020 1025
TG- 1A0035P02 Right Tractor Genicom 1000 1020
TG- 1A0037G01 Sensor Carr Left Margin Gen 1020 25 1025
TG- 1A0039G01 Garriage Assy Genicom 1025
TG- 1A0039G02 Carriage Assy Genicom 1020
TG- 1A0040P01 Ribbon Guide A Shield 1025
TG- 1A0041G02 Actuator Arm Top Roller Gen 1020 25 1025
TG- 1A0042G01 Solenoid Assy Top Roller Gen 1020 25 1025
TG- 1A0043G01 Paper Feed Motor 1025 1025
TG- 1A0045P01 Cable Carriage Drive Genicom 1025
TG- 1A0045P02 Cable Carriage Drive Genicom 1020
TG- 1A0311P01 Spindle Gear Ribbon Dr Geni 1020 25 1025
TG- 1A0311P02 Ribbon Reverse Gear 1020 1025
TG- 1A0321P07 Ball Catch Bottom Cover Geni 1020 25 1025
TG- 1A0502B01 Printhead 24w Genicom 1040 geni-1040
TG- 1A0502B01R Genicom 1040 Prnthd Refurb
TG- 1A0507P03 Timing Belt 1040
TG- 1A0507P04 Paper Drive Belt 1040
TG- 1A0507P05 Ribbon Mask 1040
TG- 1A0507P17 Carriage Insert Unit 1040
TG- 1A0510G07 Pwb Asm 1040a Main 1040
TG- 1A0511G03 Ribbon Drive Unit 1040
TG- 1A0511G05 1040 Fan
TG- 1A0512G01 Trigger Solenoid 1040
TG- 1A0512G05 Paper Out Switch 1040
TG- 1A0568P01 Deflector 34xx/35xx 3460 3470 3480
TG- 1A0629P01 930 Pull Tractor
TG- 1A0629P02 Pull Tractor 935
TG- 1A0651P01 db25 Male/Mmj Female Modular Adapter
TG- 1A3000B01 Black Ribbon 3460 3470 3480 3480+ 3850 Not For Color Pr 9m 3460/3560 3480/3580
TG- 1A3000B26 Black Fabric Ribbon Cartridge / 7265 Replaced By tal-062471
TG- 1A3003B01 Asf 1 Bin With Stacker 34xx Genicom
TG- 1A3003B02 Asf Extension Bin Module 34xx Printer 3460/3480
TG- 1A3003B04 Color Kit Genicom 34xx Printers
TG- 1A3003B05 Tilt Pedestal 3400 Printers Genicom
TG- 1A3003B06 Non Tilt Pedestal Genicom 34xx
TG- 1A3003B08 Tractor For Genicom 3470
TG- 1A3003B11 Tractor Push 6 Pin 3870p/la700p 3811
TG- 1A3003B12 la500 / la700plus 3850 Pull Tractor
TG- 1A3052G01 Color Kit 3480+ la400 la450 w/ribbn
TG- 1A3066B01 Ribbon For Ti Genicom 8920 8930 TallyGenicom
TG- 1A4224K01 Upgrade Kit Bluetooth Printer Adapter
TG- 1A4296K01 Seat Strap Option For Use With The bevl01 Stands When
TG- 1A4299K01 Hardware Kit For Stand Mounting - Consists Of Appropriate
TG- 224800-CA 2248 Serial Printer 80 Col Parallel/Usb
TG- 224801-CA 2248 Serial Printer 80 Col usb/10/100 Ethernet
TG- 224803-CA 2248 Serial Printer 80 Col Serial/Parallel
TG- 234800-CA 2348 Serial Printer 136 Col Parallel/Usb
TG- 234801-CA 2348 Serial Printer 136 Col usb/10/100 Ethernet
TG- 234803-CA 2348 Serial Printer 136 Col Serial/Parallel
TG- 255363-001 Bearing Assy Lower t6212 t6215
TG- 255661-102 Tg Standard Ribbon 6600 6800 6605 6805
TG- 255670-102 Single Tg 6600 6800 Ex-life Ribbon Not For 6605 6805
TG- 2562933-0001 930/935 Serial Interface Board
TG- 29-33114-01 Friction Bar Asm spares-la4x/6x
TG- 29-33144-01 Aga Sector spares-la4x/6x
TG- 29-33149-01 Aga Motor Asm spares-la4x/6x
TG- 29-33161-01 Carriage Motor Asm spares-la4x/6x
TG- 29-33167-01 Pwa gx1pov O P spares-la4x/6x
TG- 29-33188-01 P H Mask Kit spares-la4x/6x
TG- 29-34236-C1 Support Spring Asm w/ Mylar spares-la4x/6x
TG- 29-34241-C1 Carriage Mask spares-la4x/6x
TG- 31128402 Sysrom 930 / 935 V 1 01 Rev A
TG- 379615 Maintenance Manual 2265 2280
TG- 3860D0000-CA 3860d - 720 Cps 12cpi 110/220v 18-wire Auto Head Gap
TG- 3860D0200-CA 3860d w/ethernet - 720 Cps 12cpi 110/220v 18-wire
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repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
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rollers, rodillos, roletes, rouleaux
ribbon, ribbon cartridge, catouche de ruban, cartucho de cinta, farbbandkassette

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