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Part Number Description
OKI- 56641542 Ferrite Flat Cable Cis 12 Pin b2500Mfp b2520mfp b2540mfp mb260mfp mb280mfp mb290mfp
OKI- 56641672 Ferrite Sensor Wires & Motor Wires b2500Mfp b2520mfp b2540mfp
OKI- 56642501 Cord: 120v Ac b4545mfp mb260Mfp mb280mfp mb290mfp
OKI- 56642601 Cord: Console 16 Pin b2500Mfp b2520mfp b2540mfp mb260mfp mb280mfp mb290mfp
OKI- 56642701 Sensor: Contact Image Dl 515 Sp b2500Mfp
OKI- 56642801 Sensor: Contact Image Dl 515 Sp b2520Mfp b2540mfp
OKI- 56643290 Cable Guide b930n mps930b
OKI- 56643350 Cable Guide b930n mps930b
OKI- 56643401 Tray Cable b930n mps930b
OKI- 56643422 F/R Cable b930n mps930b
OKI- 56643601 Power Cable t400 t410
OKI- 56643701 Ph Cable t400 t410
OKI- 56643810 Cable: Power Asm Ex1 d508 d512
OKI- 56643900 Cable: Power Asm Ex2 d508 d512
OKI- 56644000 Cable: Head Asm d508 d512
OKI- 56644601 Wire Charger cx1145mfp
OKI- 56645101 Head Open Cable Set gl408e gl412e
OKI- 56645301 Fuji Card b4100 b4250 b4350 b4350n b4350-black-lowprofile
OKI- 56646101 Cable: Prt Cart Id Conn mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646102 Cable: Prt Cart Id Conn mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646103 Cable: Lm Flatbed Scan Ccd Mb780 mb780 mps5500mb
OKI- 56646104 Cable: Duplx Fan mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646105 Cable: Prt Cart Fan mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646106 Cable: Hvps Sensor mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646107 Cable: Toner Density mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646108 Cable: Fuser Interface mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646109 Cable: Scanner Cd mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646110 Cable: Scanner Cd Power mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646111 Cable: Lpvs Cooling Fan mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646112 Cable: Scanner HP Sensor mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646113 Cable: Scan Platen Sensor mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646114 Cable: Adf Interface mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646115 Cable: Adf Closed Int Sw mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646116 Cable: Adf mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646117 Cable: Adf Tray Length mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646118 Cable: Adf mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646119 Cable: Upper Interface mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646201 Power Cord: Brazil Ppb Kits mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 56646501 Ac Cable ld610 ld610ups
OKI- 56646511 Dc Power Cable ld610 ld610ups
OKI- 56647001 Conn: sml2sc31-953bl0.5alz C941 c941dn
OKI- 56647002 Conn: sml2sc31-773bl0.5alz c911dn c931dn c941dn
OKI- 56647003 Conn: sml2sc31-903bl0.5alz c911dn c931dn c941dn
OKI- 56647004 Conn: sml2sc31-1037bl0.5alz c911dn c931dn c941dn
OKI- 56647005 Conn: sml2sc31-1170bl0.5alz c911dn c931dn c941dn
OKI- 56647201 Connector: Cart Printer pro510dw
OKI- 56718601 Connector ml192 / ml193 / ml320 oki-ml182 oki-ml192 oki-ml193 oki-320/321
OKI- 56719201 Connector ml390 / 391 fb8480 ml391 ml8810 ml390turb ml391plus ml390turbo ml391/391+ ml391turbo ml390/390+/390t
OKI- 56719401 Connector ml292 ml293 ml294
OKI- 56723801 Connector ml390 / 391 ml391 ml391plus ml390/390+ ml391/391+
OKI- 56725201 Conn: Akj 40a doc-it3000/4 doc-it3000/40 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 56725301 Head Cable ml380
OKI- 56725901 Connector: High doc-it400 doc-it4000 doc-it3000/40 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 56726001 Conn: pm8dox doc-it3000/4 doc-it3000/40 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 56729601 Connector Pc hd40 ml520 ml521 ml590 ml591 ml520n ml521n ml590n
OKI- 56729901 Adapter Db 9 To Db 25 ol400e
OKI- 56730001 Pc Connector okipage10 okipage12 okipage10e okipage12i
OKI- 56730201 Connector Pc okipage10 okipage10e
OKI- 56730620 Connector: Square Shaped okipage16n
OKI- 56730621 Connector: Square Shaped 22pin okipage16n
OKI- 56730640 Connector: Square Shaped 14pin okipage20 okipage16n
OKI- 56730641 Conn: Square Shaped 14pin okipage20
OKI- 56730802 Cord: Connector okipage16n
OKI- 56730803 Cord: Connector okipage18 okipage20 okipage24 okipage16n okipage24n
OKI- 56730960 Connector: Pc Pxw26 1250b
OKI- 56731001 Cord: Connector okipage16n
OKI- 56731101 Contact: Assy okipage16n
OKI- 56731301 15 Pin Connector ml186 ml420 ml421 ml320t ml321t ml420n ml421n ml320turb ml321turb ml320turbo ml321turbo ml420-serial-black ml421-serial-black
OKI- 56731640 Connector Imsa 9714 N 14a c7200 c7300 c9200 c9300 c7200n c7350n c7400n c7500n c7550n c9200n c9300n c9600n c9650n c9850n es2024 es3037 c9800hn es1624n es2426e c9400dxn c9500dxn c9200dxn- okipage18 c7200-realestate
OKI- 56732260 26 Pin led Connector c7200 c7200n c7400n c7200-mar c7200-rea c7200-realestate c7200n-realestate c7200-marketingedition c7200n-marketingedition
OKI- 56732302 Hv Tape Harness c9200 c9200n c9400dxn c9200dxn- c9200n-ma c9200n-studioedition c9200n-marketingedition c9200dxn-prostudioedition c9200dxn-studiobuilderediti
OKI- 56733001 Harness: Left Door Interface b8300n
OKI- 56733101 Harness: Ppd b8300n
OKI- 56733201 Harness: Cassette Detect Inter b8300n
OKI- 56733401 Harness: Left Door Interface b8300n
OKI- 56733501 Harness: Sensor b8300n
OKI- 56733601 Harnes: Paper Exit Earth b8300n
OKI- 56733701 Harness: Dsw Interface b8300n
OKI- 56733801 Harness: Fusing Interface b8300n
OKI- 56733901 Harness: Msw Interface 100v b8300n
OKI- 56734101 Harness: 100 Ac/Dc b8300n
OKI- 56734501 Harness: Main Drive Interface b8300n
OKI- 56734601 Harness: Hopper Interface b8300n
OKI- 56734701 Harness: Dswf b8300n
OKI- 56734801 Upper Housing Module Ds8000c c7100 c7300 c9300 c7350n c7500n c7550n c9300n es2024 es3037 es2426e c9500dxn c9300dxncolorsignage c9500dxncolorsignage c9500dxn-prostudioedition
OKI- 56734901 Connector b6100
OKI- 56735901 Harness Assy Dup M b6100
OKI- 56736401 Assy: Harness Fuser m-120v b6100
OKI- 56736601 Connector Asm Env b6100
OKI- 56737134 Harness: tw-vf/smcd11-150-1.0 mc770 mc780 c711wt mc780f mps3537mc mps4242mc mps4242mcf mps4242mcfx
OKI- 56737152 ocd/tw16 Oki 8480 fb8480
OKI- 56737153 ocd/tw-8 Oki 8480 fb8480
OKI- 56737154 ocd/tw-12 Oki 8480 fb8480
OKI- 56737187 tw-vf/xmcd12-40-1.0 c8600n c8800n c8800dn
OKI- 56737201 Harness: Control Panel Tape c9300 c9300n es3037 c9500dxn c9500dxn-prostudioedition
OKI- 56737501 Harness: Hv Tape c9300 c9300n es3037 c9500dxn c9500dxn-prostudioedition
OKI- 56738001 Harness: Sf Relay Unit b8300n
OKI- 56738201 Harness: Hv Tape c7300 c7350n c7500n c7550n es2024 es2426e
OKI- 56740401 Connector c5100n c5300n es1220n es1220ncc
OKI- 56740420 Connector: 9715b-12z02-g4c Plug mc770 mc780 mc780f mps3537mc mps4242mc mps4242mcf mps4242mcfx
OKI- 56740480 Connector: 9715b-08z02-g4c mb492 mb472w mb491+ mb562w mb461mfp mb471mfp mb491mfp mb451wmfp mb471wmfp mb491plus mps4200mb mps4700mb mb491pluslp
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
fuser, fixiereinheit, fusion, fusor, fusione, fixeur
toner, toonerikassett, toonerkassett, tonerem, tonerkassette

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