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Part Number Description
OKI- 55108001 Pcb: Main Mb290 mb290Mfp
OKI- 55108301 Pcb: Main Mb260 mb260Mfp
OKI- 55110001 Cont Pcb Assy A le810dt le810dtups
OKI- 55110101 Keyboard Assy Pcb le810dt le810dtups
OKI- 55110501 Memory Pcb Assy - N-lf le810dt le810dtups
OKI- 55111401 Pwba Ess Oki b710n b720n b730n b710dn b720dn b730dn
OKI- 55111403 Pwba:ess Oki j3 B710/720/730 Ver 10 .8a b710n b720n b730n b710dn b720dn b730dn
OKI- 55111501 Pwb Assy Mcu-hv 730 b730n b730dn mps730b
OKI- 55111601 Pwb Assy Mcu-hv 720 b720n b720dn
OKI- 55111602 Pwb Assy Mcu-hv B710 b710n b710dn
OKI- 55111801 Pcb: cx2033 Mfp Cu Main Controller d2 .15 cx2033mfp mc560nmfp mc560mfp-plus cx2033mfp-plus
OKI- 55111802 Pcb: cx2033 Mfp Cu Main Controller d3 .52 cx2033mfp cx2033mfp-plus
OKI- 55111901 Pwb Assy Mcu-hv 220v B730 b730n b730dn mps730b
OKI- 55111902 Pwb Assy Mcu-hv 220v B720 b720n b720dn
OKI- 55111903 Pwb Assy Mcu-hv 220v B710 b710n b710dn
OKI- 55113301 Pcb: Assy Cu Mfp Cx2633
OKI- 55113401 Lmh Scanner Cont mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 55113402 Pcb: Scanner Interface mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 55113403 Pcb: Flatbed Ccd mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 55113404 Pcb: 2p Fb Arrow led mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 55113405 Pcb: Adf Duplex Ccd mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 55113406 Pcb:offset Stacker Con mb790/Mps5500mbf mps5500mbf
OKI- 55113407 pcb:4 Bin Mail Box Cont mb790/Mps5500mbf mps5500mbf
OKI- 55113408 Pcb: Fax Modem mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 55113502 Pcba: Adf led Ccd m7h mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 55113601 Drive: Hard mb780 mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 55114501 Pcb: mps6150c Cu Maintenance
OKI- 55114601 Pcb: mps9650c Cu Maintenance
OKI- 55114701 Pcb: mps710c Cu Maintenance
OKI- 55114801 Pcb: mps610c Cu Maintenance
OKI- 55114901 Pcb: mps711c Cu Maintenance
OKI- 55115001 Pcb: mps420b Cu Maintenance
OKI- 55115101 Pcb: mps6500b Cu Maintenance
OKI- 55115201 Pcb: mps480b Cu Maintenance mps480mb
OKI- 55117001 Pcb: or-s2x Pro510dw pro510dw
OKI- 55118401 Pwba ess2 45 Net Ver 7.4
OKI- 55118408 Pwba ess2 45net Ver 10.8a b6500 b6500n
OKI- 55118801 Pcb: Pu For b431dn+ b431dn
OKI- 55119221 Main Pcb Rs-232c ld610 ld610ups
OKI- 55119301 Pcb: Maintenance As3 Pro900dp pro900dp
OKI- 55119302 Pcb: Tbx 600 Dpi - Cu Pro905dp pro905dp
OKI- 55119303 Pcb: Maintenance As3 Pro930 pro930
OKI- 55119801 Pcb: Main mps5500mb mps5500mbf
OKI- 55120201 Pcb: Assy Radf mr-3022 Radf cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120203 Pcb: Assy pwa-led1-004-00 mr-3022 Radf cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120205 Pcb: Assy pwa-pnc-004 mj-6103 Hole Punch cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120206 Pcb: Assy Pwa-ptj-if mj-1106 Finisher cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120301 Pcb: Assy - Main Pcb mj-1031 Finisher cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120401 Pcb: Assy pwa-dwnld-350-jig2 cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120501 Pcb: Assy pwa-f-pfp-646 cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120502 Pcb: Assy pwa-f-sfb-380 cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120505 Pcb: Assy Pwa -Lcf-t cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120601 Pcb: Assy pwa-f-fax-670 cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120602 Pcb: Assy pwa-f-mdm-671 cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120603 Pcb: Assy asyb-sram-430s cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120604 Pcb: Assy pwa-f-fil-450-u cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120605 Pcb: Assy pwa-f-img-450 cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120606 Pcb: Assy pwa-f-key-450n cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120607 Pcb: Assy Radf asyb-pwa-dlg-h-502s cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120608 Pcb: Assy pwa-f-dsp-470 cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120609 Pcb:assy pwa-sns1-101 mj-6103 Hole Punch cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120610 Pcb: Assy pwa-led1-101 mj6103 Hole Punch cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120611 Pcb: Assy asy-fin-106-t mj-1106 Finisher cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120612 Pcb: Assy asy-sdl-106-t mj-1106 Finisher cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120613 Pcb: Assy pwa-h-ctif-150 cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120614 Pcb: pwa-h-dsp-h16x cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120701 Pcb: Assy pwa-h-adu-140 cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120702 Pcb: Assy asyb-lgc-143s Cx3535 cx3535mfp
OKI- 55120703 Pcb: Assy asyb-lgc-144s Cx4545 cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120704 Pcb: Assy asyb-pwa-slg-140s cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120706 Pcb: Assy Sram asyb-sram-t130ms cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55120707 Pcb: Assy asyb-pwa-sys-140s-oki cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55122401 Ppcb:assy led1-s-575-00 mj6103 Hole Punch cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55122402 Pcb:asy pwa-led1-d-575 mj6103 Hole Punch cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55122403 Pcb: Assy led4-s-575 mj-6103 Hole Punch cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55122404 Pcb: Assy sns4-s-575 mj-6103 Hole Punch cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55122405 Pcb:asy pwa-sns1-d-575 mj6103 Hole Punch cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55122406 Pcb: Assy mj-6103 Hole Punch sns1-s-575 cx3535mfp cx4545mfp
OKI- 55308301 Heater: 400w 115v
OKI- 55308302 Heater: 400w 220v
OKI- 55318001 Resistor: Brake pm4410
OKI- 55318101 Resistor: Vibration 12 Ohm 40w pm4410
OKI- 55318401 Resistor c5100n c5300n es1220n es1220ncc
OKI- 55502401 Filter: Ozone
OKI- 55502501 Filter: Noise 100v
OKI- 55502502 Filter: Noise 200v
OKI- 55503101 Asm Ac Filter 120v ml390 ml391 ml391plus ml390/390+ ml391/391+ oki-320/321
OKI- 55503102 Filter Assy ml390 ml391 ml391plus ml390/390+ ml391/391+
OKI- 55503103 Filter Asm ml320 / 321 ml321
OKI- 55503104 Filter 220 / 240v ml320 / 321 ml321
OKI- 55503501 Filter: Ozone
OKI- 55505203 Core: Ferrite of1050 pm4410 Okioffice
OKI- 55505204 Tfc 23 11 14 Okioffice
OKI- 55505601 Core: Op Panel oki-320t ml320turb ml321turb ml390turb ml391turb ml320turbo ml321turbo ml390turbo ml391turbo
OKI- 55505702 Ssc 40 12 M Core Okioffice
OKI- 55505904 Sfc 8 Core Okioffice
OKI- 55506001 Core: zcat1325 0530a R okipage18 okipage20 okipage24 okipage24n
OKI- 55506101 Core: Tr 23 22 24 R okipage18 okipage20 okipage24 okipage24n
OKI- 55506201 Fpc 25 20 Core Okioffice
OKI- 55506601 Filter: Ozone b8300n
OKI- 55506701 Filter: Ozone b8300n
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spare parts, ersatzteile, pieces detachees, piezas consumables, consumibles, verbrauchsmaterialien
repair, reparation, reparatur, reparacion, reparieren
rollers, rodillos, roletes, rouleaux

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