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Part Number Description
OKI- 55036101 Drive: Ribbon Right Assy ml292 ml293 ml294
OKI- 55036201 Shaft: Ribbon Drive ml292
OKI- 55036202 Shaft: Ribbon Drive ml293 ml294
OKI- 55038501 Pcb Interconnect Board Srbs ml390 ml391 ml391plus ml390-390+ ml391/391+
OKI- 55038602 Oki lxsp2 Op Pnl Pcb Assy 320 321 830 ml320 ml321 oki-320/321
OKI- 55038605 Pcb Lxsp 5 Operator Panel ml390+ ml391+ ml391plus
OKI- 55038801 Pcb Power Supply Paii ml390 / 391 oki-ml390 oki-ml391 oki-320/321
OKI- 55038901 Serial Interface Card 320 390 520 590 ml8810 Lxhi ml320 ml321 ml390 ml391 ml420 ml421 ml490 ml491 ml520 ml521 ml590 ml591 ml420n ml421n ml490n ml491n ml520n ml521n ml590n ml591n ml391plus ml520/521 ml320/321t ml320turbo ml321turbo
OKI- 55039301 Module E / I Program ml393
OKI- 55040901 Pcb: Ramk w/1mb Ram
OKI- 55041201 Pcb: Lbpy 2 Controller Enhncd
OKI- 55041411 Pcb: Lxmc Control Board 320/321 320 321 Oki 3410
OKI- 55041412 Oki 320 321 Lxmc 3 Main Pcb w/ O Rom ml320 ml321 830 non E
OKI- 55044301 Pcb: Llrs Rs232 C Interface
OKI- 55044401 Pcb:llab Eng Cont w/o Rom Oki ol400
OKI- 55044402 Pcb: Llab 2/4 w/o Rom Eng Co
OKI- 55044601 Pcb: Llcc Engine Connection
OKI- 55044602 Pcb: Llcc 2 doc-it400 doc-it4000 doc-it3000/40 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 55044701 Pcb: Llie Power Connection doc-it400 doc-it4000 doc-it3000/40 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 55044901 Fuser ol400 800 of2000 doc-it3000 doc-it4000 Ol doc-it300 doc-it400 ol820/830 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 55044902 Unit: Fusing 240v of2000
OKI- 55045403 Pcb Skra 3 w/ O Rom ml390 ml391 ml391plus ml390/390+ ml391/391+
OKI- 55045601 Pcb Lxsp ml390 ml391
OKI- 55045602 Oki lxsp2 Op Pnl Pcb Assy 320 321 830
OKI- 55046001 Pcb: Llid of2100
OKI- 55046101 Pcb: Ctlz
OKI- 55046201 Pcb: Cmbz
OKI- 55046301 Pcb: Llic
OKI- 55046401 Pcb: Lnkz
OKI- 55046501 Pcb: Prgz w/o Rom
OKI- 55046601 Pcb: Memz
OKI- 55047006 Oki 172 Slmr Parallel Main Pcb ml172 ml180
OKI- 55047007 Oki 172 Serial Slmr Serial Main Pcb ml172 ml180
OKI- 55047203 Pcb: Slmx 11 Par w/o Rom IBM ml182
OKI- 55047204 Pcb: Slmx 12 Par w/o Rom Std ml182
OKI- 55047401 Pcb Suii ml390 ml391 ml391plus ml390/390+ ml391/391+
OKI- 55047402 Pcb 320 Suii 2 Power Supply ml320 ml321
OKI- 55047406 Pcb Suii 6 ml320 ml321
OKI- 55047801 380 Main Board w/o Roms ml380
OKI- 55047803 Pcb: Ummb 3 Main w/o Rom
OKI- 55047901 Pcb Umrs Rs232c Interface w/o Rom ml380
OKI- 55050001 Pcb: Cmiz Mutli Port Par Interface
OKI- 55050101 Pcb: Rmiz Multi Port Ser Interface
OKI- 55050411 Pcb Main Lqem 1 393+ oki-393+
OKI- 55050412 Pcb Main Lqem 2 393+ Color ml393+ ml393cplu ml393cplus
OKI- 55050501 Pcb Sensor Lqew Or Lprw ml395 ml393+ ml395c ml393cplu ml393cplus
OKI- 55050502 Pcb Sensor Lqew 2 395c ml395 ml393+ ml395c ml393cplu ml393cplus
OKI- 55050601 Pcb Operation Panel Lqsx ml393cplus
OKI- 55050701 Micrswitch: Cover Open Assy doc-it400 doc-it4000 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 55050702 Micrswitch: Cover Open Assy
OKI- 55051001 Pcb: Rpss Main
OKI- 55051101 Pcb: Rpsr Postscript w/o Rom
OKI- 55051401 Pcb: Llfc 2nd Tray doc-it3000/4 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 55051601 Pcb: Rexm 2mb Ram
OKI- 55053601 Pcb: Llcq Par Interface
OKI- 55057902 Pcb: Apsm 4 Spare w/o Rom
OKI- 55058001 Pcb: Apsr Serial Interface
OKI- 55058101 Pcb: Apsh Emulation w/o Rom
OKI- 55060601 Power Supply: High Voltage Ol4
OKI- 55061311 Oki 184t Main Indu Pcb Ml Emulation ml184turb ml184turbo
OKI- 55061312 oki184t Main Indu Pcb IBM Emulation 184t ml184turb ml184turbo
OKI- 55061401 Pcb Opml Op Panel For Rev A Units Black Connector pm3410
OKI- 55061501 Oki 3410 Pcb Lprw Sensor pm3410 pm-3410
OKI- 55061611 Oki 3410 Main Logic Board Old Style pm-3410
OKI- 55061711 Hkty Interface Conn Pcb pm3410
OKI- 55062701 Pcb: Lbpk Main w/o Rom Assy
OKI- 55062711 Pcb: Lbpk Main w/Rom Assy
OKI- 55066101 Pcb Btfd Btf pm3410
OKI- 55066102 Pcb: Btfd 2 Btf ml395 ml395c
OKI- 55066802 Pcb: Sppy w/o Rom doc-it400 doc-it4000 doc-it3000/40 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 55066902 Pcb: Spsx w/o Rom doc-it400 doc-it4000 doc-it3000/40 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 55067001 Pcb: Llif 2nd Tray doc-it3000/4 doc-it3000/40 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 55067101 Pcb: Llig doc-it3000/4 doc-it3000/40 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 55067502 ol830 Plus Pcb:llat 2 Eng Cont
OKI- 55067601 Olma Main Board ol810
OKI- 55067701 Pcb: Olca 2nd Card
OKI- 55067801 Pcb: Olsa Serial Interface
OKI- 55067901 Pcb: Olra 2mb Ram
OKI- 55067902 Pcb: Olra 2 1mb
OKI- 55069101 Controller: Main oj2020
OKI- 55069201 Controller: Main oj2500
OKI- 55071701 Pcb Tfop Op Panel / 395 ml395 ml395c
OKI- 55071811 Oki 395 Main Pcb With Rom Ver A ml395
OKI- 55071812 Oki 395 Main Pcb With Rom Ver A 395c
OKI- 55071861 ok395 Main Pcb Tfcb 1 w/o Rom oki-395
OKI- 55072401 Main Board Oki 520/ 521 Fjim w/o ml520 ml521 ml520n ml521n
OKI- 55072711 Pcb: Olcw w/o Rom
OKI- 55072713 Pcb: Olcw 13
OKI- 55072811 Pcb Olcb Ram Upgrade
OKI- 55073201 Pcb Filter 120v ml520 ml521 ml520n ml521n
OKI- 55073301 Pcb Filter 230v ml520 ml521 ml520n ml521n
OKI- 55073302 Pcb Filter 240v ml520 ml521 ml520n ml521n
OKI- 55074811 Pcb: Olev 11 Multi Feeder b4100 b4250 b4350 b4350n okipage14e okipage14i b4350-black-lowprofile
OKI- 55074812 Pcb: Olev 12 Second Tray
OKI- 55074901 Pcb: Olcc Ol400e
OKI- 55075011 Ssd / Pcb Lxon Asm ml320 ml321
OKI- 55075111 Ssd / Pcb Lxmr Asm Oki ml320 / 321 ml321
OKI- 55075601 Pcb: 1mb Ram Non Expandable
OKI- 55076702 Pcb: Spsy w/o Rom doc-it3000/4 doc-it3000/40 doc-it3000/4000
OKI- 55077101 Pcb: Aols okipage16n
OKI- 55077211 Pcb: Aolc Driver Board okipage16n
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ribbon, ribbon cartridge, catouche de ruban, cartucho de cinta, farbbandkassette

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