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Part Number Description
LEX- 56P0685 Charge Roll Asm e320 e220
LEX- 56P0686 Interlock Cover e320
LEX- 56P0687 Switch Asm White Power 220v e220
LEX- 56P0688 Lower Switch Asm 220v e220
LEX- 56P0690 D Roller Asm e320 e322 e321 e323 e220
LEX- 56P0691 Pad Asm Paper Separator 3rd Party e320 e220
LEX- 56P0695 Card Asm 8mb Ram w812 t520 x520 Mfp t420d
LEX- 56P0696 Card Asm 16mb Sdram Dimm w812 t520 x520 Mfp t420d
LEX- 56P0697 Card Asm 32mb Sdramm Dimm
LEX- 56P0698 Card Asm 64mb Sdramm Dimm w812 t520 x520 Mfp t420d
LEX- 56P0699 Card Asm 128mb Sdram Dim
LEX- 56P0800 Pick Roller Kit w812
LEX- 56P0878 Roll Asm Transfer w812
LEX- 56P0885 Fuser Asm 220v Complete w812
LEX- 56P0897 Lex w812 Printhead 4022 100
LEX- 56P0903 Power Supply High Voltage w812
LEX- 56P0947 Duplex Door Open Switch w812 w820 x820e Mfp x820fe
LEX- 56P1004 Engine Board Lexmark t520 x520 Mfp t520n Sbe
LEX- 56P1005 Engine Board Lexmark t522 t520 x520 Mfp t520n Sbe
LEX- 56P1036 Maintenance Kit t520 t522
LEX- 56P1037 Maintenance Kit 220v t520 t522
LEX- 56P1048 Card Asm Simm
LEX- 56P1049 Sensor Bin Full w/cable t520 x520 Mfp t520n Sbe
LEX- 56P1050 Right Side Cover Black e320 e220
LEX- 56P1054 Fuser Asm 220v e321/e323 4500-20x e220
LEX- 56P1055 Cage Controller e220
LEX- 56P1056 Cage Cover e220
LEX- 56P1057 Vps To Controller Cable e220
LEX- 56P1058 Sensor Cable To Controller e220
LEX- 56P1059 Smart Chip Cable e220
LEX- 56P1061 Laser Controller Cable e320 e220
LEX- 56P1062 Over Interlock Cable e320 e220
LEX- 56P1063 Paper Feed Solenoid Asm e220
LEX- 56P1064 Front Cover e321
LEX- 56P1066 Tray Base w/tray White e220
LEX- 56P1067 Bracket Controller Card e320 e220
LEX- 56P1068 Mirror Cable Motor e320 e220
LEX- 56P1069 lvps Cable To Controller e220
LEX- 56P1071 Card Controller e220 / e321
LEX- 56P1072 Card Controller e220 / e321
LEX- 56P1073 Controller Board rip e323 Non-network e323t
LEX- 56P1074 Controller Board rip e323n Network
LEX- 56P1075 Cover Access e320 e220
LEX- 56P1077 Top Cover- Ask What Color Needed Blk Or White e320 e220
LEX- 56P1079 Sheetfeed Asm Black e321 e323 e320 e220
LEX- 56P1080 Interlock Cover e220
LEX- 56P1083 Drive Motor e220
LEX- 56P1084 Cover Right Side White e320 e220
LEX- 56P1085 Bm Rail e220
LEX- 56P1088 Cable tray2 Cable e220
LEX- 56P1089 Tray Base Unit w/ Tray Black e220
LEX- 56P1093 Cable Fuser Lamp
LEX- 56P1095 Cover Front e321 White e321
LEX- 56P1097 Card Asm lvps 110 e320 e220
LEX- 56P1100 Insert Dummy Cartridge FRU t630 t630d x630 Mfp t520 x520 Mfp t632n x632e Mfp x632dte W/ Finisher 40695-7x
LEX- 56P1101 Cable Asm 6' Par w812 t630 t630d x630 Mfp t520 x520 Mfp t632n x632e Mfp x632dte W/ Finisher 40695-7x
LEX- 56P1109 Card Asm Control
LEX- 56P1110 Card Asm w820 Sys Net
LEX- 56P1118 Card Barcode t620 t520 x520 Mfp x620e Mfp t622n t520n Sbe 40695-7x
LEX- 56P1120 Bar Code Card c750 x750e Mfp
LEX- 56P1121 Bar Code Card C910 c910 c910dn
LEX- 56P1128 Fuser Asm Universal
LEX- 56P1129 Maintenance Kit
LEX- 56P1139 Card Asm Itc Card t520 x520 Mfp t520n Sbe
LEX- 56P1148 Hard Drive Asm Hd Disk ec7.1 x4500 x5500 x7500
LEX- 56P1187 Controller Board rip c750
LEX- 56P1189 Engine Board c750 c750n x750e Mfp
LEX- 56P1190 Controller Board rip t520 x520 Mfp
LEX- 56P1191 Controller rip Board t520n Sbe
LEX- 56P1192 Controller Card rip Lexmark t522 Laser Printer x522 Mfp
LEX- 56P1193 Controller Board rip t522n
LEX- 56P1194 Controller Board t620 Non-network
LEX- 56P1195 Controller Board t620n Network
LEX- 56P1197 Controller Board t622n
LEX- 56P1198-B Thermistor Card With Bracket
LEX- 56P1200 Card Asm Simm
LEX- 56P1201 IBM m26 Brazil Port
LEX- 56P1204 Card c910 Ipds/Scs ec2
LEX- 56P1210 t52x t62x Image Quick Card t620 t520 x520 Mfp x620e Mfp t622n t520n Sbe 40695-7x
LEX- 56P1211 Uk Phone Adapter x4500 Mfp Option x620e x632dte x632e x634dte x634e x750e x752e x762e W/ Finisher x634dt3e x4500 x634dt3e
LEX- 56P1220 Controller Board t620 Non-network 4069-5xx
LEX- 56P1221 Controller Board t620n Network x620e Mfp 4069-5xx
LEX- 56P1222 Controller Bd t622 Non Network 4069-7xx
LEX- 56P1223 Controller Board t622n 4069-7xx
LEX- 56P1224 Motor Line Feed w/bracket 2480 2481 2490 2491 Forms Printer Forms Printer
LEX- 56P1228 Bellcrank Spring Arm t640 t644 t520 x520 Mfp t640n t642n t644dtn t644n x646ef Mfp
LEX- 56P1234 Card Asm Prescribing t620 t520 x520 Mfp x620e Mfp t622n t520n Sbe 40695-7x
LEX- 56P1236 Power Supply Universal
LEX- 56P1237 Pickup Arm Asm Shaft c750 x750e Mfp
LEX- 56P1238 Motor Asm Fuser Drive c750 x750e Mfp
LEX- 56P1264 Scanner Controller Gen 2 x4500 x7500 5500 Main Board
LEX- 56P1279 Strip Wear Optra S 1250 Optra 2420 2455 t630 t630d x630 Mfp Se 3455 t632n x632e Mfp x632dte W/ Finisher t644dtn t644n x646ef
LEX- 56P1296 itu Maintenance Kit c750 5060 With Transfer Roller x750e Mfp
LEX- 56P1300 Cover Asm Fuser Wick t630 t630d x630 Mfp t632n x632e Mfp x632dte W/ Finisher
LEX- 56P1301 Cover Asm Laser 250 t630 t630d x630 Mfp
LEX- 56P1302 Cover Asm Laser 500 t632 x632 Mfp x632dt W/ Finisher x632s t634 x634dt t632n x632e x632dte
LEX- 56P1303 Cover Upper Front w/ Logo t630 t630d x630 Mfp t632n x632e Mfp x632dte Finisher
LEX- 56P1303-ADP Cover Upper Front w/ Adp Logo
LEX- 56P1304 Cover Upper Front Blank
LEX- 56P1305 Hinge Upper Front Cover t630 t630d x630 Mfp t632n x632e Mfp x632dte W/ Finisher
LEX- 56P1306 Cover Right Side 250 t630 t630d x630 Mfp
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