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Part Number Description
LEX- 40X1088 Turn Guide Swo Asm c920dn
LEX- 40X1089 Cable Asm Pf Type 2 c920dn
LEX- 40X1090 Motor Asm Stepping c920dn
LEX- 40X1091 Cable Asm Exp Lev c920dn
LEX- 40X1092 Cable Asm Exp Lift c920dn
LEX- 40X1093 Gear ids38 c920dn
LEX- 40X1094 Pulley Timing 20t c920dn
LEX- 40X1095 Timing s3m:177 Belt c920dn
LEX- 40X1096 Gear z30 c920dn
LEX- 40X1098 Cable Asm Pf Type 1 c920dn
LEX- 40X1099 Cable Asm 622lft Gr c920dn
LEX- 40X1100 Cable Asm Cass Bot c920dn
LEX- 40X1103 Turnguide Bushing c920dn
LEX- 40X1104 Photo Interupter c920dn c925dte c925de xs925de x925de
LEX- 40X1105 Flag Bottom Sense c920dn
LEX- 40X1106 Pf Shaft Clip c920dn c925dte c925de xs925de x925de
LEX- 40X1107 Sensor Relay c920dn c925dte c925de xs925de x925de
LEX- 40X1108 Roller Relay c920dn
LEX- 40X1109 Paper Path Maintenance Kit c920dn
LEX- 40X1111 Roller Relay Exp Fd c920dn c925dte c925de xs925de x925de
LEX- 40X1114 Cable Carry Cltc c920dn
LEX- 40X1115 Cable Reg Sensor c920dn
LEX- 40X1116 Cable Mpf Clutch c920dn
LEX- 40X1120 Cable Belt Relay c920dn
LEX- 40X1133 Printhead K Black c920 c920dn
LEX- 40X1134 Printhead Color c920 c920dn
LEX- 40X1136 Photo Interupter c920dn
LEX- 40X1137 Photo Interupter c920dn
LEX- 40X1142 Front Hsp Holder c920dn
LEX- 40X1143 Bracket Fr Up c920dn
LEX- 40X1144 Interlocking Rod c920dn
LEX- 40X1145 Hook Middle c920dn
LEX- 40X1146 Hook Left c920dn
LEX- 40X1147 Hook Right c920dn
LEX- 40X1148 Bracket Rear Up c920dn
LEX- 40X1149 Frame Ph Cont c920dn
LEX- 40X1150 Clutch Drive Unit c920dn
LEX- 40X1151 Cover Electronic c920dn
LEX- 40X1152 Sensor Density c920dn
LEX- 40X1153 Clutch
LEX- 40X1155 Frame Asm f1 Sub c920dn
LEX- 40X1156 Stopper Clutch c920dn
LEX- 40X1157 Cable Power Switch c920dn
LEX- 40X1159 Power Supply High Voltage c920 c920dn
LEX- 40X1160 Power Sup c920dn
LEX- 40X1161 Power Supply c920dn
LEX- 40X1162 Power Supply c920 c920dn
LEX- 40X1163 Power Supply c920dn
LEX- 40X1164 Card Asm c920dn
LEX- 40X1166 Cover rip Box c920dn
LEX- 40X1167 Cover Rear c920dn
LEX- 40X1168 Frame Duplex c920dn
LEX- 40X1169 Screw Dplx Mount c920dn
LEX- 40X1170 Motor Duplex Asm c920dn
LEX- 40X1171 Photo Interupter c920dn
LEX- 40X1172 Cable Asm c920dn
LEX- 40X1173 Photo Interupter c920dn c925dte c925de xs925de x925de
LEX- 40X1174 Roller Drive Feed c920dn
LEX- 40X1175 Roller Follow-up Fd c920dn
LEX- 40X1176 Roller Middle Feed c920dn
LEX- 40X1177 Roller Refeed c920dn
LEX- 40X1178 Feed Roller Solenoid c920dn
LEX- 40X1179 Re Feed Solenoid c920dn
LEX- 40X1180 Cable Asm Duplex c920dn
LEX- 40X1181 Magnet Latch
LEX- 40X1182 Catch Door
LEX- 40X1183 Transport
LEX- 40X1184 Photo Opt
LEX- 40X1185 Asm Pickup
LEX- 40X1186 Photo Opt
LEX- 40X1187 Push Switch
LEX- 40X1188 Micro Switch
LEX- 40X1189 Connector
LEX- 40X1190 Connector
LEX- 40X1191 Switch
LEX- 40X1192 Registration
LEX- 40X1193 Converter
LEX- 40X1196 Motor
LEX- 40X1197 Bracket
LEX- 40X1198 Bracket
LEX- 40X1199 Plate P
LEX- 40X1201 Cover Left Side c920dn
LEX- 40X1202 Cover R Side A c920dn
LEX- 40X1203 Cover R Side B c920dn
LEX- 40X1204 Cover R Side C c920dn
LEX- 40X1205 Cable Asm Cond Pr C c920dn
LEX- 40X1207 Up Unit Supp Asm c920dn
LEX- 40X1208 Lock Hand Asm c920dn
LEX- 40X1211 Sensor Transport c920dn
LEX- 40X1213 Cover
LEX- 40X1214 Cover Upper
LEX- 40X1215 Cover Upper
LEX- 40X1216 Lever
LEX- 40X1217 Cover Upper
LEX- 40X1218 Cover Asm
LEX- 40X1219 Card Asm
LEX- 40X1220 Printhead Controller c920 c920dn
LEX- 40X1223 Exit Guide Str Asm
LEX- 40X1237 Bracket Rail
LEX- 40X1239 Chassis Rail
LEX- 40X1241 Stud Lock-f
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