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AMT Datasouth repair parts
AMT Datasouth ribbons and printheads

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Part Number Description
AMT- 306106 amt535 5350 Cable Control Panel
AMT- 306107 AMT 535 Fan Asm
AMT- 306111 amt535 Ribbon Home Switch
AMT- 306130 amt535 Tractor Position Switch
AMT- 306190-128 AMT 535 Main Bd-
AMT- 306300-101 AMT 535 Main Logic
AMT- 306300-201 amt535 Main Bd
AMT- 306310 AMT 535 Pcb Demand Mech w/ Jam
AMT- 306310-002 Pcb Demand Mech With Jam
AMT- 331004-010 AMT 242 Tractor Assy Narrow
AMT- 331050 Control Panel Asm
AMT- 336260-012 Main Pcb
AMT- 361003-002 amt535 Pcb Power Input / Filter
AMT- 361003-003 Power Input / Filter Pcb 6310 Only
AMT- 361003-004 Pcb Power Input/Filter
AMT- 361003-005 Power Input/Filter Pcb
AMT- 361003-006 Power Input Asm
AMT- 361006 Bottom Case With Foam AMT 535
AMT- 361007 AMT 535 Control Panel
AMT- 361008 AMT 535 Top Case
AMT- 361017 Motor/Bracket/Pulley Carriage Drive
AMT- 361018 Motor/Disc/Gear Autogap
AMT- 361020 Motor/Plate Auto Tractor
AMT- 361034 Motor/Gear Carriage Drive
AMT- 362000 Carriage Shaft 6350
AMT- 363004 Lever Auto Gap
AMT- 365004 amt535 Spring Bail Pwr Btm Fd
AMT- 366022 Print Gap Encoder Sensor
AMT- 366023 Tractor Position Switch
AMT- 366030-002 Pcb w/ Firmware Main 6300 Series
AMT- 367001 AMT 535 User's Guide
AMT- 371025 Carriage Printhead
AMT- 380304-001 AMT Printhead 535 5350
AMT- 380304-002 535 5350 Si Printhead Super Impact
AMT- 380304-003 Printhead 635 6350 6310
AMT- 381001 Paper Edge Guide Right
AMT- 381002-L Left & Right Paper Guide Kit 6350 AMT
AMT- 381003 Top Case 5350
AMT- 381003-010 Top Case 6310
AMT- 381003-020 Top Case 6350
AMT- 381005 Gears/Plate Auto Tractor
AMT- 381006 Motor/Pulley Auto Tractor
AMT- 381009-010 Paper Support Asm 6310
AMT- 381009-020 Paper Support Tray 6350
AMT- 381010-010 Bottom Case Btm Fd Stnd
AMT- 381010-020 Bottom Case
AMT- 381011-010 Top Cover Asm 6310
AMT- 381011-020 Ribbon Access Cover 6350 5350
AMT- 381013-010 Platen
AMT- 381018-002 Platform Subassembly
AMT- 381026 Solenoid/Actuator Bail
AMT- 381033 Housing Right Bottom Feed Stand
AMT- 381034 Housing Left Bottom Feed Stand
AMT- 381041 Indicator Auto Gap
AMT- 381042 Indicator Tractor Select
AMT- 381068-010 Bottom Case w/seal And Feet 6310
AMT- 381068-020 Bottom Case w/seal And Feet 6350
AMT- 381117-000 Fan High Flow
AMT- 383004 Housing Crossbrace Btm Fd Stnd
AMT- 383007 Housing Crossbrace Btm Fd Stnd
AMT- 384004 Window
AMT- 384005 Output Guide/Platen Gear Cover
AMT- 384006 Paper Tray
AMT- 384009 Right Paper Guide- AMT 6350 5350 *Sold Under P/N 381001*
AMT- 384012 Intelli Card Access Cover
AMT- 384015 Cut Sheet Support Extender
AMT- 384026 Rear Access Panel
AMT- 384027 Platen Window
AMT- 384028 Output Guide
AMT- 384029 Paper Tray No Guides
AMT- 384030 Sound Panel
AMT- 384032 Keypad Control Panel
AMT- 385001 Decal Operator's Control Panel
AMT- 385004 Wiper Platen/Adhesive
AMT- 385008 Sleeve Paper Drive Shaft
AMT- 385010 Scale 6310 Narrow Carriage
AMT- 385014 Cable Ribbon Drive
AMT- 385015 Guide Rear Paper Feed
AMT- 385021 Seal Bottom Case
AMT- 385036 Guide Rear Paper Feed 6350
AMT- 386000 Pcb Control Panel
AMT- 386010-001 Transformer 50 60 Hz 110 240v 5350 6350
AMT- 386060-001 Pcb Main 6300 *
AMT- 387003 Accel 6300 Field Service Guide
AMT- 389029-020 AMT Adp 6350 Intellicard
AMT- 391004-020 Top Case
AMT- 396002 Control Panel Pcb
AMT- 535-ADP AMT 535 Adp Version 80lq
AMT- 535-PAPERSUPPORTAMT 535 Paper Support Kit-aftermarket Rear Sheet Guide
AMT- 535-RR 535 Printer Reynolds System F&i
AMT- 5350 AMT 5350 Printer
AMT- 5350-ADP 5350 Adp F And I Printer
AMT- 5350-RR AMT 5350 Printer R&r F&i
AMT- 5350DSI 5350 Printer Bottom Tractr/Supr Impct
AMT- 6350-ADP 6350 Adp Printer Finance & Insurance F&i Cdk
AMT- 6350-PRINTER-ADP6350 Adp Printer Finance & Insurance F&i Cdk
AMT- 6350-PRINTER-RR AMT 6350 Printer R&r Reynolds F And I
AMT- 6350-RR AMT 6350 Printer R&r Reynolds F And I
AMT- 6350D 6350 Wide Printer w/bottom Feed Trax
AMT- 7350-ADP Adp 7350 Flatbed Forms Printer
AMT- 7350-RR AMT 7350 Printer R&r Reynolds F And I Forms
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